17 weeks post op- New York.

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I have two children a boy, 12 and a girl, 10. Both...

I have two children a boy, 12 and a girl, 10. Both by c-section, both big babies. I started off at pre-pregnancy weight of 120 and gained 70lbs for my son and then 40 for my daughter. I have the tummy hang-over fat, and small boobies, which is the only thing being pregnant didn't make bigger :(

So I just gotta say I'm freaking out...about 4...

So I just gotta say I'm freaking out...about 4 days ago I got a UTI and got 5 day antibiotic. Then today I wok up with a ear infection because I wore cheap earrings last weekend. I'm gonna go to the doctors but I'm so nervous because my surgery is 11 days from now...we'll see. I'm gonna write more later about me and post before pictures, but I'm stressed. I hope they don't push my surgery back:(

I had my first baby at 19 and by c-section, I went...

I had my first baby at 19 and by c-section, I went into the doctors for a routine visit and they did a ultrasound and said he was 11lbs 8oz and I was at 40 weeks and seeing stars. I had gained about 70lbs.So they decided to deliver him c-section. When the doctor opened me up he said I was so stretched out that my uterus looked like I already had 6 kids:( On follow up visits to the doctor I asked if my stomach would go back in...he said no matter how many sit-ups you do it won't. So needless to say the large baby didn't take it easy on my stomach. He ended up being 9.6 and 23inches long. After I got my weight down to 150 and it stayed until I got pregnant with my daughter. She was 8.6 and 21 inches long. I gained 40 lbs for her. I had her c-section also. When my husband at the time was in the delivery room for her he asked the doctor if they could fix my stomach then. The doctor laughed and said you'll need cosmetic surgery for that.

So here I am, two kids later, divorced and waiting to turn the next page of my life.
I found a great boyfriend that I've been living with for 6 years and he's raising my two wonderful kids with me. We have a really good relationship. I love him. So I feel guilty that because of my stomach I have never had sex with him naked. He has seen me maybe 3 times by accident, like walking in the bedroom when I was changing. But I've done a pretty good job of hiding it, at least him seeing my totally naked. I sooooo want to experience that closeness with him at least by the time we get married.

I've been saving for this for 10 years and I finally saved $16,000. I clean houses for a living, so that's a lot of toilets to cleaned. LOL

I met with 2 doctors one in Albany he seemed fine but its 3 hours from where I live and he was more expensive. I chose the doctor in Syracuse an hour away, he seemed really confident that I'd look good and chance of major problems is low.

I'm getting a full tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and lipo on my love handles. I'm soooo excited. I was very scared of something bad happening and my children being ripped from there adjusted lives and being made to live with there evil father. But I'm pretty confident now that all will be ok. I went to my lawyers yesterday and did my will to appoint guardianship if I should die.

I've had acquaintances have really negative unsupportive things to say about my surgery, and I've had really negative feedback from my parents. My mother is extremely angry with me about doing this she says I'm selfish and vain. She says If I die my kids are going to go to my ex and she'll never see them again. Thus the will.

Right now I'm dealing with all that, and I am so stressed because I'm on antibiotics for UTI and I'm going to run to the doctors when I'm done writing because I wore cheap earrings this last weekend and my ear is now infected...I have sensitive skin. My plastic surgeons office is closed today because of good Friday :(

I've been waiting for this for sooo long and moving my surgery date would mess up everything in regards my work and schedule that I've already arranged around my surgery.

We'll see, I'll right more when I get back and post pictures

I went to the doctors they prescribed me...

I went to the doctors they prescribed me antibiotics for the skin infection. Its the same antibiotic that my plastic surgeon prescribed for after surgery. I don't know. I have to worry about it all weekend and call on Monday to see if they have to reschedule:(

I'm worried

I went and bought a couple things for after surgery today
pill container
milk of magnesia

My boyfriend thinks we should get a recliner. So I think we'll probably go look at one this weekend. My friend from Maryland is coming on Tuesday to stay with me and help out with my work and the kids. I don't know what's going to happen if they reschedule.

So I'm gonna try posting before pictures.

So I'm gonna try posting before pictures.

It worked I uploaded before pictures to the site....

