Journey part one!

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I've been browsing through this website for...

I've been browsing through this website for sometime and learning so much from all the girls here. I'm so grateful to them for sharing their experiences. I'm 41, mother of two awesome girls 21 and 15. My height is 5.0 and weight is 125lbs. All my weight gain is always in my mid-section.

After my first daughter I snapped back like spandex. For my second daughter I stood with a little more weight but I loved it. I grew up very very thin and always wanted to gain some weight. Then I went through Ovarian failure due to a microadenoma on my pituitary gland. That caused me to go into premature menopause and my hormones were all wacked out. That's when I started gaining all this weight around my mid section.

I tried dieting etc. I managed to loose weight but the belly was still there. I'm so tired of not finding clothes that fit well and being embarrased to undress infront of my hubby of 23 1/2 years. He's never made me feel unattractive but I always feel uncomfortable if he sees me unclothed. So here I am ready to start my journey, extremely excited yet nervous. I have a very supportive family so I'm pretty lucky.

After many months or researching and three consults later I decided to go with Dr. Yager. Not just him but his whole staff from the front desk girls to his assistants were all great. I felt very comfortable and I liked the vibe there. I have an appointment with my PS this saturday. I cried when I realized this is finally going to happen for ME!

I forgot to say what I'm getting done lol. TT...

I forgot to say what I'm getting done lol. TT with muscle repair, Lipo in Flanks, whole back and upper abdomen, BBL and BA behind the muscle.

I gave my down payment! Now I'm super nervous but...

I gave my down payment! Now I'm super nervous but so ready! Does any one have suggestions as to what to get before surgery? I would greatly appreciate it!

So I had my pre-op today and let me tell you I did...

So I had my pre-op today and let me tell you I did not expect this Emotional roller coaster. I guess it was finally hitting me! It was a mixture of happy, scared second guessing my decision, excitement. You name it I felt it.

I guess in part was because I got a little stressed out due to my blood pressure coming out a little high. I never had that before so it worried me. I thought my ps was going to cancel or something but he called my primary doctor and she assured him that I'm healthy enough to have the surgery!

No turning back final payment done so now just preparing myself for the big day.

I must say his entire staff are awesome!

So I'm Three days away from the big day. I went...

So I'm Three days away from the big day. I went through the nesting phase yesterday and I got everything pretty much ready! The nerves have really set in but excitement is taking over! I weighed myself yesterday and went down to 121lbs. I don't know if that's a good thing considering I'm doing a bbl. Still waiting for my surgery time which is a whole other story.
I'm hoping my husband will be able to pick me up. My sister and one of my daughter's is taking me but due to me not having a surgery time my hubby hasn't been able to tell his job when he's leaving. He took off a whole week to be with me at home but couldn't take friday off. We'll see what happens. Keeping a positive attitude no matter what!

Tomorrow is the big day!!!! I have everything set...

Tomorrow is the big day!!!! I have everything set at home as of yesterday. I wanted to make sure today was just to relax and not worry of what needs to be done at home. My Ps called me yesterday and I have to be there at 8:45am. I'm glad is in the morning hopefully my blood pressure will stay good.

Hi ladies, first I want to thank you all for your...

Hi ladies, first I want to thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. Sorry I didn't write sooner I've really been out of it. I went in at 8:45am and I didn't have to wait long. They took me inside my ps drew on me with a marker and off I went. Upon entering the surgery room there was loud rockish music playing. He asked me if I wanted it changed and I said no because it reminded me of my oldest daughter, she loves that music. Then the anesthesiolist said she was starting an IV. Next thing I know I hear them calling my name over and over. I couldn't wake up, they had to give me a shot of Benadryl cause I starting getting hives. So I was reeeaaaalllyyy out of it.
I don't remember my trip home I remember vaguely going inside the house. I slept on and off the rest of the day. Then pow anesthesia wore off. I took the pain meds Vicodin and it was a disaster. I threw up and I couldn't eat up to today, not to mention I only slept like half hour every hour. It was a nightmare due to the bbl I could only sleep on my stomach.
Yes, thank God things turned around for me as of today. I was able to eat, no nausea and I had a bm. Girls I must higly recommend a funnel to pee lol it's a life saver. The Arnica is also a must I have brusing but not as much as I expected from seeing some of the girls here. Well girls I will check in tomorrow after my postop.

I had my first post op yesterday and everything...

I had my first post op yesterday and everything went well! They removed the stiches and it was more of a discomfort than pain. My only complaint is i don't sleep long enough so it triggers headaches and neck pain. If only I can sleep for 4 to 5 hours straight this recovery would be good.

Some little tips:
Get Gatorade! plenty of it. It really keeps you hydrated. I swtiched to water overnight and my throat kept getting dry. So I went back to gatorade.

