24 Years, Surgical Hairline Advancement - New York, NY

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Hi there, so I'm planning to have the surgical...

Hi there, so I'm planning to have the surgical hairline procedure done hopefully beginning of November with Dr. Jeffrey Epstein. I would love to have some advice, tips, or anything about this procedure or Dr. Jeffrey Epstein. Him and his team have made me feel comfortable thus far and so I want to share my story along the way :)

I had my consultation with him and I was told to be the perfect candidate for this procedure being that I have a lot of scalp flexibility. Dr. Epstein marked from when the incision will begin to how far the hairline can be brought down to.

I'm most nervous about an ugly scar or HAIR LOSS! ;(

I was recommended to start using Rogaine for women 2% before the procedure so that is what I'm going to start using now in preparation for November. I feel as though my hair is thin and I would like to strengthen it. If you have some tips and advice for this please share!!

Other than that, I am excited for this procedure and I've seen such great results through images.
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