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I scheduled my consultation this week!!!! I am so...

I scheduled my consultation this week!!!! I am so freaking excited; I have been considering getting a bbl for about a year and a half now. I started doing research right around that time and I already know I want to get my procedure done with Dr. Matthew Schulman. I knew for sure I wanted to get my surgery done in NY, since this is where I live it'll just be much easier. Originally I wanted to go with Dr. Michael Jones, but upon further research and viewing before and afters, I feel like Dr. Schulman is the right DR for me. I havn't even met him yet and I already love his attitude. I follow him on instagram and on various occasions I have asked questions and he ALWAYS answers in a informative way. I booked my consult for November 11th. Since I have been doing research for such a long time, I have a list of questions I want to ask lol. I really don't mind waiting over a month to be seen since I don't plan on getting my surgery till June 2017... I just wanted to lock the date down. This is my first cosmetic procedure and I am very nervous, especially about the anesthesia. I've had bad experiences with anesthesia before. I had my wisdom teeth taken out on two separate occasions and was put to sleep both times and both times I fainted and ended up in the hospital! Anesthesia just makes me feel like shit lol. However, I got a colonoscopy performed under general anesthesia and I was fine, so I'm assuming it was the specific anesthesia that they used at the dentist's office. Whatever the case may be I am for sure going to let Dr. Schulman know about my concerns revolving that aspect.

Anywayyyy I am looking for an amazing transformation. I recently lost about 30 lbs and I like my results but I am 5'5'', 155lbs and have big breasts. My butt is not proportionate with my thighs/ rest of my body and it makes me feel self conscious. I work very hard and I feel I deserve this! I have a couple thousand saved up and I plan on paying half of the procedure on my consult day. I will be posting my feelings after I go my appointment and let all you guys know the details. Since it is my first procedure, if any of you ladies have any advice for me I would really appreciate it!
P.S. I will be uploading pictures soon

BBL Consult, Amazing Experience!

I can sum up my whole experience in one word AMAZING! Dr. Schulman and his staff are nothing short of great. I went yesterday for my consultation and I was impressed with everything. The office is neat, clean, and organized. The ladies at the front desk are very welcoming and thoroughly explained how the consultation was going to go. I have literally been stalking Dr. Schulman and his staff through snapchat and instagram for months lol I was super nervous going in. When I arrived at the office I walked over to the front desk and handed over my paperwork; they had emailed me the forms a few days prior which I found helpful to have that filled out beforehand. I don't remember the lady at the front desk's name but she was super knowledgeable. She handed me a FAQ sheet, it did actually have the answers to most of my questions. I was in the waiting area for about 10 minutes when Tammi (I believe is her name) came outside to get me. She introduced herself as the PA. She asked me a few questions prior to Dr. Schulman coming in. Once she was done with the questions she asked me to change into a robe and have a seat while the Dr. came in. When she handed me the robe I was so impressed; it was cloth! actual cloth lol I have gone to other consults where the robe was made out of rough paper. This was already a great sign. I changed into the robe and waited for about 4/5 minutes then Dr. Schulman came in. He was so personable and instantly made me feel comfortable. He started off by asking what it was that I was looking for. I loved that he validated all my statements. What I loved even more was that he was 100% honest with me. At no point in my interaction with him did I feel like he was being shady about anything; that's a feeling I have gotten from other doctors. I expressed to him my worries about being under general anesthesia. To make it clear for me to understand he put it like this; there's a greater chance of something happening to me in a car on the road than there is from general anesthesia. He also told me he has a anesthesiologist and registered nurse, as well as PA in the OR with a plan of action should anything go wrong. This made me feel so at ease! My next concern was regarding pain meds. I was very adamant about not wanting to take them because of the way they make me feel. He told me that I will most likely need them, at least for the first week. He did explain that there are other options when it come to pain meds; he mentioned dilaudid and how some patients do better on that than on other meds. I showed him my wish pics, he examined my body and explained what would be best for me. I really feel like he tailored everything to what is realistic for me and my body. Once the consult was over he asked me to get dressed and told me I would be meeting with the person who would review pricing with me. Unfortunately, I do not remember her name but she was also great. She helped me pick the perfect date and even helped me schedule my pre op consultation for May next year. She explained everything about fees and such. The total cost of my procedure is $14,300. It is a little over my budget, but honestly I love Dr. Schulman and I wouldn't want to get my procedure done with anyone else. Besides I freaking earned this! I graduate from college in June and this is my graduation gift to myself.