It worked I uploaded before pictures to the site. I'm almost embarrassed :( I guess that's why I'm doing this. I'm sick of having this interfere with everything I do. From what I wear to what I eat. I'm sick of torturing myself with diets that don't work. I'm so over having this consume my life. I just want to be at peace with myself.

I still want to lose some weight off my thighs and arms. I know I can do that myself. But I need help with the tummy and boobs. I have a little definition on my upper tummy hopefully that will help the overall look.

Right now I weigh 150 and I'm 5'4. I usually wear medium shirts and between 8 and 9 size pants.

So I've been doing some research and I wanted to...

So I've been doing some research and I wanted to share it with everyone. Some of this I got off of this website from other peoples reviews and some from other websites but I complied it in one. Hope this helps other people too.

Plastic Surgery Preparation Shopping List
Here is some suggestions for your pre-operative shopping lists.



• ___ Prescribed pain medications

• ___ Prescribed antibiotics

• ___ Prescribed anti-inflammatory medications

• ___ Prescribed anti-anxiety medications

• ___ Over the counter (OTC) sleep medications or ask your surgeon for a prescription like Tylenol PM

• ___ Prescribed medications the patient normally takes on a day to day or weekly basis

Supplements & Vitamins:

• ___ Arnica Montana

• ___ Topical Arnica Montana

• ___ Bromelain

• ___ Vitamin C, or Vicon C

• ___ Chlorhexidine also known as Hibiclens**** one of the most IMPORTANT things you can do. Use the chlorhexidine, which is a surgical soap, in the shower for 3 days before surgery. Be sure to keep it out of your eyes, it is harsh and also very drying. Before surgery and after avoid lotions. Make sure that you are using the shower and not the bath tub (fewer germs that way).

Miscellaneous Medications:

• ___ Mild stool softeners

• ___ Antacids

• ___ Triple antibiotic ointments

• ___ Maybe….hydrogen peroxide (if ok with doctor) used to clean any small openings

• ___ Maybe….iodine (if ok with doctor) used after hydrogen peroxide to kill germs & dry it

• ___ Antibacterial soap

Other Supplies:

• ___ Medication organizer or pill case (with days of the week and times)

• ___ Medication Time Schedule for when to administer medications

• ___ Dressings, sponges, gauze,

• ___ Paper tape – it’s easier on the skin if you have to use any type of bandage.

• ___ Blue surgical pads (like puppy training pads)

• ___ Digital thermometer

• ___ Silicone sheeting or other scar therapies

• ___ Wetnaps and /or Baby wipes

• ___ Heating pad

• ___ Moisturizer

• ___ Kleenex

Grocery Store:

• ___ Protein bars

• ___ Bags of frozen peas

• ___ Plain, low sodium crackers

• ___ Bottled water

• ___ Frozen dinners

• ___ Low sodium soups (no Ramen)

• ___ Jello-O

• ___ Fresh fruit

• ___ Apple juice

• ___ Gatorade

Department Store, Online Store, or Other:

• ___ Compression Garments (medical quality only)You will most likely be sent home with a surgical binder, but order another one on-line so that you can wash and dry, yet have one to wear.

• ___ Surgical bra

• ___ Shower seat – the cheap one is a wonderful investment. Use it as a step stool later.

• ___ Shower curtain

• ___ Flat sheets

• ___ Extra pillows (varying in firmness), body pillows, Husband/recliner pillow

• ___ Digital camera with memory card

• ___ Journal (or use your laptop)

• ___ Movie rentals, DVR Recordings or downloads

• ___ Books, magazines, audio books, Kindle downloads

• ___ Empty plastic coffee tub with lid (for nausea)

• ___ Batteries for remote

• ___ Pajamas, robe, or oversized, comfortable shirts that button in the front

• ___ Soft cotton underwear

• ___ Soft cotton tank tops –wear these under the binder and bra.

• ___ Comfortable gowns

• ___ Slippers or socks (with grip on the soles)

• ___ Hand mirror

• ___ Small flashlight for late night bathroom trips if you cannot get to the light switch easily. Sometimes pain medications can also cause confusion upon awaking, and you don't want to walk into a wall.

