27 YEAR OLD Goes for Brazilian Butt Lift!

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So ever since I was in elementary school I was...

So ever since I was in elementary school I was told my butt was flat. As I got older I just looked square so now I have decided that I am going to have a BBL! I am 5'2, 130 and natural 34DD Boobs and hope to look more shapely for my petite frame. I am a size 2/4 in jeans and I hope that I can fit in a 4 and have room at the waist but fill out the rear.

What I look Like

Alrighty I noticed I didn't put up any photos so this is the "butt" in question right now.

Changing my mind

Over the last few days I have been going back and forth with myself about this decisions. Not 100% sure with my decision. Am I risking my life and don't know it. I just keep having mixed feelings about it. But then I look in the mirror and wondering how much happier I would be with a little change. Didn't think I would get so scared.

Soon to be 27 Year Old Short Girl goes for Brazilian Butt Lift

I did a lot of research and after meeting with Douglas Taranow it was the best I felt about this entire procedure so I decided to go with him. He was reasonable in managing my expectations and very understand to be apprehension and of course the way I feel about my current behind.

Pre Op is on 5/10!

So I'm a few pounds heavier since I originally posted! Can you guys believe I've only managed to gain 8lbs in like 6 months! Anyhow I'm super terrified of surgery but I'm just praying all goes well. Hopefully during preop Dr. Taranow puts my mind completely at ease. I'm aiming for projection and shape. I think a nice pear shape will do

Super Nervous with Second thoughts

I'm not sure why I'm so nervous but I really don't want to lose my life due to surgery. I think my nervousness steams from 3 years ago when I was trampled I passed out for an uncertain amount of time and was awakened by the paramedics. I always remember the feeling of losing consciousness and being put under for surgery scares me. I always wonder about the time I lost. How did everyone else cope with going?

Losing Weight

I'm not sure why but I'm slowly coming down in weight. I managed to get to 148 two weeks ago but now I'm 143. Don't know if it's nervousness and lack of appetite or what. My labwork is in a few days and preop on Wednesday.

Completed My Labs! BBL PreOp Next

So yesterday I got my labs done! I'm very happy with the recommendation from Dr. Taranows office. I was able to get everything done on my lunch break. I don't have insurance until June (started a new job in a mid February) so I had to pay for the labs out of pocket and that was $175. Someone I thought the labs were $75 but I was mistaken. I have preop tomorrow and I'm excited. The more I read up on my surgeon the calmer I become.

PreOp Complete...Next Stop BBL!

So today I completed my PreOp and it went well. Some photos were taken of me and we went over all the important stuff. My hemo is at a 12.9 and everything else looks good. I asked some questions and for the most part I'm okay. Dr. Taranow suggest I stop reading so much because I am definitely the nervous type and it won't help my nervousness. So far so good and I'm just hoping for a great result. The best news is I wont have the three holes in the front of me in the bikini area which will make my vacation in July to Bimini all the more swimsuit worthy! I'll be ordering some items today and I'll post them when I receive them BBL Pillow, Arnica Tea, female urinal, gauze, anti biotic ointment and lastly the pads since I will drain. Dr. Taranow is going to prescribe me percocet but says afterwords I can use Advil ( I hate pain pills and recovered from a facial fracture, broken nose oh and one time 4 wisdom tooth removal at once ALL WITHOUT PAIN KILLERS) so hopefully no constipation.

Excited and Nervous-BBL Supplies?

I'm super excited about surgery but I'm just nervous about anesthesia! I haven't purchase any supplies and I think it's about time to get my Amazon Prime membership moving. My biggest concern is work and sitting. I've decided I'll get the booty buddy from Doctor Miami for work (office job) and I'll get a cheap bbl pillow to walk around with. Which leads me to needing to get an over size purse that I can carry around. My lovely friend got me an abdominal board and an extra Faja (she's awesome). Arnica tea and maybe a laxative but that's it. I'm not going to go crazy. Any suggestions?

Post Op Meds are ready!