Get a funnel, like the ones you buy to put oil in your car there's one that is pretty long. It's a life saver!

Arnica does work my bruises aren't too bad and it also helps with muscle pain.

If you can do without those strong meds and extra strength tylenol does the trick take that better.

Be patient is key! It will pass.

I'm eating good now not as much as before but consistent. I'm now having highblood pressure issues so my primary doc wants to see me as soon as I can go to her to see if I should be put on some meds to regulate it. We'll see what happens with that.

So I'm now 9 days post op and I'm feeling so much...

So I'm now 9 days post op and I'm feeling so much better. The last two days I woke up without a migraine yay!!! I'm still very sore and swollen. I also started to feel little stabbing pain almost like something randomly poking me. I've read this is normal but it's a really weird feeling. My eating is good and my sleep is a lot better.

I'm 18 days post op and I'm still sore from the...

I'm 18 days post op and I'm still sore from the lipo. My tummy looks lumpy and I have a seroma :( It will drained out on thursday. I started feeling something moving when I laid down and again when I got up. At first I thought it was a gas bubble or something but I've been doing ok with bm and gas. Then I felt a lump on my right side when I passed my hand over it I felt something move thats when I knew it was a seroma. I called my ps and since I already had an appointment set up for thursday they'll drain it then.
My booty has gone down some more but it still looks round and it's more than what I had before. If it stays like this I will be happy! I would've like just a lil more but hey as long as it's more than what I had it's an improvement. I'm still working on pics. I have the before and just a few after I might put them up tonight.

I will be three weeks post op in two days. I added...

I will be three weeks post op in two days. I added some pics I will add more when I see more of a change. Tomorrow I go for my second post op appt. I hope when they drain the seroma it won't hurt that much. I'm still sore and swollen and still lumpy. Can't wait to see the final result.

Three weeks post op today! I'm finally sitting and...

Three weeks post op today! I'm finally sitting and sleeping on my back and sides! I went to my post op yesterday and it went well. It turns out that I didn't have a seroma yayy! The nurse said its just that I'm still swollen. I'm planning on going back to work Monday. Feeling kind of iffy cause it still feels weird to sit and it hurts a lil. We'll see how it goes.

I'm back to work and let me tell you I've been...

I'm back to work and let me tell you I've been exhausted. I sit at a desk for 7 hours everyday of course I get up and walk around but I get so tired by the end of the day all I want to do is shower, eat and sleep. Today my blood pressure has gone way up I don't know why I'm eating healthier and even sleeping much better. My Doc wants to wait till I'm healed before putting me on blood pressure meds. She wants to make sure it's not due to the surgery and recovery that my blood pressure has been going up.

My stomach is finally starting to soften up a little bit, my flanks are still really hard my butt has soften up but still feels a little sore when I sit so I'm using a pillow to sit on and it helps. I'm also trying to put as little pressure on it by leaning a forward when I sit. I started driving again and at first it felt weird with the pillow but now I got used to it. The pain is almost completely gone it only hurts when I touch the areas it feels more like a sunburn when I move or put pressure on the lipoed area.

The garment is starting to drive me crazy. As these past days the weather was warm urg! I itch all over so I started putting a tank top underneath the garment and it really helps!

I have a massage next wednesday lets see how that goes.

Any suggestions on garments? The one I'm wearing has zippers on the sides and they are marking me up pretty bad not to mention it's goes up to above my knees and it shows under my clothes.

Hi Ladies, so I experienced what they call swell...

Hi Ladies, so I experienced what they call swell hell. I had swelling here and there but this saturday I blew up. I felt as if I was going to burst out of my garment. It was so uncomfortable it even hurts. Here I am 1 month post op and getting more swollen than before. Urgh!!! I know it's normal but boy was that rough. Sunday was a lil better but still swollen, today is better but still more swollen than before this swell hell.
My blood pressure is still an issue. My doc said we'll deal with it after my recovery just to make sure it's not related.
Well ladies talk to you soon. Getting back to work.

Yesterday I had my first Lymphatic massage and omg...

Yesterday I had my first Lymphatic massage and omg did it hurt but at the sametime it felt good. I can't wait till the next one. The massage helped so much with my swelling I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel it's still a distance away but I'm seeing a spark. I definitely recomend the massages.

Hi ladies, It's been a while. Today is my third...

Hi ladies, It's been a while. Today is my third post op appt. we'll see how that goes. The worst part about this stage is the burning feeling in my lipoed areas. Oh and the little stabbing pains that come and go.

The garment urgh I'm ready to burn it. I'll be 7 weeks post op tomorrow so I believe I only have one more week with it. I tell you the lipo is the longest recovery and most annoying when i sit or lay down for a while and move everything hurts although for just a minute but it feels as if I'm leaving part of my torso stuck on the bed lol.