I booked my surg for June 6th 2017. After I met with her I sat back outside, and the patient coordinator Ashley explained how payment process would go. I paid 1/3 of my surgery the same day. Ashley explained to me that the full cost is due 3 weeks prior to the surgery date, which is fine. I received copies of everything I signed, as well as an invoice for my payment and the balance thats due. Also the consultation fee of $100 was discounted off my procedure cost which was great. I am so excited to FINALLY do something for myself. I know I chose the right team and cannot wait till next year!!!! I plan on uploading before pics soon.

Research, research and more research!

Hello ladies!!!! I'm back to update you guys about whats been going on with me. As my surgery date gets closer, I'm getting more and more nervous. I've been doing A LOT of research just to prepare myself for what is to come. I am really nervous about not ending up with the results I want. As I mentioned before, this is my first cosmetic procedure. I would appreciate any advice you ladies may have for me. As far as my contact with Dr. S's team, I am really satisfied. I like how the payment process is with them. I am paying my procedure in cash. My patient care coordinator Ashley is great. I know I can reach out to her should I have any issues with payment process. Anyway, now it's a waiting game. so excited!!!!

Wish Pics!

Hello Realself fam! I wanted to come on here and let you guys get an idea of the results that im looking for. I want a big booty with nice round hips and a tiny waist! I dont however want a ridiculously big butt. I want something that catches attention but not to the extent of nicki minaj lol My goal is not to look natural but not to look fake either, I want something somewherenin between
..a happy medium lol I'll be uploading before pics so guys can see what I currently look like as well as getting opinions as too whether the look I want is possible with my body type.


I am soooo disappointed with myself but first, ima give you some quick background info. I am 5'5 and currently 170lbs. I was at my heaviest last year at 185lbs. I was so depressed with just the thought that I was 15lbs away from 200 :/ How could I have let myself get to this point I thought. It hit me one day when I went to the doctor and saw that # on the scale smh That same night I singed up for the gym and immediately changed my eating habits.... and guess what?!?! I started losing weight (something that for a while I thought was impossible for me) I ended up at 150lbs yep I managed to lose 35lbs! I did great throughout the first half of 2016. I was keeping the weight off eating good going to the gym....then September came. I work full time go to school full time, AND I have an internship. As soon as the semester started in school I was overwhelmed with the amount of work that I had no time for the gym. I guess you can say I was making excuses, which might be true to some extent but nonetheless I was and still am very busy. When I went for my consultation back in November I was 160lbs. My Dr. told me not to gain or lose weight but rather maintain where I was at. The fact that he told me to not lose more weight I took as a ok I can treat myself every here and then but of course came the holidays -__- HOLY SHIT girls I gained 10 pounds from November 11th to today January 13th. I'm so disappointed in myself, I worked so hard to get all the weight off and now it's all creeping back. I know Dr.'s have the right to refuse to perform your surgery if your weight is not up to part. I have waited loing enough for this and I'll be petrified if I can't get it done because I gained too much weight. The good thing is my procedure is in June so I have about 5 months to loose all this weight. Even though my Dr. told me not to loose weight I realllyyyyyyy want to get down to at least 155lbs (He said a few lbs more or less is ok). I feel that the thinner I am the better I'll look after surgery but I also dont want to burn all the fat away and not have enough fat to put in my butt. So now the plan is to get back to the gym this Monday and begin my strict diet that day as well. It's really frustrating lol but hey at least I still have time to get back on track. I will keep you all posted. :)

