26 YEAR OLD Goes for Brazilian Butt Lift!

So ever since I was in elementary school I was...

So ever since I was in elementary school I was told my butt was flat. As I got older I just looked square so now I have decided that I am going to have a BBL! I am 5'2, 130 and natural 34DD Boobs and hope to look more shapely for my petite frame. I am a size 2/4 in jeans and I hope that I can fit in a 4 and have room at the waist but fill out the rear.

What I look Like

Alrighty I noticed I didn't put up any photos so this is the "butt" in question right now.

Changing my mind

Over the last few days I have been going back and forth with myself about this decisions. Not 100% sure with my decision. Am I risking my life and don't know it. I just keep having mixed feelings about it. But then I look in the mirror and wondering how much happier I would be with a little change. Didn't think I would get so scared.

Soon to be 27 Year Old Short Girl goes for Brazilian Butt Lift

I did a lot of research and after meeting with Douglas Taranow it was the best I felt about this entire procedure so I decided to go with him. He was reasonable in managing my expectations and very understand to be apprehension and of course the way I feel about my current behind.

So far Dr. Taranow has been very informative and relatable.

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