38 Years Old, One 16 Yr Old Son, Long Overdue:) New York, NY

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Hi, I'm so excited yet so nervous!! I've been...

Hi, I'm so excited yet so nervous!! I've been looking into this for a while now and finally got the nerve to just do it!! I've found a great doctor who makes me feel so comfortable!! I'm getting a BA and TT scheduled for May 20th.. I just hope my anxiety don't get the best of me cause I want this so bad!!

5 1/2 weeks out and super excited!!

Went to see my doctor March 30th to pick a date and set it up!! It's official now the date is May 20th!! I'm getting a TT, BA W/lift!! I was going to go with saline but changed my mind after much needed info from the doc and am now going with silicone moderate profile round!! I told him I would like a full C cup but not entirely sure until I go for my first pre-op appoinnet May 6th!! That's when I try on the rice filled bra things, lol too see which size I like a feels comfortable!! I'll update you then with how many ccs I'm going with:) anyway I'm super excited yes scared as well!! My appointment is in the city which is a 3 hour drive home, but one of the perks of my doctor is you stay the first night in your own room with a nurse, then we decided to stay 2 more days until my first PO appointment!! I'll check in soon:)

The count down begins..

Ok, 2 more weeks and I'm so excited yet so nervous???? I'm now gathering all the things I will need for my recovery as well as looking into a lift chair! I stopped taking aspirin and next week start all my vitamins and homeopathic stuff :) I went for the last of my labs today... And will fill my scripts tomorrow.. So now just counting down the days! I ran 2 miles today, trying to get in best shape possible for the surgery!! Tomorrow I will be posting my before pics, ugh.. Having a little trouble sleeping as my mind won't stop thinking of everything!!

12 more days!!!

Ok, since we are 12 days out I'm finally ready to post my befores.. Ugh this is hard for me as I hate the way I look:( my own husband doesn't even see me naked!! But all that will change in 12 more days:) so here they are..

7 more days????????

Ok I'm getting a little nervouse.. I'm super excited but nervouse as the days go by! I've been doing a lot getting things ready. I've ordered my lift chair which will be delivered next Monday the 18th, I've also ordered a back pillow, leg lift pillow and got a few new blankets, heating pad and ice pack! I've got all my scripts and all my vitamins, I started taking them today and broke out in a major hot flash at JCPenny... Omg it was terrible.. Lol I believe it was from the niacin in the vitamin B.. Oh, I also started taking colace to soften the stool.. Anyway, I don't know what else I'm forgetting but think I covered most of it! Going to borrow my moms walker to help me get around after!! 7 more days ladies, yay!! Let's just hope the nervousness subsides:)

Tomorrows the big day!!????

So yeah, my husband and I are getting ready to drive to the city now!! About a 3 hour drive, we will get settled in, go have a nice light dinner and try and get some sleep tonight... Can't believe tomorrow is surgery day:) I'm oddly calm and not freaking out, completely opposite of what I'd thought I'd be!! I'm sure it will hit me in the morning.. I just pray the surgery goes smooth, no complications!! Can't wait to wake up to the new me!! Lol I'll keep you all posted!! Xoxo Oh and thank you ladies @kimmers25 for being there for me! This site has been so great:)

Ok, here we go ladies!!!

Just arrived at the office!! Ashley the nurse just came out gave me a hug and told ne I'm in great hands and they will take very good care of me:) feeling super excited and nervous... Just put me under already so we can start the healing process!! Lol good luck to all my girls out there that are having there surgery today too!!! Xo I'll check in later!! ????

Surgery went great!!

In quite a bit of pain but more tolerable than expected!! Lipo hurts the worst!! Here are some pics, 2 days post op! Very swollen!!

2 days post op!!

Very swollen but feeling good!!:) pain is more tolerable than anticipated!! Lipo hurts the most!!

Pics 2 days post op!!

Another pic 2 days PO !! Love it

Keep getting a little sharp burning pain I left boob,doc said it was fine probly drains!!

3 days post op and doing very well!!

Hello ladies!! So I'm 3 days post op feeling wonderful!! Everyday gets better!! The doc said these next 2 weeks I will be very swollen, which is to be expected, stomach is totally numb and love the ladies!! Lol!! He ended up going with 400cc instead of 375 as he said they looked much better!! The pain from the lipo is getting much better!! Got to shower, it was awesome! My husband has been great taking care of me around the clock, making sure I don't miss any pills and up on my pain meds:) very happy With the incision line as he did it nice and low and it really doesn't hurt at all!! The only pain I have is a burning pinchng pain in my left breast as the pain meds wear off but the doc said it could be the drain pinching in there, ugh.. Can't wait to get them out Tuesday or Wednesday!! I'll keep you all posted:)

Day 4 PO!

