Chin Implant Removal and Sliding Genioplasty - New York, NY

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I've been through a lot of chin drama. My entire...

I've been through a lot of chin drama. My entire life I hated my profile because my chin was recessed and always said I would get an implant someday. In 2011 I finally did it, and it was horrible. Very very long story short, everything was bad from my experience with the doctor to the final result. After two years the implant had shifted and moved underneath my chin bone as opposed to in front of it. This changed the way it looked in the following ways:

Made my face longer from the front while my profile still didn't have enough projection.
Made it more difficult for me to close my mouth without straining.
From the profile view, it became flat just under my lips and went straight down instead of having a nice S shape.
It appeared pointy and sharp and unnatural.
It was not stable, I could wiggle it around with my fingers. (Could never put my chin on the mat at yoga, couldn't get a facial.)

All in all I was extremely unhappy. At first I didn't even know what a sliding genioplasty was and kept telling myself that eventually I would have it removed and have a new implant placed, and have it screwed in. After finding out about SG and reading many blogs and forums about how it's more natural looking because it's your own bone, and realizing that the only implants that could be screwed in are the ones that are really hard to get out if you don't like it, I decided to go with SG. I was TERRIFIED. Bone cutting and screwing seemed so extreme and scary to me, but I decided I would never like the feeling of having something foreign in my body and just wanted the shape of my old chin back anyway, with a little added projection.

I am now 10 days post op and thrilled!!! It's still swollen and stiff and I'm still uncomfortable with seeing friends and whatnot because it's hard for me to smile, but I can already tell it's going to be wonderful. Even if in the end it still isn't as far projected as is ideal, it's so much better than having that hunk of plastic in my face. My profile is greatly improved, my lip incompetence has improved (I can close my mouth!), and my chin doesn't wrinkle or look deflated when my mouth is closed. I am praying that all of these benefits stay even as the swelling continues to go down!!

2 Weeks Post Op!

Everything seems to be going well, the swelling is definitely getting better, I'm starting to look like me again! My only complaints as of right now is the tightness and the teeth pressure. I still can't show my bottom teeth or smile very easily, and when I open my mouth or swallow too hard the pressure on my bottom teeth is so annoying! Other than that, I think the results are looking good! Again, not the most perfect chin or profile in the world, I'll never have that model bone structure I so badly wanted and thought I'd be able to attain with a chin implant, but i'm starting to get used to this. This is probably the best chin for ME, and after all of this pain and money I'm so done with trying to make it perfect. I have to start remembering that I have a really great nose! And pretty eyes, and stop making everything about my damn chin!!! So for now, I'm still thrilled with the outcome :)

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Exactly 3 weeks post op

My chin is looking better every single day! It's amazing how even when I thought the swelling was almost gone it really wasn't, because it just keeps looking better. I do have a bit of pain on the left side and what feels like a small bump (or maybe just the part of my bone thats cut?), which I may address with my doctor soon, but all in all I'm so so so happy!


Six weeks post op

I feel amazing. I actually cried the other day out of happiness because I couldn't believe this could be real. I can't believe that the implant is gone and I have a normal chin like most of the world. I feel 99% back to normal. When I wake up in the morning the scar inside my mouth feels a little tight, and my teeth don't have full feeling yet (but are slowly coming back), but other than those two things everything is completely back to normal. Numbness in the chin and lip is completely gone, in fact it's improved since the implant was taken out. When the implant was in I had what I call "nerve connection", I don't know the proper term... But the nerve in my lip and chin on the right side somehow got "connected". If I touched my lip I would feel it in my chin and vice versa. So when I would drink a cold drink I would feel like I was dripping down my chin even though I wasn't, and that's completely gone!!! There's no more tightness whatsoever, I can smile big and laugh and eat comfortably. I had steak last night! Unless something goes wrong I probably won't update after this, because I don't think it can get much better. Even if the teeth numbness never came back I would be fine with it, I'm totally used to that now. I feel so lucky and blessed that this worked out for me the way that it did. After reading so many horror stories I can only hope that my story let's others know that it doesn't always go wrong. I would have spent any amount of money on this, it's changed my life forever.