• ___ Nightlight, if you want to avoid the above and are able to sleep with a little light, a low level

Minimize your swelling

Cold therapy reduces swelling, relieves pain and restores mobility faster.
Recommendation - apply a cold compress on the skin for 72 hours following the procedure.

Minimize your bruising

Hot therapy (per your doctor’s direction) helps break down and disintegrate bruising discolorations and provides moisture. Recommendation - apply 2-3 post-op. Use heating pad.

Prevent blood pooling and clotting

Anti-Embolism Stockings (TED Stockings) and post surgical leg massages. Elevate legs. Short walks around the house.

Surgery Preparation: The Day Before Surgery

1. At home, pre-stage anything you may need within arms reach so that you have no need stretch, reach or bend.

2. Close your bedroom window drapes or blinds to darken the room so you can rest easier.

3. Position a flash light on your nightstand.

4. Have a hand mirror nearby. You may want to check out your sutures while in bed.

5. Have a laptop computer or paper and pencil on hand if you are want to surf the net or document your post-operative thoughts in writing.

6. Have a night light to illuminate your way to the restroom for night visits.

7. Have a pail, paper towels and moist towelettes and plastic trash bags with
tops that tie at your bedside and on the ride home. (to clean up messes).

8. Have extra bed sheets and blankets on hand.

9. Have lots of entertainment on hand such as movies, videogame, books, puzzles and magazines.

10. Have plenty of clear liquids, such as water, sugar water, Gatorade, Kool-Aid, Jell-O, apple juice, pulp-free juices, soft drinks and popsicles.

11. Have some crackers to help alleviate nausea - especially on the way home.

12. Bring a bottle of water with you for the ride home from surgery. Sipping cool
water helps alleviate nausea as well as cleans the mouth if you do vomit.

13. Lots of pillows, prearranged on your bed to provide a cocoon for sleeping on your back with your head and feet slightly elevated.

14. Make a list of last minute questions to ask your physician/surgeon before the surgery.

15. Make your home “recovery-friendly.” Remove all tripping hazards and arrange furniture so you have a straight path to wherever you are going. Setup a temporary sleeping area if your house has a lot of stairs. Remove all tripping hazards.

16. Prepare your bed (recovery area) with lots of pillows, absorbent pad underlay, books, magazines, writing materials, telephone, TV, remote control.

17. Prepare your chair and bed with protective plastic sheeting and/or sheets and absorbent pads.

18. Pre-position some wet naps, baby wipes, Kleenex, paper towels, hand moisturizer or make-up removal towelettes by your bed or chair.

19. Pre-position your robe and slippers and socks.

20. Remove any fingernail and toenail polish the day before surgery. It is not permitted and allows the surgical staff to better determine if you are getting enough oxygen during surgery.

21. Set your nightstand up with your medications, water, a few packages of crackers, remote control, the phone, laptop and entertainment.

22. Take out the trash.

23. Turn down the sound and turn off the ringer. Have the answering machine set.

24. Wash your hair the night before surgery.

Surgery Preparation: The Day of Surgery
1. Shower the morning of surgery.

2. Brushing teeth is permitted the morning of surgery, rinse and spit, do not swallow water.

3. Call the morning of your surgery to verify appointment time (in case of surgeon delays)

4. Bring a current list of medications that you take regularly.

5. Bring guardianship papers if applicable.

6. Bring hearing aids if applicable.

7. Bring identification with picture to surgery.

8. Bring reading glasses if needed.

9. Bring your medical insurance cards.

10. Bring Insurance information and insurance cards.

11. Bring your current medical condition, past medical history, and previous

12. Bring Living will and/or healthcare proxy not currently on file at the hospital.

13. Bring required signed consent forms, if applicable.

14. Bring the name of all the medications you are currently taking, including
vitamins and mineral supplements.

15. Bring names and phone numbers of all your doctors.

16. Bring all of your medications with you to the hospital/surgical center.

17. Do not bring jewelry or other valuables, including wedding bands or body
piercing. Do not wear makeup, deodorant, hairpins, nail polish, body powder, or contact lenses.

