Tummy tuck w/ lipo of flanks, at Harlem Hospital

Hello I'm 37 years old scheduled to have tummy...

Hello I'm 37 years old scheduled to have tummy tuck procedure wit Dr. Morrison at Harlem hospital. I'm very excited, anxious and scared at the same time...just hoping for a positive outcome, I've been wanting this for a long time. I have three children ages 19,13 & 2. With my last baby I had my first c section and my tummy hasn't been the same since. I'm scheduled for a tummy tuck and lipo of the flanks.


Feeling all types of anxiety as surgery date approaches, not scared of getting the Surgery it's more of the anesthesia, hopeful that everything will work out in my favor! Anyone else feel anxious and nervous before Surgery?


I ordered my faja online, since they tell u to buy one, so u can take day of surgery

Changing date

So ever since my surgery date has been getting closer, I've been such a mess, anxious and just too nervous and overthink things. I will be calling Harlem hospital to see if I can get my date changed. I want to get tt done,but the whole idea of anesthesia has my nerves up the wall. Hopefully I can find some support to help me out with these nerves

New appt

Called Harlem, I have to come in Monday to schedule new surgery date, was informed he is booked, pushing for hopefully April or May, will keep updating. Thank u!

Before pictures


Received my girdle in the mail, the one they recommend that u buy and bring in day of Surgery, I have a size small.

New dAte

Went to Harlem hospital today and they gave me a new surgery date.

In the mean time....

In the mean time I want to see if I can lose at least 5-10 pounds before surgery date. Will have to cut out all that rice I eat lol


Just thinking about my surgery date has
My anxiety going through the roof! Just want to get it done and see my kids as soon as it's done! I guess I'm more nervous because of them
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