Well today is 4 days PO and I'm doing good:) feeling pretty good today, walked around outside for a bit today to check on my flowers and sat in the chair for a while, it was nice to get outside!!! Anyway, still a little breast pinching and burning from the damn drains, can't wait till they are out!! A little nipple burning here and there!! Other than that things are going good!! Omg I did cough cause I swallowed wrong, holy shit that hurt so friggen bad... Whatever you do, DONT COUGH... Lol

6 days PO

Feeling good!! Standing up more straight everyday!! Yay!! Still VERY swollen:( I guess it will be that way for a while... Minimal pain just in my boobs from the drains.. They were supposed to come out oday but we are waiting until tomorrow as my left abdomen is still putting out more fluid than the others.. Ugh..

Yay, 2 drains out

Hello ladies!! A better day !! Drive back to the city today for my 2nd PO visit! Even though I'm swollen he said everything looks great!! I got my 2 Bobbie drains out, OMG such a relief!! I felt instantly better when they come out.. Still a lot of fluid In both abdomen drains so can't get those out until Monday can't wait!!! On our drive home now, ugh 3 hour drive there and back each time.. But I LOVE Dr. Kolker he is the best, I wouldn't have wanted anyone else!! I'll take more pics tomorrow with out drains!!:)????

8 days PO

Pic without drains in breasts.. SOOOOOOO swollen and puffy that's my worst complaint:(

10 days PO:)

So I'm 10 days post OP!! I'm feeling great just can't wait to get the last 2 pesky drains out, 2 more days!! Yay!! I'm still walking slightly hunched but more upright every day. I find myself more hunched in the evening as I think I just get tired of trying to stand and walk as straight as possible all day, lol.. Last night was by far the WORST swelling day for me, It literally scared me I felt like I could just burst open, OMG it was terrable.. Still swelled today but not as bad.. Let's hope tonight I don't balloon up again, I can't take Another night of that, lol!! Glad to see all you other ladies out there with me are doing great as well!! I'll check in on Monday and post more photos whithoit ANY drains!! Lol

Tomorrow is the 2 week mark!!!????

Hello ladies well today is day number 13 PO tomorrow Will be my 2 week mark!! Yay, I made it this far and I'm doing pretty good!! I got the rest of my drains out yesterday which was Monday the first and I felt like a whole new woman?? my doctor then gave me a binder to wear when I was up and about and told me to get some spanks to wear in place of the binder when I can, also a knock out bra by Victoria's Secret for my every day daytime bra to be supportive and a regular sports bra for nighttime! My mom came and got me today and we went over to Victoria secrets and JC pennies, I tried on a bunch of bras and got the knockout bra which I love and three other bras from Victoria's Secret that I love with no padding!!! Cause I don't need it, lol How awesome is that!! Then I got to regular sports bras at pennies for nighttime very comfortable, as well as two pair of spanks!!!???? we were out for 2 1/2 hours and I did surprisingly well I walked almost fully upright almost the whole time and I felt really good!! I had some lunch came home and took a great long nap, lol!!!! Thank God the swelling is going down slowly but surely I can't wait every day to see a change until I get to the final results! So far I'm loving it!! Oh and I also started my breast massaging routines I have to do it four times each four times a day for six weeks!! I had no idea you could be as rough with these babies as the doctor was, lol!! Hope you like my new pics w/out any drains!!???????? I'm getting there!!!!!!!!????????????

15 days PO feeling great:)

So today is my 15th day post op, yay me!! Lol, I was looking at myself naked in the mirror today and I found myself after 15 years really happy about what I was seeing in the mirror, such a great feeling!! I still have some swelling like a little pooch which I hate but I know it will go down:) I am amazed at how my body has transformed I actually have a belly button and I don't mind the scar as I know it will fade with time and to be able to look into the mirror and smile and think to myself wow I look good!! Is beyond words the most amazing feeling!! I'm still a little hunched over I'm working on that but I'm up moving around going to the mall trying on bras and actually enjoying it, cant wait to start trying on cloths!!! So as I look back over the past week when I felt like a water soaked log, or life sucked and had regrets as I felt like I was going to pop, lol.. It did pass and I'm starting to feel great!!! I'm so happy that I did this and I know that everyday will just get better and better!! Now just gotta get rid of the little hunch I have left and the puffy swollen lower tummy, my incision line is healing very nicely, just can't wait for the glue to peel off and can't figure out how to get the purple marker line off, lol.. It makes it look so dark, ugh!! If it's not one thing it's another, lol!!