18. Any allergies you may have, plus past adverse reactions to drugs or to anesthesia.

19. Wear loose clothing on the day of surgery.

20. Have a responsible adult drive you to the surgery and drive you home after.

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) sleeping concerns

Sleeping After Tummy Tuck Surgery

It is normal to have more discomfort at night after a tummy tuck operation. During the day, your brain is so occupied with the distractions of daily life it ignores minor pain and discomforts. However, at night the distractions are gone and the same discomforts and pain that were present during the day becomes more noticeable making it difficult to sleep.

Sleeping On Your Stomach After A Tummy Tuck?

Is it OK to sleep on your stomach following a tummy tuck? No. Sleep on your back or on your side, but don't sleep on your stomach for 4 weeks or until your doctor tells you have healed enough.

Sleeping Pills After A Tummy Tuck?

Is it OK to take over the counter sleeping pills (Ambien or Lunesta) after a tummy tuck? If you are not taking any medication and are otherwise healthy it is usually not a problem to take a sleeping pill.

What About Taking Prescription Sleeping Medications After A Tummy Tuck?

Your doctor is the only one that can answer this question. The majority of patients do not need sleep medications after a tummy tuck.

Will Pain Medication Such As Tylenol Or Ibuprofen Help Me Sleep After A Tummy Tuck?

Mild pain medications should ease pain and allow sleep to come easier.

How Long Will I Have To Sleep On My Back After A Tummy Tuck?

About two weeks. This will help lessen the pain, prevent fluid pooling and reduce swelling. As you begin to heal you can start to sleep more on your side.

Preparing For Sleep After A Tummy Tuck Operation.

Prepare your bedroom before you go for your tummy tuck surgery.

1. Place disposable absorbent pads with waterproof liners on your bed to absorb wound seepage and to keep your bed clean and undamaged.

2. Position a sturdy chair or piece of furniture next to your bed. When you get up in the morning you can brace yourself on it to help you get out of bed.

3. Position everything you will need to get through the night next to your bed including water, medications, cell phone, tissues, snacks, etc.

Tips for Sleeping After A Tummy Tuck

1. Have pillows alongside you in bed.

2. Elevate your head and legs.

3. If you are used to sleeping on your sides, trick you mind by wedging pillows alongside you to position your body at a slight angle (half on your side and half on
your back).

4. If you can't sleep in bed try sleeping in a recliner will pillows under your legs and knees.

5. A very light massage may help.

6. Try foam pillows or special contoured pillows and supports.

7. Distract your mind. Sleep to some type of background noise such as music, TV, soothing sounds or some other type of white noise.


Early treatment before the wound heals is your first and best action to reduce scars and scarring. Proper wound care can lessen the severity of scars. Minimizing the formation of a scar (you can never prevent a scar from forming) is easier than getting rid of it after. See a doctor, of course.

1. Scar Healing Tip - Heal Scars By Keeping Your Wound Clean
Reduce scar formation by keeping your wound clean. Keeping your wound clean will help prevent infections which can lead to more serious scars and problems.

2. Scar Healing Tip - Heal Scars By Keeping Your Wound Covered
Reduce scar formation by keeping your wound covered. This will keep it clean and help keep it remaining moist which is known to speed up the healing process.

3. Scar Healing Tip - Heal Scars By Applying Neosporin To Your Wound
Apply Neosporin per medical professional's directions. First Aid Antibiotic and a bandage help heal minor wounds four days faster than a bandage alone, and NEOSPORIN® First Aid Antibiotic may help minimize the appearance of scars.

Allow the wound to fully heal before starting treatment and don't pick at scabs.

4. Scar Healing Tip - Heal Scars By Moisturizing The Scar Regularly
Once the wound has healed, moisturize the scar regularly. Check it periodically to make sure the scar tissue is kept moist and clean.

5. Scar Healing Tip - Heal Scars By Not Exposing The Scar To Sunlight
Scars have less pigmentation than normal skin. Direct sunlight and sunburns may stop or impede the healing of the scar and make it more obvious and noticeable. Burning may permanently damage the scar tissue.

6. Scar Healing Tip - Heal Scars By Not Picking Scabs
Picking at your scabs my cause further damage to your wound and could increase scarring.