Current (7 months post op!!!)

Here's some recent photos that show how naturally and amazing my chin has healed. I praise you doctor jamali you are the absolute greatest you changed my life forever!!

And here's a good recent profile shot :) 7 months post op!

Recent Photos | 1 year & 10 months later :)

I've gotten so many messages asking for recent photos so here they are! I hope my review has inspired others :)


As requested, before photos! Ugh, ew.
New York Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Jamali saved my life! From the first consolation I knew everything was going to be okay. I was nervous still, of course, after having my first experience go so wrong… but I still had a confidence in him. A few of the things I loved about him worth noting: Realistic - He told me that even in the end it still wouldn't be "ideal" or quite as projected as it should be. He didn't want to risk moving my bone too far and having further complications in the future. This I appreciated, I didn't have false hope. Artistic - Instead of using computer imaging, Dr. Jamali traced over my X-ray and drew the before and anticipated after by hand. He said "I'm the one doing the surgery, not the computer right?" I loved this! He said that every time he had to sit down and draw something, it forced him to go over the steps of surgery in his head, so it's like practice in a way. He actually sat there with a ruler and protractor and gave me precise measurements of where I was and what is ideal and what he thought we could bring it to. Caring - Even though we didn't think insurance would cover any of this (cosmetic), he still took the time to submit the claim to my insurance company in hopes that they would at least cover the removal. He also spent 2 hours with me at my first consultation, and allowed me to come back for another one without charging me anything extra. Gentle - In and out of surgery I believe he tries to be as gentle as can be. This was a more traumatic surgery than getting the implant and the recovery was far less difficult. I was less swollen and less bruised this time around, due to Dr. Jamali making sure he didn't tug and pull too hard! And afterwards, taking out my stitches and pulling off the tape wasn't even a thing. I didn't even know the stitches were already out! Knowledgeable - Every single concern that I came into Dr. Jamali's office with (and there were many), he had a knowledgeable answer and explanation for. And he assured me that any of the concerns I had that had to do with the actual skill of the surgeon, were nothing to be afraid of as he was confident he would do everything properly. The reasons above are why I rated the "overall rating" and "bedside manner" with five stars. I rated everything else with five stars for these reasons: Answered my questions: Even when I asked him if I would go off in metal detectors or ever be able to get an MRI, he still didn't look at me like I was crazy. Every single question I asked he had a knowledgeable answer for. Aftercare and follow-up: Dr. Jamali gave me his cell phone number and personal email address to get in contact with him after surgery. Emails were answered within a couple hours and phone calls were answered immediately. He even emailed and called ME a few times to make sure everything was okay and ask me how I was feeling. On my appointment with him 5 days after surgery, he didn't just look at me and tell me I was all good, he took 2 more X-rays to make sure. He checked my sutures inside my mouth and underneath my chin (where the implant was taken out of), and when I started feeling dizzy because I hadn't eaten yet he had his receptionist actually go downstairs to the streets of nyc to get me an orange juice!! Time spent with me: As stated above, 2 hours for each consultation! I never felt rushed. Phone or email responsiveness: stated above Staff professionalism and courtesy: Any of the ladies that were in the office were sweet and fast and never made me feel like I was a nuisance for being there, like some doctors' office staff do. Payment process: I didn't want to put everything on care credit, but I didn't have enough to pay him his entire 4000$ fee at once, so he let me give him $2000 up front and pay $500 each month for the next four months. This will help me so much and I don't have any interest fees because it's not credit! Wait times: Never waited more than 5-10 minutes to see him. I'm only on day 10, but so far I am thrilled with the results, even with the swelling. My face has never looked so balanced and even though it's hard to open my mouth and chew and laugh, it still feels so good to have that thing out of my face! And I don't think I could have had a better experience with Dr. Jamali.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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