Booked my Consult!!!! :D

I scheduled my consultation this week!!!! I am so...

I scheduled my consultation this week!!!! I am so freaking excited; I have been considering getting a bbl for about a year and a half now. I started doing research right around that time and I already know I want to get my procedure done with Dr. Matthew Schulman. I knew for sure I wanted to get my surgery done in NY, since this is where I live it'll just be much easier. Originally I wanted to go with Dr. Michael Jones, but upon further research and viewing before and afters, I feel like Dr. Schulman is the right DR for me. I havn't even met him yet and I already love his attitude. I follow him on instagram and on various occasions I have asked questions and he ALWAYS answers in a informative way. I booked my consult for November 11th. Since I have been doing research for such a long time, I have a list of questions I want to ask lol. I really don't mind waiting over a month to be seen since I don't plan on getting my surgery till June 2017... I just wanted to lock the date down. This is my first cosmetic procedure and I am very nervous, especially about the anesthesia. I've had bad experiences with anesthesia before. I had my wisdom teeth taken out on two separate occasions and was put to sleep both times and both times I fainted and ended up in the hospital! Anesthesia just makes me feel like shit lol. However, I got a colonoscopy performed under general anesthesia and I was fine, so I'm assuming it was the specific anesthesia that they used at the dentist's office. Whatever the case may be I am for sure going to let Dr. Schulman know about my concerns revolving that aspect.

Anywayyyy I am looking for an amazing transformation. I recently lost about 30 lbs and I like my results but I am 5'5'', 155lbs and have big breasts. My butt is not proportionate with my thighs/ rest of my body and it makes me feel self conscious. I work very hard and I feel I deserve this! I have a couple thousand saved up and I plan on paying half of the procedure on my consult day. I will be posting my feelings after I go my appointment and let all you guys know the details. Since it is my first procedure, if any of you ladies have any advice for me I would really appreciate it!
P.S. I will be uploading pictures soon
Dr. Matthew Schulman

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