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I will be having fat transfer and facelift in one...

I will be having fat transfer and facelift in one week with Dr. Gallagher. Having had a rough few years, I am often told that I've aged prematurely. I've spoken with some of her patients and know that Dr. Gallagher has an outstanding reputation. I will let the Real Self community know the details and I am praying that all goes well.

Surgery was a success!

My double chin and jowls are gone, and my smooth jawline is back. Lots of swelling (expected) on the eyes, cheeks, mouth and temple. I have red eye bruises along with the swelling, but little bruising on the mouth. The neck area was a concern, with dark bruising, but now is purple and lighter, with increased ice. It's only day two, and I guess things will get worse in the next couple of days, before they get better, so I am trying to focus on the positive. I definitely think the pre-surgical steroid, bromelain and arnica helped a lot. I am also on anti-biotics, along with acidophilus. Dr. Gallagher knows how to prescribe the right meds, for sure.

Day 7 update

It's day seven, and I am getting a lot of compliments and attention. Ironically, prior to the surgery, I had hit rock bottom. Since I'd done a lot of crying and looked tired, I actually looked so bad, so old, that I was given a senior discount. This was a few days before the surgery, so I just through up my hands. I am just wondering, since a lot of this is swelling, whether the dramatic effects of this procedure will begin to dissipate. I hope that at least 30% of the fat remains.
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