Post op pics

Hello Ladies so as promised here are my post op pics. I took long putting them up because l have a lot of tattoos that I wanted to cover up. As you will be able to see from my pics I'm very top heavy. In the future I do want to go through with a reduction, but I wanted my booty first lol. I have no hips and a very square butt. As well as some back fat. For my results I would like more hipa than projection (I do want lots of projection) but my biggest concern is having nice round hips. During my consult I showed Dr. S my wish pics and he said he would try to get me as close as possible. He did point out that because I have a bigger body frame thab the girls in my pics my results would not be exact (this was something I already knew). One thing I loved during my consult was that while examining me he pulled my skin on my abdomen from the back and my waist was TINY! I told him that was exactly what I wanted. He also understood my concern with the dip on my hips. He said he would be able to fill that in and get my hips nice and round. He explained that in my case I do not need a tummy tuck as I do not have any skin that hangs, however he did point out that I might have some loose skin (he said that it depends on my bodys ability to "snap back" after the lipo) that was also something I already knew. He also mentiondd that the faja would be crucial for me to wear after surg to aid in that process. He ended by saying that in my case, he predicts that every bit of fat that gets taken out will be put back in. In the right places of course lol.

More Specifics on What I am Getting

After uploading my before pics I figured I should give more details on what it is that I am getting done. I am getting lipo 360, which includes lipo on my entire abdomen, flanks, upper and lower back and fat transfer to my butt. I am very satisfied as these are the areas where I carry most of my fat. I also carry my fat in my thighs but I love my thick thighs and would never want to lipo them. From the results I have seen from Dr. Schulman I am sure he can deliver the results I want. He told me he would bring my waist in as much as my ribs allowed him too. I am a bit concerned about my tattoos. I have many of them and most are located in the areas where he will be doing lipo. I dont mind if them shrink some but I dont want them to look distorted; when I go for my follow up consult in May right before my surgery, I will address this with him. Dr. S' office also offers a pre-op care package which includes everything one might need for aftercare. The package is about $380 (Dont have the surg folder with all the info in front of me so I cant say for sure, but it's right around that price range). I started looking and making calculations, it is much cheaper to purchase the package from his office rather than buy each item individually over the internet. The package from what I can remember includes arnica gel and some pills (dont remember the name) both of those help with bruising and swelling, a stage two garment, a boppy pillow and a couple of other items that I can't remember lol but in my opinion it's worth it. The price for the package is NOT INCLUDED in the $14300, that price is for the procedure only. Aside for the aftercare package and the procedure I am also getting one syringe of Juvederm ultra, that's going to be about $750. I have really prominent smile lines and slight crows feet around my eyes. It's annoying because makeup gets stuck in those lines no matter what I do, which makes me appear older than I am (I'm 25). I will be getting that done with Tami his physician assistant who is also amazing at what she does (I follow her on ig and snap). I follow Dr. Schulman on snap and I am addicted to viewing his posts lol I love that he shows the surgeries live and explains everything there is to know in preparation for surgery and after as well. He is opening to answering questions and I love that about him and his entire team. If there is any other questions you guys have I'll be happy to answer! :)


Hello ladies!! First off sorry I have been away for a while,I've been busy with school and work and life in general lol. I've still been logging in I just havnt updated. I'm coming on today to ask if anyone has a bbl pillow that they are no longer using and is willing to sell it to me. I'm thinking ahead and since Dr. Schulman recommends that his pt's do not sit for 6 weeks, I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to do it at work. I work in an office setting so I am in front of a computer the whole day which means I have to figure out a way to be able to sit without messing up the transplanted fat cells. I was looking online and those bbl pillows are EXPENSIVE AS HELL lol. I find it ridiculous to pay $100+shipping for an object that I will only use for a month or so. I know Dr. S sells them at his office, but if I'm not mistaken it comes in an aftercare package that's an extra $400 (not trying to pay for all the extra stuff) If anyone knows anyone selling one or a cheaper alternative please let me know. I have heard of women using boppy pillows, but I prefer the construction and discreetness of the bbl pillow. I am willing to pay on the spot through paypal or chase quickpay, or which ever way is easier.

So annoyed

Hello Ladies, I hope you all are doing very well. I havn't been updating often because I've been so busy, with my graduation coming up and stuff. I was sched to have my surgery on June 6th but due to the fact that my brother is getting married that weekend I decided it would be best to resch. I did not want to miss my brother's wedding because I'd be home recovering. I called yesterday to resch my surgery at a later point in the month of June and guess what they told me! They don't have anything available until July!!! I was so disappointed smh. I had my heart set on getting my surgery in June. I was so annoyed and seriously felt like crying when they told me lol now that I've had time to sit on the idea I've come to accept it (plus I have no other option lol) So it's set ladies Ill have to wait yet ANOTHER month to get my surgery. On a positive note I've been loosing weight :D! I am now at 165, I have to be 160 by my surgery date. I havnt really been dieting but I have been going to the gym 3-4 times a week. I will be keeping you guys updated throughout my journey. XOXOXO

Its getting real!!