7. Scar Healing Tip - Heal Scars by Massaging Your Scar
It sounds kind of funny but massaging your scar regularly can help prevent or minimize the buildup of scar tissue. When you massage your scar you increase the blood flow to the scar which speeds up the healing process and increases the amount of collagen. Collagen is important for the skin. It is the main structural protein holding the skin together. The quantity and quality of your skin's collagen has a major role in your appearance. Using a moisturizer while massaging your scar will help keep it moist and prevent a loss in skin elasticity.

8. Scar Healing Tip - Heal Scars By Appling Topical Scar Healing Creams
There is a lot of debate whether topical scar treatment creams get rid of scars or whether they even work at all to help Heal scars. Don't believe all of their advertising. Scientific study doesn't seem to support their claims. Aloe Vera, Vitamin E oil, onion extract cream (Mederma), Vitamin C ointments and commercial available scar creams and scar treatments fall into this category. Some may work with varying degrees of success, but you wonder if it is the topical scar cream or the massage and moisturizing that helps get rid of scars. Aloe Vera - soothing balm can moisturize and help the scar Heal over time. Vitamin E Oil - Coco butter & Onion Extract - provide many essential nutrients to the wound and surrounding skin. Over the counter scar treatments - Products like these include Mederma, Bio gel, ScarAway, Scar Cream by Rejuveness and more.

9. Scar Healing Tip - Heal Scars By Using Silicone Scar Healing Sheets
To Prevent And Reduce Scaring Scar healing sheets are advertised to help in the prevention and reduction of raised and discolored scars, used by plastic surgeons and burn centers and comes with proven Silicon technology. They do seem to be effective to some degree in reducing scars but the reason for their effectiveness is still unclear. They seem to work but they take money, time and discipline. The sheets are fairly expensive and must be worn for up to 12 weeks to be effective.

10. Scar Healing Tip - If You Can't Heal The Scar, Cover It Up
When all else fails cover your scar with or clothing or makeup such as Dermablend (Corrective Cosmetics provides complete, natural looking coverage for any type of skin imperfection, cover cream, leg care foundation skin make up remover self tanning cream).


The best and most effective methods for healing or getting rid of scars is to see a professional. Your scars might require a medical procedure to achieve the result that you want. Medical Procedures for Scar Removal include surgical scar removal, dermabrasion, chemical peels, laser resurfacing, steroid injections, collagen fillers, grafts, and steroid injections. None of these procedures will completely heal scars and they may not be covered by insurance. They are serious medical procedures that may cause additional complications. Weigh your options carefully with your doctor and a dermatologist.

Scar & Scarring Questions

1. What Is A Scar?
A scar is fibrous tissue that replaces normal tissue during the healing process. The fibrous tissue (or scar tissue) that remains after the healing process is competed is usually inferior to the original tissue (skin) and has less function and possibly different color.

2. How Do You Get Rid Of A Scar?
You can never get rid of the scar completely, however, there are a number of things that you can do to minimize, reduce or Heal a scar. Your degree of success will depend on the wound, your health, your ability to heal and your dedication to treatment and aftercare of the wound and scar area. Your best remedy for getting rid of scars will likely require a trip to the dermatologist.

Swelling After Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck swelling (also know as anasarca and edema) is the enlargement of body structures in the abdominal area causes by excessive buildup of fluid in the tissues. A rapid increase of weight is associates with tummy tuck swelling.

Tips To Reduce Tummy Tuck Swelling
Reduce Tummy Tuck Swelling By:

1. Resting and sleeping in a reclining position with your head and legs elevated for at least 2 weeks after surgery.

2. Sleeping on your back and not on your side.

3. Avoiding salt in your diet.

4. Wearing a compression garment.

5. Drinking plenty of water and fluids.

6. Getting proper nutrition and plenty of exercise.

7. Getting a tissue Massage (per doctor's instructions).

So I talked to the doctors office and they said...

So I talked to the doctors office and they said surgery will go on as scheduled as long as all my infections are cleared up. WoooooHooooo!

