3rd Rhinoplasty What Should I Do?

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I had a graft from my ear put in my nose 4 years...

I had a graft from my ear put in my nose 4 years ago, now i have a small dent along the side of my left bridge, It makes my nose look crooked, the PS wants to place a small graft and reduce the size of my tip.. I dont know if the nose looked crooked cause there actual is a dent or there is a lump on the bridge that makes it look crooked. Im afraid if do the graft it will be really wide.

Hello I have revision rhino 4 years ago now i have a dent. My PS says he will place a small graft on my left side to make the bridge look better and reduce the tip. DO you think that it is a dent or a lump above it that makes it look like a dent. WHat do you think i should do? PLease feed back please.

Steven Pearlman Vs Philip MIller NYC REVISION RHINOPLASTY

Do i need to consult with both doctors i am already set on miller, but am feeling i should se both? any feedback or thought please please help.. OR anyone have experience with these two? This will be my 4th surgery so i really have no room for error. So anything adn everything will help. My nose is still too big so i want to make is smaller.. and i think these 2 guys are my fav, but i think i like miller more.. not sure why
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