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As a 34 y/o female, I am ready to be in the best...

As a 34 y/o female, I am ready to be in the best shape of my life! Although I love myself and my body now...I do feel like there are a couple things that I would like to enhance. I have always had a square shape and my bottom is not the! So...after some thorough research I have decided that BBL surgery can give me the start I need to a healthier and more appealing self!

Phone consultation

So I have a phone consultation on Feb 3rd!! Can't wait!!


Omg!! I have been counting down the days until I have my consultation on 2/3/16!! Have been writing down my questions to ask Dr. Schulman and looking at all of his amazing transformations! Anyone have any advice on how to prepare for your consultation???


Can't wait for the new me!!

So just a little history...I'm 5'3 and my weight ranges between 155-159. I have a hx of scoliosis which just means my spine is I'm a little worried if I can have a successful BBL. I had surgery for this condition when I was 15 years old that resulted in a scar that starts from my upper back down to my sacrum. I'm hoping that Dr Shulman can deliver the results I need to start the NEW ME!!

So ready!

Like many others out there I find myself obsessed with RS! And the more I read and see all of the success stories, the more I want to start this journey of personal transformation and motivational beginning to a new me!!! So I just want to send a shout out to all the RS sisters who take time out of their lives to post their journeys in order to help the ones that are at the initial stages of their transformation!!

Wish pics


So by my pics u can obviously tell that I have a dimple problem that I hate! Has anyone that has gone through BBL surgery had this same problem and if so, did you notice improvement after surgery?


Omg!! 9 days till my consultation day! I'm super excited....planning on putting down my deposit to secure a surgery date. Fingers crossed because I'm hoping for an available date towards end of March;))

5 days!!

I'm so excited that I have 5 days until my phone consultation with Dr S! The more time that goes by the more I am convinced that he is the one to give me the best results and it feels great! Although I have my consultation next week, I feel that this transformation has not really sunken in!!! I know once I pay my deposit next week and book an official date my nerves and excitement will start kicking! My plan is that once I have a date, I will focus on looking for places to stay and buying the essentials (garmets, teas, etc.). Another ecxciting thing is that the hubby is totally on board with this! I have been going back and forth with him if we should fly back home after the procedure or drive so I can lay on my stomach throughout the drive home. What do you guys think?

Phone consultation tomorrow!!

So just got out of work...sitting down jotting questions for tomorrow's interview! My husband is even calling off work to be with me during this process. I have so many mixed emotions but excited at the same time;) Any advice anyone can give me for tomorrow will be greatly appreciated. Just hoping I don't freeze tomorrow and not ask everything I need to because of nerves!

Surgery date is on!!!

Had my consultation today!! I was sooo nervous but surprisingly Dr. S was soooo easy to talk you. He really made me feel comfortable to ask about all my concerns;) So my date is 4/7/16!!!! But can't get too excited yet...still need approval from work..will have an answer by tomorrow...hopefully everything is in the clear and I can pay my deposit tomorrow and make the date really official!!!


Got approval for time off from work and paid my deposit to secure my date! So just curious if anyone bought the recovery kit Dr. Schulman's 350.00 which I feel it's a bit much.

Recovery Kit

This is what the kit includes:

Arnica Forte (herbal supplement for bruising and swelling)
Biocorneum scar gel
Recovery Cream
Vitamin B-12 coupon for $25 off
Lipo Foam (one sheet)
Stage 1 garment
Stage 2 garment

Let me know what you all think??

Medical Clearance...worried!

I am having trouble finding a physician that will clear me for surgery. My current doctor will not perform any pre-surgical testing because I am not having surgery within the hospital that I work for. I tried getting an appointment with another doc and even an urgent care facility to pay out-of-pocket and i was denied because of liability issues for the MD clearing me for surgery. Do any of you ladies have any suggestions???


53 days until surgery....(who is counting right?)..guess I should start thinking about supplies needed post op. I'm thinking that I will get the Recovery kit that Dr. Schulman offers which includes stage l & ll garmets, arnica pills, Biocorneum scar gel, recovery cream (still not sure what it's for specifically), and lipo foam (one sheet). I guess I'm not sure if I will need more than one sheet? Can you ladies provide me with some info on this? Also, do I need a special type of boppy pillow?

Can't get really excited yet:/

So it's 6 weeks and 5 days before surgery day. And I guess I should be getting excited but I just can't until I get this medical clearance!!! Being that I work for a insurance will not allow for any medical clearance with surgery performed at an outside location. I have made an appointment for an annual checkup on 3/10 with my primary doc...I know that she will order my labs, ECG, and update my H&P....but I'm not so sure of writing a "letter of clearance". I went ahead and scheduled an appointment with another facility just in case my doc does not clear me (on 3/10 as well). I'm praying that if she doesn't then mabey the other doc will. Trying to stay positive! I have already got a surgery date, paid my deposit, and paid for a place to stay for a week during recovery.....I feel nauseated of the thought about not getting clearance after spending all that $$...

Freaking out!

So I went to go see my doc for clearance today....she ordered all my labs including ECG....but she still would not clear me because I'm out-of-network!!! Meaning that because the surgery is not being performed at the hospital that I work for...she cannot clear me!! I have a second appointment with another MD at 2pm....hoping all goes well. I don't know what to do if I can't get this clearance;(

Countdown....15 days!!

OMG day is slowly but surely coming up! Right now I am starting to get excited but not nervous yet!! At work I have told only two people about my surgery and they were so supportive. I guess at this point I'm just nervous about how to hide my new figure under my scrubs! Lol!!

Surgery time!

Just received an official time for my surgery!! Looks like I will be the first BBL scheduled on 4/7 at 8 am!!! Can't wait!!!!

4 days!!