I'm so excited. But still nervous. I go through spurts of real contentment with this decision and then bad fear of something awful happening. I have to keep thinking...
I've had two c-sections, I'm younger, I'm active, I'm not obese, I don't smoke, I've done all the research, I have a great doctor...

I have about a week until I go in. I just want to be at peace with myself, I can't wait.

So everything seems to be working out. My friend...

So everything seems to be working out. My friend is here to help me out with the kids and everything. I just had my call from the hospital to confirm everything. Seems to be going really well. I stopped freaking out and I'm so excited.

Everything went really well. About a week...

Everything went really well.

About a week before surgery my best friend came from Maryland to stay with me and help with my business and kids. Before she came I had times of real fear and guilt. My boyfriend and she have helped me to remain calm and positive. I decided to create a will with my lawyer and write goodbye letters to my kids in case something bad happened, it may sound horrible but it helped me to be at peace.

We left at 6:30am on Tuesday; We had to be there at 8:30. I was surprisingly calm. Before I left I made sure I had everything on my list and set up my bed for when I came home.

When I arrived they took me to the room where I’d be staying. Nurses came in asked me questions, took my vitals, drew blood, and put a iv in. Everyone was very kind.

They wheeled me down to the recovery room where I met the anesthesiologist. He asked some questions. Then Dr. Diboni came in he told me what he was going to be doing and them marked my body up. All of this seemed to happen so quickly.

Then I got wheeled into the operating room. I said a cherry “HI” to everyone. Then anesthesiologist put something in my iv port and last thing I remembered was saying “wow that works fast”

I woke up to someone saying ”we’re done, you’re all finished” I said “am I skinny?” and everyone laughed. I stayed in the recovery room for a while, I remember shaking uncontrollably and the nurse putting blankets on me. I tried having a conversation with the nurse but kept passing out.

Finally they rolled me up to my room my boyfriend and best friend were standing in the hallway. I said “hi” and smiled big.

I decided to stay the night and I’m really glad I did. By 8pm I was up walking the halls. I left the air leg massagers on the whole time I was in the hospital. I also think the iv was good to have.

They took 3lbs of skin and fat off of me and added 340-360cc saline breast implants.

I don’t think the pain was as bad as my c-sections and the boob pain feels like when you’re engorged and need to nurse.

One thing I hadn’t read and been warned about was BRING PILLOWS FOR THE RIDE HOME at least two for each side of your body. We had over an hour drive and it was torture to go over the bumps.

I went home with a medicine ball, two drains, binder, and ace bandage around the boobs.

I had my post-op apt. on Thursday morning. They unwrapped my tummy and boobs and I felt really faint. My boobs looked cone shaped and I started to panic. The doctor told me this is ok and it is what they expect, they will settle.

I take Vicatin an Ibuprofen for pain every six hours. So if I take Vicatin at noon at 4 I’ll take Ibuprofen. I do this because I noticed around 4 hours after I take the Vicatin I start to feel pain so the Ibuprofen helps.

My pain and discomfort in mild. I hate the drains and my back hurts where I had lipo. My right boob hurts more. Its real hard to get out of bed. I need a lot of help with that.

My boyfriend has been absolutely wonderful. I didn’t realize I was going to need him this much. I’m constantly thanking him.

Overall I’m happy. I think it’ll look good when I’m healed.

Today was a good day, I felt good and didn't feel...

Today was a good day, I felt good and didn't feel so helpless. My tummy feels stronger but my boobs are still high and tight. I looked at videos on youtube to find out how to massage them so I'm gonna try.

I got my drains out yesterday...WoooHooo!!!! I was...

I got my drains out yesterday...WoooHooo!!!! I was so happy when doc said it would be ok. She showed me how to massage the boobs better and said everything looks great. I feel stronger the last couple of days and have been spending less time in bed. Right now I'm sitting Indian style on the bed and perfectly comfortable.

Sometimes when I sleep I jump unconsciously I thought it was from the pain meds but the doctor said since I've always been a belly sleeper that your body gets used to the pressure and she said try to sleep with a folded blanket or pillow on your chest and it should stop.

My nipples are suuuuper sensitive. They haven't settled yet, still looking forward to seeing the end result.