Hello ladies!!! Ive been gone for a while but I am back :D these past few weeks have been so hectic for me. On the upside I finally graduated and now have time to concentrate on my surgery! I am just about a month away. Ive been preparing like crazy. I made a list of all supplies ill need and have been doing lots of reading a preparation. I also got my vacation at work approved; I will be taking three weeks off. I got my bloodwork done this week and I revieved word from Dr. Schulman's office today that the lab didnt send them one of the test results they requested. This is annoying as hell. How could they fuck up that bad lol. Im going back to them tomorrow cuz this is ridiculous -_-

All these pills!

In preperation for my surg, Dr. S staff already prescribed me my medication. They gave me Dilaudid for pain (as per my request), stool softner, nausea medication, and antibiotics. I love Dr. S staff. they are great at communicating and ALWAYS make things clear. I really feel I am in great hands. Also, on the day of my surg, I have to bring my medications with me. The nurse on staff has to explain step by step aftercare instructions, both to me and my escort.


I went to get my bloodwork done at a lab and those idiots sent out an order for the wrong blood tests smfh. I had to get my blood drawn TWICE -.- Im pissed. The good thing is that they put a rush order on the tests, since it was an error on their end. On the plus side, I go to see Dr. Schullman on Friday the 16th for my pre-op appt. Ill let you all know how that goes. Talk to you soon :)

A little less than a month away!!

OMGGGGG I am a little less than a month away from my procedure! I am so freaking excited. Im glad I could finally do something big for myself. Im looking at this journey as something positive and as a whole new beginning. I have been doing even more research than usual lol I began reading this book called Plastica by Bella Barbies. Its an all you need to know ebook, all about plastic surgery; the truth the bad and the ugly. I really enjoy it as I get to read the experience of another doll who's been through the surgery process more than once. I recommend it to anyone considering surgery. On another note, my appointment with Dr. Schulman is this Friday, cant wait! lol

Post-Op Massages???

Ladiessssss I need help! So many people SWEAR by post op massages, however from Dr's opinions, massages really have no scientific backing to support the effectiveness of them. Dr. Schulman doesnt say that massages are necessary. I however want the best result possible as we all do. So from you guys' opinions, do you feel that post op massages are a must? Personally, I feel that if your Dr does lipo with the correct technique there should be no need for massages (then again I wanna be on the safe side lol). Let me know what you guys think.

I have already began looking into pricing and such, however being that this is already such an expensive process if I can save a couple of hundred dollars why not lol

BBL Recovery Kit

Hello ladies im uploading a run down of prices for Dr. Schulman's BBL recovery kit that you can get at his office in case anyone is interested. I asked for the prices to be broken down because I already have some things that come in the kit. I will be purchasing an additional stage 1 garment, a stage 2 garment, arnika forte, lipo foam, and the biocorneim scar gel (im only getting this because I scar REALLY bad). Im still thinking about the contouring cream....I might invest in it since I will not be getting post op massages. The BBL pillow a schulman doll I met on here was sweet enough to give me the pillow. I really appreciate all th support on this site I have yet to come across ANY negativity from anyone. So Donna if your seeing this thank you!!! And I will make sure to pass the pillow onnto another doll getting a BBL.

