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I have always had a curvy hour glass shape and...

I have always had a curvy hour glass shape and have some booty, I exercise and eat healthy. I am currently trying to drop the extra winter weight I had put on. I am 5'5 and I am normally between 145-160, but this buffalo winter was pretty intense! I am thinking of going with Dr. Matthew Schulman in NYC. I want to just get my stomach flatter and the fat added into my butt to achieve a bigger rounder buttox. I am still saving up the money to get the surgery because I do not want to put it all on a credit card even though I am approved. I am so worried about telling my boyfriend, I have brought it up to him before and he was upset that I even say it, We have been together 5 years and we live together and are house shopping! I know he will eventually support my decision, but has anyone else had this problem? I know he is the one who will go to NYC with me and be there with me but I need to tell him this is what I want to do, I will be the one taking care of my own finances and the only thing I expect from him is to be there with me and help me if I need anything. I am so nervous to tell him, I will wait until I have saved up more money.

I am scheduled for my consultation

I called Dr Schulman's office today to schedule my consultation and sent my pictures since I live out of town. I decided after reading many reviews on all doctors, Dr. Schulman is my best choice. I am scheduled for April 22 for my phone consultation, It costs $!00, but it is applied toward my surgery. I am so excited because it is one more step toward a new me and better me. I am dieting and continuing exercise because I feel that I am the heaviest I have ever been at this point, and I do not feel comfortable. I am hoping to get my surgery in October 2015, so I have time to save money and do what I need to do.

Consultation is done and my surgery is Booked!! BBL, Abdominal and arm lipo

I finally had my phone consultation today with Dr Matthew Schulman, it costs $100, and I am pretty sure that will go toward my surgery. The entire office is so polite, friendly, accommodating, the list goes on with all positive feelings. Dr Schulman is extremely kind and he is very truthful and realistic. He was very easy to talk to, I felt so comfortable talking to him and I am confident in my decision to choose him to do my surgery. As I already knew, I need to get my weight back down to my normal weight because I want the best results possible, which is around 150-166 lbs. I have plenty of time since my date is October 1st, 2015! I am thinking about purchasing the BBL surgery kit, has anyone else purchased this kit provided by Dr Schulman?

New BBL surgery date!! August 2015

I have not been on here in a while because I took a break since my surgery was not until October 2015. Due to many crazy changes in my life, I am now scheduled for August 17, 2015 for a BBL, arm and abdomen lipo and I am very excited. I am investing in a better me and I keep telling myself this. I am trying to lose 15 more pounds bc I was told I needed to lose 15-20 pounds. I am also looking up Air BnBs to stay in, Does anyone have any recommendations? I get a little nervous but I am 100% on getting this done.

Wish pics

So I have not posted any pictures of myself yet or wish pics. I decided to put the wish pics up. I already have a booty so I am looking for more projection and a more sculpted me. I am so excited that my surgery is now sooner rather than later! I am so excited for August 17,2015. I just hope everything clears and goes smoothly. I also need to book an airbnb! So a lot to get ready for !!

My surgery is in a week! Mixed emotions BBL surgery

My surgery date is approaching quick because I moved it up to August 17, 2015!! I wish I could talk to someone who has had the procedure so if any one would give me advice on anything or help me through this I would appreciate it lol. My booty buddy pillow came in the mail this week so I am excited.. I am definitely going through with it and it is actually happening!! I am just nervous but also extremely excited for my new body!! I always have hated my arms and I cant wait to get them lipoed along with my abdomen and of course the BBL!! I could not be happier and the payments have been made. I keep telling myself that although I am a happy and confident woman, I want to be the best me I can be, I want my inside to match my outside. My good friend is traveling with me and will be there to take care of me if I need him. I also have my loving boyfriend who has been very supportive these past few months, he will not be able to join me for the procedure because he will be moving into a condo since I will be moving down to Atlanta with him in the late fall

Before photos

Here are some before photos


Bbl tomorrow !

I can't believe my bbl is already tomorrow! I am
In NYC with my good friend at a hotel nearby the surgery center. I am nervous but mostly excited and anxious to get it over with!! I am ready for the physically improved me. I am purchasing the bbl recovery kit tomorrow and going there an hour early. I am so tired so I am going to cut this review short. I will check up on my review and will post pictures and take pictures for after the procedure. Wish me luck everyone!!

Day 3 post

I finally have energy to update how I am feeling today. I did well and Dr Schulman and his team were/are amazing. They were so comforting. I was so scared and nervous right before my surgery!! It is a big decision but it is worth it. I have some pictures to follow. My booty looks good and I can't see my waist Bc I have a garment on with foam but it feels small, my arms look smaller too. I have been eating healthy salads, fruits, soups and protein smoothies while taking my meds regularly. No BM yet. I have been getting up and moving and walking but still slow and still takes a lot of energy. I am definitely trying to get rest and have balance. It's hard sleeping and laying on my stomach, I have pillows under me and I have a booty buddy pillow to fly home on the plane with. I am not paying all this money to sit on my booty. I am able to shower Friday, will update more later or tomorrow with better detail. I can't believe I am On the other side.

Day 7- is this normal?

I felt like each day was going to be awful each morning but then each day I'll get better. I honestly have been so sick feeling today. It's not so much pain as i feel dizzy and weak, I am out of breath after going to the bathroom. I am very swollen still and have not been sleeping very well at all, is this normal? I understand that everyone has different healing processes. I am sure I have a fever as well. Feeling so upset toddy.