I have some rippling on the tt incision that I' really don't like and the doctor said it should smooth out. If it doesn't they can fix it. I really want to be ok with the scar but if I hate it I'm gonna get a tattoo over it.

I'll try to post some pics soon.

Tomorrow will be two weeks post-op. I think I'm...

Tomorrow will be two weeks post-op. I think I'm doing good. I had my drains removed last Thurs. and since then I'm a tiny bit more swollen but really not too bad. Friday I noticed a blister about two inches lower than my scar on my left hip. I'm not sure why its there, I thought maybe from getting the drains removed, my boyfriend thinks it maybe from my pants or surfaced from something in surgery like a strap or something. IDK I'm gonna ask the doctor on Friday. I also have to ask the doctor about a itchy rash where the medicine ball was connected to my tummy. I think it a allergic reaction, I have really sensitive skin.

Other than those two things everything is going good.

I went to the doctors today, everything looks...

I went to the doctors today, everything looks great. She showed me again how to massage the boobies. She said the blister could have been from the drain tubes resting on my skin. She thinks the rash is from the adhesive from the bandaid that they used to hold the medicine ball lines. So I have to put hydro-cortisone on it.

She removed the scab from my BB, now it looks way better. WooHoo!!! I had gained 8lbs but within the last week I lost 3lbs. The doctor said I was still very swollen. Which I'm kind of excited about in a weird way cause that means I'm even skinnier than what I see now.

The doctor said I can walk for exercise but no ab workout yet.

After the appointment, we went to the casino (didn't win anything) and I walked all over at least a mile. I still have to consciously think about standing up straight.

I'm posting a pic of me in an old bikini, you'll see my rash.
Hopefully it'll go away soon.

I'm holding off on getting new clothes till I'm way more healed and hopefully lose a few more lbs.

My boobies still hurt some my right more than my left and its higher too.
I'm only taking one 800mg ibuprofen at bed time to help me sleep.

I think I'm doing really good. I hope you all are too.

Tuesday was 3 weeks. My rash is going away.....

Tuesday was 3 weeks. My rash is going away...slowly. So the doctor told me I don't have to wear the binder but I do. I feel more comfortable with it on. It really does help with the swelling.

A little bit of the scab on my tt scar came off and I can see the scar and it looks really good once all the scabs come off and it lightens up it will look awesome.

The boobies have settled some. My boyfriend says they look goood:) The right one still hurts when I stand or walk around for long periods of time.

Nothing really new. Everything is going as it should.

Hope everyone is doing good too:)

4 weeks tomorrow. Today I'm kinda sad. I've been...

4 weeks tomorrow. Today I'm kinda sad. I've been debating weather or not to talk to my plastic surgeon about my right breast, I noticed its slightly smaller than the left one. When I went in to the initial consultation I specifically told him that the right one was slightly smaller than the left and when I get the breast augmentation done I'd like for him to fix that, he said no problem. Then after surgery I noticed right away that the right one was smaller but it also has taken more time to drop than the left one so I wasn't completely sure it actually was smaller. I kept waiting for the swelling to go down also. Now I definitely know it is smaller. I checked the paper work from the surgery and he did the same cc's in both breasts...he didn't correct the problem. He even wrote on my left breast when he was marking me for surgery that it was larger so he could correct the right one. I'm soooo frustrated. Now I'm gonna have to put an extra push-up pad in the bra just like I did before surgery. :(
I don't know if this can be fixed easily and I can afford to go back into surgery with paying for anesthesia and the hospital fee all over again

However, I think they look amazing. I just wish they were the same on both sides.

Also, I noticed a lump in my right side where he did the lipo, I can see it a tiny bit but can feel it more, its not smooth. I'm gonna try massaging it hopefully it'll smooth out.

Lastly, I have a rippling on the TT scar on both ends and on the left side I have a small dog ear.

I am happy and would still do it again but these things are making me frustrated and disappointed today.

Oh... and I need to improve my posture.

I'm sad today:(

So my doc. apt. went great. She said the right...