18 days post op:) pics

Hello ladies!! I'm at 18 days PO and I'm feeling good:) still a bunch of swelling???? hate the swelling, not crazy about the numbness and still have this damn purple glue that's slowly falling off, ugh.. On the plus side, I've been sleeping in my bed lying flat, yay, for the past 3 days, I wake up sore but much better than the recliner!! Swelling is slowly going down, I'm driving myself places and getting around good.. Still get tired throughout the day but that's normal.. I actually did a little light gardening today with my husband, it was light trust me!! Lol happy healing ladies!! Xo

3 week/23 days PO and feeling great!!:)

So yesterday was my 3 week mark, it's been 23 days PO and I'm feeling great!! Still have swelling of course but im flatter in the AM and poofier in the PM ugh, hate swelling.. Other than that I'm a little achy mostly in the am when I get up and then toward bed time! I'm sleeping well and just started sleeping on my side.. I've been off pain meds and only taking Motrin as needed for about a week now:) So glad the worst part is over and I'm healing well!! I need to find a good scar cream or some cream to put on my TT incision as it does get dry and I still can't get the damn purple marker/glue off.. Any suggestions?? Still in yoga pants and dresses as I have not attempted to put on a pair of jeans or shorts cause most of my swelling is in the lower part of my abdomen.. And I'm waiting till that goes down more before I try on bikinis!! Yay! Can't wait!!:) here are some pics so you can see where I'm at, had to take them myself as hubby is away!!

My Journey so Far!!

Just a little collage I made!!:)

1 month today!! 30 days PO????

I'm a month PO today and I'm feeling great!! I started walking about a week ago and as of today Im up to a 45 min walk!!! I was exhausted after but yet felt great:) I swelled up like a pig, it sucks!!! I'm healing well but I hate the swelling, it's gone down a lot but seems to settle in my lower abdomen and the glue is slowly falling or peeling off and you can see the scar is healing very well!! How long does the tightness last, ugh.. Also I'm sleeping on my side, yay!!! Hope everyone is well:)

5 weeks PO today:)

Today I am 5 weeks PO... Oh how time Flys, lol.. I'm so happy with my results and I'm so glad I did this!! It's had its ups and downs but def worth it:) I started walking at week 4 and today I started doing intervals of running.. I did good 30 mins total, I'm exhausted! Went to a concert last night and had a few cocktails, paid for it later in the evening with some major swelling, ugh.,, how long does this damn swelling and hardness last:( anyway hope everyone is well, posted a few bikini pics yay:) never thought I'd wear a bikini again!! Lol xoxo

7 weeks PO!!:)

Helllloooooo ladies!! So sorry I have not been on in a while.. So busy!! So I'm now 7 weeks PO and feeling great:) went for my 6 week PO visit and the doc said I'm doing great and I'm ahead of schedule:) yay!! Ive been running again for about 30 mins a day and just started back at the gym the other day trying to tone my arms and now I'm cleared to d light ab excersize!! Bought ANOTHER bikini from Vickis the other day, so exciting!! Hope all is well with everyone, so excited for those of you who's appointments are coming up!!! Yay, it truly is a life altering experience!!! Xoxo

2 months PO:)

Hello!! Hope everyone is doing well!! I've been so busy lately I haven't had a chance to update.. So I'm 2 months out and I feel great, my scars are looking pretty good, Im told they will fade with time.. I am still a little sore more towards where the drains were inserted but not so bad.. Still kinda stiff in the morning and tight in the Belly with some numbness which is slowly going away!! I'm back to my daily grind, excersizing and traveling!! Here are some pics of my scars:) xo
New York Plastic Surgeon

Phenomenal doctor!! I just love him and his team! From the moment I stepped into his office, I knew he was the one.. He really knows how to put your fears at ease and answers every question you may have. He made me feel comfortable and safe. He really listens to what YOU want to help achieve your goal.. I love what he's done for me and everything looks so natural.. My results are so much better than I ever imagined! He truly is an artist!! His staff and anesthesiologist are just as great as him. Another great thing was Dr. Kolker and his staff were always right there for me they get right back to you with any concerns or questions you might have pre and post op!! So glad I chose him as my doctor:) if I could give 10 stars I would!!!

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