I had preop on 5/11 (7 days before surgery) and Bea the surgical coordinator asked me for my pharmacy information. Yesterday 5/13 I got a call from my pharmacy saying my meds were ready! This is super awesome. Bea stated she will call me the night before and go over everything with me. I must say it is very very comforting to know everything will be in order preop and all I'll have to do is go home and heal. I'm curious as to what I was prescribed I know Percocet for sure.

Excessively Nervous- Second Thoughts

I don't think I can do this. I'm just way too scared. Tomorrow is my last normal day my my surgery is on Thursday morning and tomorrow is Wednesday. I'm starting to think I'm doing this for all the wrong reasons.

Todays the day!

I'm calming down but fearful still. I stocked up on supplies etc. Keep me in your prayers ladies! 7:30AM is arrival time and my surgery is scheduled for 8AM. I'm praying all goes well and I come out well with a new booty

Bye Bye Square Butt

Nervousness taking a hold of me but deep down inside I know I'll be fine. I'm supposed to arrive at 7:30 and my procedure is scheduled for 8. I hope to update you guys as soon as possible. Prayers ????????

Im alive ladies

Will update soon

A few hours post and feeling good

Alrighty so I have been post op 4-5 hours and I don't feel bad. The pain for me is very manageable and I don't think I need pain meds BUT because I am a woman of my woman and told Dr. T i would take them for two days I did. It did help me take a wonderful nap and I'm feeling okay. I can do most things on my own. I'm still getting used to peeing standing up and drinking this much damn water! A tiny bit nauseous from the pain meds but nothing intolerable. Will continue updating. I'm officially Ms. New Booty

One Day Post Op and the Soreness is Real!

I feel so sore and stiff it's aggravating more than it is painful. Last night Doctor Taranow called me to check in on me. He was very light-hearted and fun spirited seeing I was a complete emotional wreck before surgery but faced my fear; his personality is awesome. I'm taking my antibiotics and now using the recovery system from Doctor Taranow which had 4 different pills one of which being arnica. The swelling is going down and I'm still able to walk around and function. So far so good. I can't take my garment off until tomorrow to shower....lord knows I cannot wait!

First Day Post Op Complete

Tomorrow I can finally take off my faja and take a darn shower! So far the profile of my butt looks nice. The Soreness is a killer but I'm managing. Dr. T called and checked up on me and encouraged me to take my pain meds so I would feel better. So far so good. I can't believe I have hips and an ass!

2 Days Post Op and Garment Removal

Today I was about to take the garment off and take a shower! Felt so good to take a shower. I got a massage on my stomach and back with Arnica cream. My bruising isn't too too bad but I have a few. I think my butt it too big right now and square still. What you do ladies think?

Massages Hurt!

Lipo is no joke and neither are these massages. I feel great after them tho once I put my garment back on. The bruising is minimal but still visible. Today I'm going to attempt to get my nails done. I'm feeling good and want to start getting back to my old self.

Massages Hurt!

Lipo is no joke and neither are these massages. I feel great after them tho once I put my garment back on. The bruising is minimal.

BM 3 days post opp thank goodness

I've been having the feeling since yesterday but today I finally had a bowel movement. I must say this is going to be the challenging part. I don't know what I'm going to do going forward. My garment is open enough to facilitate it but I was so scared that took it off. I said reverse on the toilet and kept my self up with my hands without my butt touching the seat. I've been pretty okay about recovery but this part is too much for me.

Just A Pic of My New Booty

Too bad nothing fits over this bad boy. My panties, sweats nada. Everything that was loose will not go over this thing

Constant BM and Swell Hell!

Whew so since about 3 days post op I've been having regular bowel moments just as I would before surgery. I sat today on towel behind my thighs and that helped me be able to do my nails and toes. The only bad thing I'm experiencing is swell hell! I randomly get so swollen that my garment feels a little too small. When I feel that way that's when I take a shower, rub some arnica on myself and put my garment back on and some how it feels better. Today I starting feeling tingling in my back. I wonder what it is? Later on today I have my first post op appointment so I'll see what my doctor says

Post Op Visit!

