Booked my Consult!!!! :D

I scheduled my consultation this week!!!! I am so...

I scheduled my consultation this week!!!! I am so freaking excited; I have been considering getting a bbl for about a year and a half now. I started doing research right around that time and I already know I want to get my procedure done with Dr. Matthew Schulman. I knew for sure I wanted to get my surgery done in NY, since this is where I live it'll just be much easier. Originally I wanted to go with Dr. Michael Jones, but upon further research and viewing before and afters, I feel like Dr. Schulman is the right DR for me. I havn't even met him yet and I already love his attitude. I follow him on instagram and on various occasions I have asked questions and he ALWAYS answers in a informative way. I booked my consult for November 11th. Since I have been doing research for such a long time, I have a list of questions I want to ask lol. I really don't mind waiting over a month to be seen since I don't plan on getting my surgery till June 2017... I just wanted to lock the date down. This is my first cosmetic procedure and I am very nervous, especially about the anesthesia. I've had bad experiences with anesthesia before. I had my wisdom teeth taken out on two separate occasions and was put to sleep both times and both times I fainted and ended up in the hospital! Anesthesia just makes me feel like shit lol. However, I got a colonoscopy performed under general anesthesia and I was fine, so I'm assuming it was the specific anesthesia that they used at the dentist's office. Whatever the case may be I am for sure going to let Dr. Schulman know about my concerns revolving that aspect.

Anywayyyy I am looking for an amazing transformation. I recently lost about 30 lbs and I like my results but I am 5'5'', 155lbs and have big breasts. My butt is not proportionate with my thighs/ rest of my body and it makes me feel self conscious. I work very hard and I feel I deserve this! I have a couple thousand saved up and I plan on paying half of the procedure on my consult day. I will be posting my feelings after I go my appointment and let all you guys know the details. Since it is my first procedure, if any of you ladies have any advice for me I would really appreciate it!
P.S. I will be uploading pictures soon

BBL Consult, Amazing Experience!

I can sum up my whole experience in one word AMAZING! Dr. Schulman and his staff are nothing short of great. I went yesterday for my consultation and I was impressed with everything. The office is neat, clean, and organized. The ladies at the front desk are very welcoming and thoroughly explained how the consultation was going to go. I have literally been stalking Dr. Schulman and his staff through snapchat and instagram for months lol I was super nervous going in. When I arrived at the office I walked over to the front desk and handed over my paperwork; they had emailed me the forms a few days prior which I found helpful to have that filled out beforehand. I don't remember the lady at the front desk's name but she was super knowledgeable. She handed me a FAQ sheet, it did actually have the answers to most of my questions. I was in the waiting area for about 10 minutes when Tammi (I believe is her name) came outside to get me. She introduced herself as the PA. She asked me a few questions prior to Dr. Schulman coming in. Once she was done with the questions she asked me to change into a robe and have a seat while the Dr. came in. When she handed me the robe I was so impressed; it was cloth! actual cloth lol I have gone to other consults where the robe was made out of rough paper. This was already a great sign. I changed into the robe and waited for about 4/5 minutes then Dr. Schulman came in. He was so personable and instantly made me feel comfortable. He started off by asking what it was that I was looking for. I loved that he validated all my statements. What I loved even more was that he was 100% honest with me. At no point in my interaction with him did I feel like he was being shady about anything; that's a feeling I have gotten from other doctors. I expressed to him my worries about being under general anesthesia. To make it clear for me to understand he put it like this; there's a greater chance of something happening to me in a car on the road than there is from general anesthesia. He also told me he has a anesthesiologist and registered nurse, as well as PA in the OR with a plan of action should anything go wrong. This made me feel so at ease! My next concern was regarding pain meds. I was very adamant about not wanting to take them because of the way they make me feel. He told me that I will most likely need them, at least for the first week. He did explain that there are other options when it come to pain meds; he mentioned dilaudid and how some patients do better on that than on other meds. I showed him my wish pics, he examined my body and explained what would be best for me. I really feel like he tailored everything to what is realistic for me and my body. Once the consult was over he asked me to get dressed and told me I would be meeting with the person who would review pricing with me. Unfortunately, I do not remember her name but she was also great. She helped me pick the perfect date and even helped me schedule my pre op consultation for May next year. She explained everything about fees and such. The total cost of my procedure is $14,300. It is a little over my budget, but honestly I love Dr. Schulman and I wouldn't want to get my procedure done with anyone else. Besides I freaking earned this! I graduate from college in June and this is my graduation gift to myself.

I booked my surg for June 6th 2017. After I met with her I sat back outside, and the patient coordinator Ashley explained how payment process would go. I paid 1/3 of my surgery the same day. Ashley explained to me that the full cost is due 3 weeks prior to the surgery date, which is fine. I received copies of everything I signed, as well as an invoice for my payment and the balance thats due. Also the consultation fee of $100 was discounted off my procedure cost which was great. I am so excited to FINALLY do something for myself. I know I chose the right team and cannot wait till next year!!!! I plan on uploading before pics soon.

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