So my doc. apt. went great. She said the right breast still needs to settle, but she does see what I'm seeing and if in a month after it settles I still feel that it looks smaller it is something they will fix. Wooo Hooo! What a relief. Just to have that as a option really makes me feel 1000x's better. Then she said the rippling should smoothen out along with the small dog ear. She says if it doesn't it is something they can fix in-office. The bumps on my sides where they did the lipo she said I can massage it and it should go away on its own.

She said to start using vitamin e on my scar to help it to heal. Also I asked her about using a small marble in my bb to round it out and she said that would be fine.

Everything went really great.

I got measured from victoria secret today. I'm a 34d. CRAZY!

I don't have to wear the binder any more and I bought new bras. I feel great.

5 weeks post-op Everything is going good. I...

5 weeks post-op
Everything is going good. I walked and rode my bike for three mile altogether yesterday. Felt great. Want to loose another 15lbs. Love my tummy and new boobies.

I went out for cocktails this last weekend and got lots of looks and got hit on twice...crazy! I was nervous but felt great.

Still not sure about wearing a bikini this summer. I hate my thighs. Everything else looks awesome!

Its funny I still have to remind myself that I have a flat tummy again.
Hope you all are doing great, Enjoy your new body.

I'm 8 weeks. WOW! Its gone by soooo fast. I love...

I'm 8 weeks. WOW! Its gone by soooo fast. I love looking in the mirror. That's really weird for me to say but I'm the girl that for the last 5 years my boyfriend had never seen me naked, before surgery. But now I walk around naked, we take showers together, and I don't jump behind doors when he comes in the room when I'm changing. We went out on the boat and I even wore a bikini this last weekend...first time in 12 years. Sex has been great, at first everything felt weird but now its great because I'm not self-conscience, I'm not worried that my belly is showing or jiggling the way its not suppose to. Its totally awesome.

I do still have days that I'm still hard on myself. I want to loose 15lbs and I really need to loose it in my booty and thighs. Especially since my tummy is so flat now my thighs look huge, but I'm working on it.

My boobs have been coming along, I love them. Yes, unfortunately, I am one of those people who say "I wish I would have gotten them bigger" but next time around in 10 years or so. I'm a 36C.They do look good. They still need to settle but I already love them.

My scar is still healing. The puckering is smoothing out and the line is getting thinner. I really like where it is placed, its low and is hidden under all of my clothes. No dog ears!

I went to the PS yesterday yesterday he said everything looks great. He thinks for 8 weeks I'm doing really good. Boobs still need to settle, scar looks great, no need to wear binder, massage boobs at least once a day, and enjoy the summer.

He said the boobs need to be massaged at least once a day if not more because I need to stretch the skin under the boob in order for them to settle more because I had very little breast tissue.

I still wear the binder....alot. I wear it to bed, to work, and around the house. I feel like it helps the little bit of swelling I still get, and it gives me support when I work because I clean 9 houses per week. I sleep in it because I sleep on my side and stomach and I feel like it protects my tummy a little. When I don't wear it I make sure to suck my tummy in and have good posture, I'm a big sloucher and when you slouch you give your tummy an undeserved rest.

I am so completely happy that I did this. The mommy makeover has improved my life emotionally and physically.

I'll post pics soon. Gotta ask someone to take some pics of me.

Good Luck to everyone!

I am so happy I did this. I'm 17 weeks post op and...

I am so happy I did this. I'm 17 weeks post op and my scar looks great...its purple but I know that will fade. It has smoothened out and is pretty low. I've been wearing bikini's all summer and it has never shown. My boobs look amazing! Love them! ...so does my boyfriend. I sleep on my stomach and they are not even noticeable while I sleep. I look totally different. I feel great.

I do have somethings I wish were done differently. I wish I had gone two sizes bigger with my breasts. I wish my belly button looks different. I don't really like it. I wish he had done the lipo on my love handles a little more and lower.

I still have some work to do on my body personally. I want to loose about 15lbs. Work on my arms and legs. I need to drink more water. I guess those are my goals. I'm pretty sure by next year at this time I'll have a kickin body if I commit to my goals.

I am completely satisfied with the surgery.
I find I'm not telling myself and others that I'm fat.
I definitely feel more confident.

I'll post pictures when my tan lines fade:)

Good Luck to everyone!!!!!!

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