My booty went down some more but it's still more than what I had! It hasn't changed for about a week and a half so maybe this is it. Also it's finally soft and it moves almost back to normal. The soreness is almost completely gone!

Swelling is still an issue around my abdomen and lower back but most in my whoohaa. It's a little better but my lumps and hard spots have gotten so much better since the massages. I can't wait for the next one!

I know it sounds like complaints but all in all my recovery hasn't been that bad. I'm truly loving my results as of now my booty needs to stay put and we're good lol. I will take new pics soon.

So i'm officially 7 weeks post op today!!! I...

So i'm officially 7 weeks post op today!!!
I went to my 3rd post op yesterday and the nurse agreed that I'm way too swollen. She says she expected me to me alot more healed than what I am :( The ps checked me and said it's healing slow but really good so I guess it's a good thing.

One really good thing I don't have to wear my cg all the time now yayyy!!! only at night or when ever I feel like either I want it for comfort or i'm swelling. They said I can wear spanx now which is alot more comfortable or nothing it's now for my own comfort. However due to my swelling the nurse said to get the spanx to at least have something with a little compression on. Funny thing I like my shape way better with it off than on.

As for my booty ps said it looks good and it's soft so I shouldn't be loosing too much or any more volume yay!

My weight has been pretty steady between 120 and 122. I even went as low as 118 but not for long lol.
Well ladies hope you're all healing well.

So ladies i'm officially two months post op! I...

So ladies i'm officially two months post op! I wish there would have been more change for me to tell you all but unfortunately I'm still getting really swollen and my ps feels my healing shoud've been further along.

Funny thing I couldn't wait to get rid of the cg and now I wear it everynight. It feels better to sleep with it on.

My booty so far had stayed put from the last time I updated. It's soft and giggles it feels back to normal. I still feel a little achy in my butt muscles.

Now the not so good my abdomen and lower back is still very achy and still feeling the like a sun burn but only when I move. When I sit or lay still for a while that whole area tenses up and that's when it kind of hurt I would say more of a stinging feeling. I was starting to get a lil down and out because of what my ps said and the fact that I just started my journey I still have my tt to go. I cried "yes I did" cause I felt overwhelmed thinking and wondering if I should bother going for the tt. Wondering if I do the tt if I'm going to have an even harder time recovering.

I cried washed my face got on this site, saw how may of us was going through the NORMAL post op blues and decided that I'm not going to let it take over me and take it day by day! Even swollen I look 100 times better than before so that's my uplifter lol. I'm so thankful for all the girls here that post their journeys. I've learned so much from you girls. It's good to know that we are all here for eachother. xoxo

Planning on taking new pics I've just been waiting for the swellling to subside.

Hi ladies, nothing new to report, still swollen...

Hi ladies, nothing new to report, still swollen and lumpy. I hear it's normal so I'm just riding it out. The massages are the only thing helping me right now. I posted new pics from before and after. These pics are what get me going just looking at my before pics and seeing the trasformation! Even with the swelling and lumps I look so much better than before so I know it won't get worst just better.
No change on the booty for about 2 weeks so maybe it's staying put!

Hi ladies, It's been quite a while since my last...

Hi ladies, It's been quite a while since my last update. Everything is going well almost all the swelling is gone. My booty stopped shrinking and I am now starting my second journey as I prepare for my tt. I will post new pics before my tt on Oct. 11. Hope you ladies doing well!

Hi Ladies, Since I'm entering my second journey...

Hi Ladies, Since I'm entering my second journey I've decided to start a new review under TT. Hope you are all doing well!

Hi ladies, got my recliner today and my surgery is...

Hi ladies, got my recliner today and my surgery is set for 8am on Thursday! I went through a lil panic mode this morning. Did some groceries and once I set everything up I feel so much better. My nerves however have taken my appetite away. I'm going to be updating from my part two.

Hi Ladies, I know it's been a while, yesterday I...

Hi Ladies, I know it's been a while, yesterday I hit my 1 year post op of my bbl and lipo. It's been such a roller coster ride for me. I've gone through such a rough patch with my tt but i'll update that on my part two journey. As for my Lipo I didn't see much difference from my four months po to my 6 months po but I did feel a big difference as far as my stomach area feeling back to normal it became soft again. As for my bbl I didn't get a big difference from before surgery other than my back lipo made it look a lil more plump. However it fluffed a lil a month after my tt in november. I really feel my ps should have been a lil more aggresive with my lipo because as you can see from my pics there's still a few fat pockets. The last pic is after my tt I'm still going through alot of swelling and I have yet to like those results. Giving it to 6 months tt po to see if it really was swelling or fat pockets. Well ladies I hope you all have been doing well and looking smoking hot!
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