Pre Op Appointmemt

Hello Ladies!! So as promised Im back to update you guys on how my pre op appt went. Just like before, Dr. Schulman and his staff are excellent. Tami is a sweetheart. I met with her first and she answered all my questions and concerns and asked me to change into a disposable underwear for pics. When Dr. Schulman came in he asked me how I was doing and remembered that I had put my surg on hold till after I graduated and he congratulated me! Lol I felt like he really knew who I was and I loved that. He proceeded to explain that he was going to take some before pics from all angles. He asked me if I had any questions, which I did. I asked him about sex lol I wanted to know how lo ng I should wait. He told me theres no exact wait time but he did tell me that I would not "be in the mood for it" for at least a few weeks since I would be sore and swollen. However he did mention that when I choose to do so it will not mess anything up. He assured that I had my medications already and reminded me to bring them on day of surgery so the nurse can go through them with me. He also asked me if I had ppl to take care of me after and stressed the importance of having someone with me 24/7 for the first week at least. He asked me if I had any other concerns. He answered everything no question I asked was too "dumb". I never felt rushed at all. After the consult I went to the front desk to ask Breana and one of the other secs forgot her name about the BBL recovery kit. They were great in explaining what comes in it and what each thing is for and they broke down pricing for me. I will be purchasing a few things. Now its just a waiting game! Lol If theres anything else you guys wanna know just ask!


Hello Ladies!! I'm back to give you guys some very exciting news! When I went for my consult with Dr. S I signed a form letting them know that I would be interested in participating in media opportunities. This morning I received a call from Amanda on behalf of Dr. Schulman offering me an opportunity to participate in a story being conducted by Daily Mail UK! I am so excited!!!!!! Of course I accepted and as appreciation Dr. Schulman's office is giving me a BBL Recovery kit FOR FREE! (a 600+ value) An expense which I was planning to get anyway. The lord has been so gracious to me these past few weeks, I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am. My face will be showing during the recording which I have no issues with. I requested one of my tattoos be covered and they assured me it would be. I know have the extra money to use during my stay home from work. I am even MORE excited now than before lol. My experience since day 1 with Dr. Schulman and his staff, has been nothing short of excellent and I know I am in great hands.

Almost there

Hello ladies! Im a little over 2 weeks from my surgery, I am so excited! Im finally going to accomplish a goal I set for myself and waited a long time for. This weekend I went supply shopping and got everything I felt like I was going to need. Now its just a waiting game. Im so obsessed with seeing Dr. Schulman's snap lol its comforts me that I am able to see the same procedure Im getting done being performed on someone else. I feel like it also gives comfort to my loved ones (somewhat). I still have ppl who arent on board with my decision (like my mother, but she'll get over it lol). Anyway I am all prepared and ready to go. I stopped consuming alcohol and have been trying to eat as healthy as possible as well as going to the gym. As the day gets closer my only concern is anesthesia. Although I do feel safe with Dr. Schulman's team, I still have those little butterflies in my stomach every time I think about being knocked out lol ugh

First of the day!

Hello Dolls! This morning I recieved the email I was waiting for containing my surgery time! As I wanted, my surgery is scheduled for 8AM. Ill be the first patient of the day! I am beyong excitied. His nurse Nurse Jay, also called me yesterday to inform me of everything. Dr. Schulman and his staff have been nothing but amazing throughout this whole experience. If anyone is interested in watching my procedure you can follow Dr Schulman's snapchat account @nycplasticsurg on July 11th. I have a bunch of tattoos so youll know its me lmao. Talk to you ladies soon!

Bacteria at CIPLA in D.R.

Lordddddd Ive been reading online about a skin bacteria thats spreading at the CIPLA clinic in D.R. I know CIPLA is one of if not the most popular surgical units in Santo Domingo. No shade to anyone who chooses to get their surgery done in D.R. Believe me I know its tempting lol. Those results that Ive seen have made me consider it. When I was choosing my surgeon one of my requirements was that they had to be in the US. Im Dominican myself and I would NEVER go out there to get any sort of surgical procedure. Dont get me wrong there are many talented DRs over there but I just feel more safe at home lol The health codes are different in DR and much less strict. Im only writing about this because my best friend is going to DR in August to get her surgery done with Dr. Tania Medina Garcia. She is a BEAST! I really love her work, so I supoort my bestie in her decision to go out there and get it done by her. Still it makes me nervous. I was sure to show her everything that I have read so that she is informed lol. Im praying for ALL the dolls getting their surgeries abroad. And ladies Please do your research and go with your gut!

