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It's been years of dieting, exercise and even one...

It's been years of dieting, exercise and even one round of lipo however this stomach refuses to change. After losing 60lbs or so, nothing has changed this fat stomach. It's time to take matters in my hands and change drastically. Surgery is tomorrow and I'm excited yet nervous.

Seeing a few guys on here share their journey, I thought I should do the same. Somehow these journals help to gain the courage to make a difference for ones self.

Prayers up

Post Op update

Had my surgery this morning. I was extremely nervous this morning but of course nothing was going to stop me from making this happen.

Operation took about 2 hrs. The staff and surgeon were super kind. I awoke not yet in pain but definitely uncomfortable.

Now I'm sitting here at home on the couch and feeling it. Decided to stay away from the heavy drugs and instead take Tylenol Extra Strength every 4 hrs. So far so good. Emptying the drains is not fun but primarily because standing too long is painful. My drain bottles are filling up fully so that's a good thing. Also, my back is leaking from lipo where there are no drains. I have fluid and blood flowing to a degree down my leg, etc. but that's only when I get up. That should subside after 24 hrs.

My left side seems more painful then the right so I've been adjusting accordingly. That's all for now. Pics to come

Post Op update 2

I'm not sleeping all that well but to be expected I guess. I'm definitely not comfortable but the pain is not that bad either. I stayed away from heavy drugs until evening.

As suggested, I've been walking every few hrs but really to use the bathroom and that's all I can take. After about 5 mins, my body hurts especially my right side so much so that I almost cry. I desperately need to sit at that point.

My wife has been amazing through this process. She has lovingly tended to my every move. I had lipo of my back and sides also, however there was no drain inserted. Therefore there is plenty of blood drainage that occurred today. Standing for a few moments would produce a steady stream of blood down my legs. I'm hoping by tomorrow that this is no longer the case. Other than that, it all seems manageable.

5 days

It's been an interesting journey. Everything so far is challenging to do with these drains in my side. I will be happy when they are removed. Looks like I have 5 more days with them :(

That being said, it really hasn't been that bad. I can't stand for long periods of time for the pulling on my incision and my back hurting to compensate. I only took pain meds for two days and that was primarily Tylenol.

My doc recommended I start using a compression shirt under my compression garment. I slept one night with it but I may wait until the drains have been removed.

Overall, things are looking good. Hopefully this scare will fade nicely. Oh yeah, and the itching is no bueno but that's a sign of healing which is bueno :)

5 days pic

Just took off my binder for my first shower. As you can see from the pic, there are tons indentations from the garment. Things are different but I can tell that I am swollen. I'm keeping my eye on the long term progress and not be distracted mentally by what I hope it will be ultimately

Moving slowly

It's day 7 post op and I'm moving slowly. I'm constantly negotiating with my body on how upright I can be day by day. When the stitches pull by any means, I immediately hunch over as to not pull any further. It's enough to make you cry. Drains filling less and less but unfortunately I have to wait 5 more days which sucks.

Oh my back

If only I could stand upright. This is something I didn't think I would miss. The constant bending over is causing my back to hurt. Has anyone else dealt with this problem? Any solutions? Also, if I laugh or sneeze, the pain is immense and sometimes I feel like my stitches are ripping which is by far not pleasant.

Needless to say, I have my eyes on the prize.

Upright is alright

Day 10 and standing upright is feeling alright. It's still a slight challenge but I'm getting there. Each day progressively gets better. It helps to start walking on day one even for two mins. I still can't walk for long periods of time without my back hurting but I'm sure that will be rectified in the next two days. It's also the drain removal countdown. They come out on Tues and I really can't wait.

Side note: I got to large tape blisters and that freaked me out. They burst on their own after a few days.


Today my drains are being removed and I can't remember the last time I was so excited. These things are a pain. The last few days I've been more swollen than ever. Hopefully it will go down soon. My flanks look terrible and they are black and blue. Of course I started worrying because I hate them the most.

I ventured out to the store yesterday and that was tough. I had to walk very slowly because I could feel the pulling of my stitches. My posture is still slightly bent also which sucks.

Here's to healing!

Happy Dance

My drains are out. So happy. The removal was strangely painful...almost visceral. That being said, I'm doing a happy dance.

As of Fri, my doctor says I can start light workout but nothing more than 10 lbs and wants me to walk a lot more.

Pics without drains

Here a two pics without the drains. Looking forward to working out again

Almost there

It's been 15 days since my surgery. I really would love to be standing upright completely but still feeling some tug from my stitches. Taking it by day. I feel like Quasimodo but this too shall pass

3 weeks

Today is my three week anniversary lol. Feeling good and standing upright finally. I'm fiening to hit the gym. My scar is looking dark but I hope it will fade nicely. I started using bio-oil per suggestions on this site

Hooray week 4

It's been a good week. Started back to the gym for cardio, light weight training of chest and arms. I'm avoiding any exercises that require too much core for obvious reasons. That being said, I think things are coming along well.

I'm still swollen but I'm just praying that the swelling will go away and I will have a much smaller abdomen. Sometimes I feel like I haven't changed much and that plays tricks with my mind.

Prayers up for greater success.

5 weeks

I'm at the five week mark. No real change in appearance but I am back in the gym. There is still some discomfort so lower body and ab work is not really happening.

My only desire is that my swelling will cease and I will see the results I so desperately need.

Here's to entering week 6
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