30 Years Old, Tuberous Breasts, No Kids - New York

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Hi RealSelf Ladies, this shall just be a short...

Hi RealSelf Ladies, this shall just be a short self-intro; more 'hands-on' posts to follow.
I decided to share my story as many of your reviews/ journey's have been informative, reassuring and enlightening to me and I hope I can help other ladies in the same way.

I have not had a positive body image from the moment I reached puberty. Whilst all my friends' breasts seemed to develop normally, mine didn't.
Instead of being round / perky / full or whatever else constitutes ordinary breasts mine were hypo-plastic, pointed, ugly little ducklings with enlarged areolas.
I used to be very skinny so the lack of body weight/fat translated into a lack of breast tissue. In a way this was comforting as the smaller the breasts were the less obvious their offensive appearance was to me.

Fast forward 10 years I have gained about 7kg and with that extra body weight I have also gained a size 32B worth of undeniably tuberous breasts.
I H-A-T-E their appearance and would swap them for a flat chest any day. I try to avoid looking at them in the mirror (unless they are cold and loose their tuberosity thanks to the nipples contracting) and undressing completely in front of anyone (including my partner) is an absolute no-go.
This deformity has put so much strain on my personal life and self-confidence that I have decided to undergo plastic surgery, hoping that I can re-gain lost confidence and achieve a look I am happy with. I wish I can have normal, prettily shaped breasts you'd expect on a young woman rather than a pair of snoopy the dog's noses strapped onto my chest.
Wish me luck :))

Before photos

This before photo was taken with nipples erect (was cold inside the room) hence my breasts look fine; will upload more photos that show the full extent of my issue (that's going to take a lot of courage)
New York Plastic Surgeon

Dr Kolker and his team have so far been amazingly competent, responsive and reassuring. I chose his clinic despite being an out-of-towner because of the amazing work Dr Kolker has done on other patients.

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