Getting nervous

Hello Ladies, hope all is well. I am back to vent a little lol I am one week away from my surgery. I am very excited and was not nervous at all up until today. I was bored and started reading stories about botched surgeries (stupid idea I know). Anyway reading all those stories got me super nervous. I want a nice result! as we all do. Lord knows how much I have sacrificed to get this done and I cannot afford another round, not financially or emotionally. I know this is not the mindset to have at the moment but still I cant help it. We all know there is always risk of complications with any surgery but we all want to come out of it without any. On the other hand, most of the botched reviews that I have read are from ladies that go into this uninformed, rushed, and without anyone to advise them of what is to come with the procedure they got. Yes there were a few reviews where for sure it was the DR that fucked up lol Upon reading the "botched" stories on here, I decided to look at the reviews on the Dr I chose once again, Dr. Schulman. Most of his reviews are positive but I chose to read the negatives smh lmao The reviews that I read weren't actually negative to my relief! From what I got from reading their posts and looking at pictures, those women went in with unrealistic expectations that resulted in their dissatisfaction. Some women have to understand that most of these girls in their "wish pics" have 2/3 rounds done! You cant go from looking like a sack of potatoes to looking like barbie with just one round! Also most of the dissatisfaction was with size not anything crazy like lipo burns or horrible scarring. Again this dissatisfaction is with personal preference and unrealistic expectations. Im going to remind myself to stay positive like I was doing before. I am aware of what can go wrong but praying that it doesnt. I have concerns about loose skin on my abdomen. I read about looseness of the skin after lipo. Although I do not have any hanging skin and my skin is rather tight, it still something that worries me and I will be addressing this with Dr. Schulman on surgery day.

3 Days Away

Hello Dolls! I'm officially 3 days pre-op. As the day gets closer I'm getting more and more excited. I'm not nervous anymore; I've literally prepared and researched as much as I could have and I know I am in great hands with Dr. Schulman. I'm praying things go well for me and I appreciate all prayers sent my way! I'm officially off of work for the next three weeks so that's a huge relief lol. For the next few days I plan on treating my body with EXTRA care. Im going to pamper myself before I'm down for the could the rest of the summer lmao. I will begin taking my arnika supplements this Sunday, hopefully it works for me cuz I bruise and swell l like a mfer! Anyway I will keep updating you guys on everything that happens with my surgical journey. Best wishes to all those who will be getting their surgeries soon or are currently in the recovery phase.

Today is the day!

Say a prayer for me ladies!!!

Finallly gathered the energy!

Hello Dolls! I finally gathered the energy to update you guys. The anesthesia drained me but luckily no scary experience with it. I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Sculman and his team, they are truly awesome. From the second I walked into the clinic on morning of my procedure my nerves were put at ease. I can already see a huge difference. My waist is snached my hips are round and my booty is fairly big. I havent taken any pics because the meds have me feeling groggy. Ive been drinking lots of fluids and walking around the house as much as I can. Ladies you can not do this alone, please have a group of people with you that are able to take care of you. I dont have much pain at all just really sore. I have lots of bruising but not as much swelling as I thought I would. I was instructed to shower on saturday, so I will be taking pics then. In the meanwhile I am posting a video of me walking around the house. I appreciate all of your well wishes. I will give you a more in depth review sometime this weekend xoxo

Videos and pics!

Will continue to upload more

Pics from Dr. Schulman's Snapchat

I wasnt grossed out like I thought I would be watching myself lol

How do I upload a video??

Ladiessss ive been trying to upload and video since yesterday but it just wont work smh. It says video will post after processing but the processing never completes ughhh


Ive been trying to upload vids so you guys can see the results in action but idk wth is going on cuz the vids arent uploading. So till I figure that out here are some pics. These were taken yesterday as I showered.

Post Op visit

Hello Dolls! I had my post op visit yesterday and Im glad to say everything is coming along nicely! Djring my preop Tami (Dr Schulman's assistant) cut my stiches (theyre dissolve on their own but I had a few that were bothering me so she cut them). Also she gave me a B12 vitamin shot. This shot helps with energy and helps the body heal after surgical procedure. I still have a lot of swelling and some bruising. However let me say the arnika pills I took work! I brusie so easily and I had very minor brusing. I am so in love with my results. Im doing the best I can to preserve this fat! Lol I added some pics I took today the swelling on my lower abdomen has gone down A LOT my stomach is almost completely flat. Now my side are sore as hell! Omg it hurts so bad lol even to stretch its a discomfort. Im having a hard time sitting on my bbl pillow. It puts strain on my back.....or maybe im just not sitting correctly? Idk lol All I know if that I have to figure this out because I go back to work in about 10 days and I sit all day at work. I will keep you guys updated as I progress.