Yesterday I had my first post op visit and it went extremely well. I got my 4 stitches removed and went over a few things. My waste line is already shaping up pretty nicely. Dr. T let me know he put 780cc's in each cheek and he took about 2000cc's out total! He was surprised seeing I'm a petite girl. We also spoke about my anesthesia experience which Max the Anesthesiologist went above and beyond to make sure I had a great experience. Dr. T explained I was slowly put under etc so that my experience would be a good one so if I ever I needed to go under again I won't be scared or worse avoid doing something medically necessary. Dr. T also gave me some lovely flowers and is super amazing. Here's a pic of me out 5 days post put swollen but my booty profile looks good.

1 week post op! Starting to feel myself

First day back and work and my pillow didn't arrive so I had to sit on a towel behind my thighs. Whew let me tell you difficult. I had walk up and down the office randomly etc. Hope it's not TMI but I feel the best after a bowel movement, a shower, an Arnica rub and back in my garment. After that process for a few hours I forget all about surgery. So for so good my butt is shaping up

Three Weeks Post

So I am three weeks post op and I'm start to feel more like myself. I purchased a booty buddy from Dr. Miami (I got tired of sitting on a crappy pillow or being on my knees in my office for my computer). With the booty buddy my desk job is a lot easier me I'm comfortable going out and doing things. As far as my butt goes some days I like it others I don't. Just fluctuates for me. My underwear size has gone up to a large at the moment but I think I will settle in at a medium when all said and done. I'm just over this damn garment and can't wait to get a stage 2 garment that is more clothing friendly

3.5 weeks post and I'm OVER this Garment (more pics)

Whew so these are pics from 3.5 weeks post. Tomorrow will make me a month. My butt jiggles when I walk without the garment on. And I look pretty "snatched" before I swell. When I first measured myself my hips were a 42" like right after surgery. Right now I said I'm about a 40.5/41". My waist was measuring a 30 but I know there was swelling because I was 27" going in. Any suggestions on where to get a stage 2 garment? My next post op appointment will be at 5 weeks which is 6/26. I'm still blah about my butt somedays I like it and other days I think I don't have a shape.

One Month Post Op- Need tighter garment

This is probably the first time I had my garment off for an extended period of time and I definitely won't do it again once I get a tighter garment. It made my realize that the only time this garment compresses is when I'm really swelling it's too big now. Other than that I'm okay. I sat in the front seat of car yesterday with my pillow...UNCOMFORTABLE!!

2 months Post

I am still bruised!!!!! I don't know why or how but I'm still bruised and even got a massage; no help! The shape of my butt changes me depending on the day or picture. I purchased another faja but I realized it was compressing my butt a little (left marks) and it was a size L. I told the woman I wanted a size bigger on the faja but she tried to convince me otherwise so I'm still wearing my post op garment. I'm going to have it taken in this weekend to be tighter. I still sit on my booty pillow as much as possible. Even though I can officially sit now. I'm writing this at 9 weeks post. My hips are a 41" and my underwear size is a size Large. It went up from a medium.

Before Pic!

I went to my 3rd post op appointment today. I'm about 2.5 months and if there was anything keeping me on the fence about looking different the before picture Dr. T showed me pushed me over. This is simply amazing!!

Periods after Surgery. I wish I was warned.

I'm heading on to be 3.5 months post surgery and in another 2 weeks I'll be okay making my review of my doctor but let's discuss something. Ever since I got surgery I never need a calendar to know when my period is coming. My body some how starts to feel as if I'm less than a week post up all over again. Swelling, uncomfortable even sitting down, and you name it! Periods are the worse thing to experience (at least for me) after surgery. Even with birth control these systems are the worse kinds of PMS ever in life. It's like my body gets confused. This is about to be my fourth period post op and these symptoms aren't easing up.
New York Plastic Surgeon

So far Dr. Taranow has been very informative and relatable.

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