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PROS - Cost, Phenomenal Results,...

PROS - Cost, Phenomenal Results, OverallExperience, Little to no pain, excellent procedure and after care. CONS- None

I Finally Love my Breasts

After having two children I wanted to finally have the nice breasts that I always dreamed of. My breasts were in such a sad state that I just wanted anything better than what I had and to come out of the procedure without any short or long term complications. I wanted the best possible outcome for me, but I did not dare hope for more than nice. Dr. E. thoroughly discussed the procedure and what he thought my outcome would be; right from the start he told me that I would be very happy with the result. He seemed genuinely excited about performing the breast lift on me and passionate about his work in general.  No other doctor showed passion for his/her work or discussed what he/she thought my particular results would be. It was more like standard “operating” procedure for all. 

Even though I was sure I needed and wanted to get the breast lift, I of course had some concerns and have left previous consultations with panic attacks that left me questioning and doubting myself. Not so with Dr. E., after my consultation I was calm and peaceful, finally sure of my decision to have the breast lift.  I knew he would do his best to take care of me medically and do his best aesthetically. I felt that I would be safe and worked on as a work of art. Dr. E. met all of my standards; my search was over.

On the day of surgery, everything went as planned. Dr. E. marked up my breasts with so many lines I was like wow; he explained that he takes this time before surgery to ensure the best possible outcome. Music was playing when I went under and there again when I awoke.  The Dr. and his support team seemed so happy and calm before and after surgery and I could not help but feel the same way. It is important that people are happy to do their work and from my prior visits and from the day of surgery I could see that Dr. E. respects and appreciates his support team, which fosters a serene environment, perfect for putting patients at ease.

I am 12-days post-op and I feel terrific! To say that I am pleased beyond my wildest dreams is not saying enough. My breasts are perfect. They are full, perky and shaped like sixteen- year old breasts. I know that Dr. E. is the best possible combination of medical expertise and artistry, but damn, I am amazed that my saggy breasts could look like this: taut, firm and so full.  I did not have implants, but I look like I have the sexiest implants ever.  I am amazed that I had that much breast tissue. He truly made fine art out of what I had. Besides my perfect aesthetic results, I have had the best possible recovery.

I awoke from the surgery with zero pain and only took one Percocet the day after surgery before I went to my first follow-up. I have not taken any pain medication since the day after surgery, not even a Tylenol. Unbelievable!  

At each of my follow-up visits and I have had three, starting the day after surgery, the 4th day and the 8th day, Dr. E. continued to show how passionate he is about his work. He is just as pleased and excited as I, if not more.  I was willing to take the risk of decreased response in my nipples, but Dr. E. explained that he would use a technique that would mitigate this risk. I am thrilled to say that I lost no feeling in my nipples; in fact we had a good chuckle over just how responsive they are. I have full sensation in my nipples!

If I could have put together the perfect doctor to perform my breast lift, he/she would have been a replica of Dr. E., he is the best and I am fortunate to have found him.  I finally love my breasts.

New York Plastic Surgeon

When I began my search for a plastic surgeon to perform a much needed and desired breast lift, I started by listing the characteristics my selected surgeon should possess and came up with the following: 1) passion for his/her work; 2) integrity; 3) expertise; 4) strong interpersonal skills; 5) a strong and professional support team; and 6) a good heart. I was looking for a doctor who would be a skilled medical expert and an artist. These characteristics would serve as my go, no go standard. Is this too much to ask? Since this is my body and my one life I figured it was not. Fortunately, after two years of consultations with only board certified surgeons from all over New York and New Jersey, I was blessed, lucky, whatever you want to call it to find the doctor who possesses all these characteristics and more. During that two-year search I found much of what I did not want and very little of what I did want. There was always something not quite right and I would not settle. As many of you who have had your own plastic surgery journey know, the consultation period can be very expensive and may force one to settle even when that inner voice is saying no. I admit I almost settled! I was going to have the procedure done by a surgeon who did not completely satisfy my criteria. I was tired of the “search” and the cost. Thank Mary, Jesus, Muhammad and Buddha because Idecided to do one more search for doctor reviews before finalizing a surgery date. I came across a review of a Dr. E. located in New York City that made me think, I want what she had. This Dr. E. sounded like exactly what I was looking for and the review was so heartfelt I knew this woman was honest. I jumped on the phone and was comfortable with my initial interaction with Arlene. As you know, that first point of contact has significant influence and can make or break an appointment. Arriving at Dr. E’s office I was relieved that I was not subjected to another “dog and pony show”, by this point I was tired of the hard and inauthentic sales pitch. After all, I know why I’m there, I know what I want and don’t need anyone to convince me, just show me why you are the right doctor for me. My meeting with Dr. E. was like no other, there was no barrier between us. His support team were warm and professional and not at all solicitous. They did their job and quickly, Dr. E. took over. I really appreciated the efficient and uncomplicated way they conducted business. As for Dr. E’s “bed-side” manner and follow-up care, I could not ask for more. He and his team are awesome. Someone was there when I woke up and stayed with me until I was fully recovered from the anesthesia. Dr. E. kindly walked me to my escort vehicle and made sure that I was in good hands before I left the surgery suite. He called my recovery help twice a day for the first four days to ensure that I was well and we have his personal cell phone number if we need to reach him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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