I went for the massages!

I had been so conflicted over getting massages since I began my sx journey. Since Dr. Schulman doesnt recommend massages I decided to pass on them. Being that I am 2 weeks post op when I take of my garnment to shower I am closely monitoring my progress. As of two days ago I noticed the right side of my abdomen getting super swollen esp after I take a walk for a few. Im monitoring to make sure its not a seroma. My sides are also SORE AS HELL so I opted to go for massages and boy am I glad I did! I feel soooooo relieved! Im still sore but Im much less tense. My massage therapist recommends I go 3 xs a week and reduce the frequency as time progresses. They currently have sales going on for the summer, I paid $600 for 12 sessions. If you are in NY I highly recommend you go to Bella at Gorgeous spa in College Point, Queens.

Going back to work

Hello Dolls, hope everyone is doing well. I am just about 3 weeks post op and I love my results. Yes things have gone down a bit and I feel like my right hip is slightly bigger than my left, but its not really noticeable. I only notice when Im being critical in front of the mirror. Im hoping things dont change much more, Im nervous about the 6 week mark, that seems to be the point where shit starts drastically changing from what Ive read on other people's reviews. Today was my first day back at work. I wore a loose sundress just to avoid the questions for now lol but I know theyll come once fall gets here and I start wearing pants again. My coworkers knew about my surgery so of course they all wanted to see lol but i didnt care too much about them. Its crazy how quickly your body gets accustomed to stuff. My sleep sche is all fucked up and the work day went by SUPER slow smh lol. Im actually glad to be getting back to "normal" though, day by day things are getting better and better. I will.continue to update you guys with my progress.

One Month Post

I'm officially a little over one month post op and I love my results. My body has been through a lot of changes but everything has still held up well. Im measuring at 36-27-42 consistently, which makes assume that Im not loosing much fat. I measure myself everyday pretty much lol. I didnt measure myself straight out of surgery so Im not exactly sure how much volume ive lost. Overall, Im so glad I made this decision. I do still have swelling and I still wear my garment 24/7. A few days ago I took my faja off for a few hours and I swelled like hell! The only issue I can say that Ive had is learning how to deal with the attention. I thought I would love the new found attention but I times it can get a bit annoying. People can be so rude and slick with their comments but idgaf because I love how I look even more now. Ive pretty much returned to "normal" life but I havnt returned to the gym yet. Im just scared as hell that the increase in psychical activity is going to increase my swelling plus my lower back and sides are still sore af! Although I am very happy with my results I think Ill be going for a round 2 (call me crazy lol). Dr. Schulman took my body to a level I didnt think was possible so I can only imagine what he could do for me in round 2. Im still on the fence about it. Im still very early in my recovery plus Dr. Schulman makes you wait a whole year before having more surgery, so I have plenty of time to decide. For round 2 I am strongly considering getting arm lipo but im conflicted because so many people have told me that the arms look disfigured if they had cellulite or like dents. Has anyone experienced anything like this after arm lipo? I also want more projection (hopefully my skin can hold more than it did this time)...yes ladies booty greed is real lol I have a post op appt this friday, hopefully everything is healing well. I will continue to update you guys as I heal.

One month post pics update

Paranoid about sitting

Hello Ladies! Hope all of you are doing fabulously! Im back with an update; everything is looking and feeling great, I honestly have zero complaints. I'm at my 6th week mark and that means IM ABLE TO SIT AGAIN! :D!! The shitty part is im so paranoid about it! lol after not sitting directly on my butt for over a month im scared that I might do any damage. I'm sure the fat is safe by now but still lol its always in the back of my head. I havnt stopped using the bbl pillow yet. I start school in two weeks so I better get out of this mindset I have cuz carrying around the pillow is going to be so inconvenient. On the plus side, I had my 2nd post op appt on friday and everything is healing as it should. About round 2? Ive put that in the back of my head for now. I love how I look at the moment and I know things will continue to look even better as I heal. For now, Im just going to enjoy the beautiful new body Dr. Schulman gave me.
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