1 week!!

Today is one week since I had my surgery! I feel a lot better!! I am still somewhat stiff but improving each day. I am so grateful and blessed with the life I have and to have gotten through surgery safely. The recovery has been somewhat rough, but you'll have good days and bad days. Today I am just thankful that I went through this surgery for a purpose, a smaller waste, with a bigger booty with more projection, and overall Better figure/ shape. Dr Schulman and his team are experts and I couldn't have asked for better

Day 11

I promised pictures, here are some!! Not even two weeks!! Also I am wondering, when did everyone drive ? And what do you sit on!? I am nervous about sitting and have been getting rides every where on my stomach. Any advice about anything please let me know, it will be greatly appreciated

Today is my 1 month!! I am in my stage 2 garment, some itching.

I feel amazing, it has already been 1 month since my BBL surgery with Dr. Schulman and I am very happy with my results. My waist is shrinking and so are my arms, At first I was really nervous because of how swollen I was but I am already happy with my results and they say with lipo, it takes 3- 6 months for your full end results. I am in my stage 2 garment and I ended up cutting holes in the booty part because it felt like it was restricting my derriere. I am also having itching occur but I read that it is due to sensation coming back after having the surgery. I have measured my butt and it seems to have not lost any volume yet!! I have to say that I went out this weekend and one of the jealous crazy girls that were there smacked my butt really hard 4 times and I was super angry at her for it... Like if you assume someone had surgery, would you hit them where they had the procedure? A couple things that are hard to get used to is the attention from men and women. Girls hate you and men drool over you. I am still happy I had the procedure done and have no regrets. I am still sleeping and doing everything on my stomach. When driving I sit on a boppy pillow and if I go out to dinner I sit on a pillow as well. I dont care what anyone thinks bc I spent 15 k on my body so I am going to treat myself like a princess lol. My boyfriend loves my new booty and body also, he treated me amazing before my surgery but he keeps wanting me to model lingerie and underwear, lol. Good Luck everyone.. I will upload some pics for everyone!

1 month photo update

6 weeks and 2 days

when I first got the surgery I thought I'd never see 6 weeks! Lol it felt like forever but I am loving my results. My diet needs to get better but I am working out still and dieting.. Just needs to be more strict. I have had to travel for work and my Bf lives in ATL so I sat on a pillow on a plane for 2 hours yesterday. But everything seems okay. I get anxiety about it though. Luckily I have measured and its stayed the same .. It only went down an inch ( Bc it was swollen) my lipo results are great but some days I am still puffy. When my diet it low sodium I look and feel my best, they aren't joking about keeping the sodium down! I am feeling great my bf and everyone else loves my results. I am happy I did it for me. My clothes fit better and I just feel more like a more confident me!!

7 months update!

It's been 7 months since my bbl and I wanted to give an update because I remember constantly obsessing on this site looking for the right Doctor and it's only fair for me to show my results, in my opinion. I have been back and forth between going for a round two but I will wait it out because I have heard other girls on here mention a round 2 in their 1st year and end up being more than happy with their results and not end up getting a round 2. I gained weight over the holidays in my waist so I am a little upset but have been back on track with diet and exercise! A recommendation I have for anyone going for this surgery is make sure you try to lose weight before and keep up on your diet. I am strict about leaving a 5 pound Window for weight gain and I had put more (15), which can poorly affect results. I also think I have a case of occasional "booty greed" which I have seen girls use on here ( thinking our booty is not big enough ) lol... So I am being patient as possible. I think I am more unhappy with my waist rather than my booty!! Dr. Schulman is a great doctor and did an amazing job so I would recommend him to any one who wants this surgery done properly! Any way I'll keep up on this page And try to update more frequently!!

5 stars and worth it but want Round 2

First of all I want to say Dr. Schulman does amazing work and my surgery was worth it. When I first created my realself account I had pur not sure because I had not had my surgery yet, I have been trying to change it to worth it! I am happy with my results and overall shape. I had gained weight around the holidays but have since maintained a healthy lifestyle of eating well and exercising. Although I love my results I am considering a round 2 to achieve the best results. I am going to listen to if Dr. S thinks I just the sculpting or both sculpting ans additional fat added to my booty.

Round 2*~

I have begun my search for my Round 2 surgery. When I say search, I have been digging really deep. I have been thinking about it for a while now. I know what I want to do, this is my decision. I am going to do everything right and make this the last BBL. I have been working out, eating right, I need to do this. I told myself I would never do this surgery again.. I have my virtual consultation with Dr. Schulman on 9/30/2016, so I will keep everyone updated.

Round 2 BBL in September 2017

I am so excited that my surgery is this year! I feel like I just booked it. Time flies. I am super blessed to have such a supportive boyfriend, he will be flying to NYC with me to get my Round 2 BBL procedure done. I have been exercising and doing protein shakes. I am self-motivated, but have been super busy with my job. I needed to re-motivate myself, so I purchased a 3-month Slender blend from Proteinworld. I need a push because I want to lose 30-40 pounds before my surgery. I know I will have enough fat. Moving and switching my career from a hairstylist to a paralegal makes you realize how much moving I was doing before. I am currently looking for a remote job, so I can travel. I am hoping to find it well before my surgery, it has been months that I have been looking for this position, I feel It coming for sure. I am nervous to have to ask for 2 weeks off, but will do what I have to.

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