Can't wait!! Head out to NYC tomorrow!! I'm sooooo excited.,,.no nerves yet!!!

Today is the day!!

Early surgery time at 815...will update everyone as soon as I can;)


Hi everyone...this is day two post op. Let me tell you this process is no joke. Today I'm feeling better but I'm still in pain but nothing that isn't tolerable. Day one after surgery was definitely crazy for me. I was in pain, headaches non-stop and some nausea. The ride home was the worst.....I was told that it was ok to sit on my butt for the ride (which I did), but it was painful. Thank goodness the apartment we rented was about 15 min from the surgical center. Dr Schulman and his entire staff are truly amazing! Very professional with outstanding bedside maners. They made me feel very comfortable and not nervous at all. I remember when I laid on the table feeling a little nervous but I just said a little prayer in my mind and next thing you know I was in recovery with the garmet on. As soon as I got to the apartment I took my arnica, pain meds, and nausea medication. Basically I have been taking my pain and nausea medication around the clock until about 3am this morning. Anyhow will post pics as soon as feel up for it.....swelling is out of control but all in all I know I am going to like my results. Thanks again ladies, and special thanks to BronxMS who has been such a sweetheart;) Will post pics soon! BTW...Dr S gave me 950cc on the Right buttock and 1150 on the left since my squared ass was uneven to begin!!! Thanks again;-)

Shower day;)

Hey everyone in RS land!! Feeling just a little better and was soooooo looking forward towards shower day. I was trying to hold out into having a BM until shower day but I actually had to go yesterday. It wasn't bad...just took off my garmet and squatted with no issues. It wasn't bad putting my garmet back on either. So today I was so excited to take a shower. I had no dizziness or issues as I took the garmet off and took my shower. It was very refreshing and made me feel somewhat normal again!! Lol!! Afterwards my hubby encouraged me just to get some fresh air and we just walked one block. That was so nice!! The only thing I didn't like about it was feeling like a whale as I walked down the! Anyways...I will post some pics of me right after surgery and then after shower day. BTW, I have completely weaned myself off the prescribed pain meds and only taking extra strength Tylenol, arnica, and antibiotic. I stopped the stool softener since I'm not having any issues in that area. Thanks so much for all the support dolls!!!!

Same day post op pics!

So bruised!! Def not an easy recovery!

Shower day! Post op day 4!

Soooo swollen and bruised!

One week post op!

What a week it has been!! Today is the first day where I can say that I feel good!! Of course i still have some pain and it is still uncomfortable to lay on my stomach but I keep telling myself it's all worth it!! My follow up appointment with Dr S was yesterday...I just can't get over how awesome him and his staff are!! He told me he was able to take off 5.5 liters of fat from my stomach, upper and lower back and inner thighs. He then put 950cc on my left buttock and 1100 on my right buttock. So far I am in LOVE with my results!!! I have never had a waistline before and now I can actually say that I have curves!!!! Can't wait to see my final results. I finally made it back home yesterday and I was able to sleep at least 5 hrs!!! For the past 6 days I was only getting maybe 2 hrs of sleep!!' Anyhow here are some pics...will keep on posting more;)

One week post op

Sorry forgot to attach the pics

Garmets and cinchers!

So I am officially at my second week post op...just wondering if we are suppose to start the stage II garmet after week two going into three? Or after week 3? A little confused....also when should it be ok to start waist training? Thanks!!'

Post op Day 11

So I couldn't help myself..and I tried on this bikini....all I can say is that Dr Schulman is my hero!!! Lol!!!


More pics...still bruised and swollen

Diet after BBL

Hey RS dolls!
Just curious what kind of eating habits are we suppose to practice post op? It has really become hard to come up with a diet for me. On one side I don't want to eat unhealthy foods because I don't want to mess up the work done on my abdomen and back. I figure eating fatty foods would add fat to my stomach again and back. On the other hand I don't want to loose weight because I don't want to loose the new booty!! So how do you all balance this out??! I'm quite confused....

2 weeks post op!!!

Just a couple pics!! Still loving my results....I'm still a bit bruised and have marks from the lipo foam. Can't wait to start my stage 2 garmet next week;) So my doc says that the lipo foam marks will disappear...any of you ladies have anything to comment about lipo foam and markings on the skin? Thanks!

3 weeks post op

Just thought I would write a little update since today is my third week mark post op. Bruising is almost completely gone and still some swelling on my abdomen. My butt has gone down as well but still in love with my results. Still have one more week with this stage 1 garmet. Next Thursday at my 4th week I can start my stage 2...can't wait for that! I will be planning on starting to waist train as well. Still looking for the right cincher;)

3 weeks post op

Bruises gone...have the marks from lipo foam...looking forward into starting my stage 2 garmet on Thursday without the foam!!! Still loving my results!

Waist training!

Just got my waist cincher!!! Im at 4 weeks post op. I ended up getting the Ann Chery Deportiva 2026 waist cincher. I'm so excited!! It was kinda hard to put it on but once I had it my waist looks soooo small!!! I hope this works!!!

4 Weeks Post op!

So I am 4 weeks now and so happy. Just wanted to update you all. Since I started using the stage 2 garmet all of my lipo marks had disappeared. Notice in the pics that I do have marks due to my waist cincher that I use over my garmet. I'm a little concerned about you ladies know if marks from waist cinchers could be permanent since the lipo is still recent? Also, I have posted before and after pics with the same panties so you all can have a closer idea of the transformation;)

Forgot a pic...oops! Lol

Before and after lipo of abdomen

Sorry..pic didn't upload

Week 5!!!

Still in love with my results!!! At this point I'm just thinking about being able to sit!!!! Two more weeks!!!

11 weeks!

Hey sure has been a min since my last post. I'm still loving my transformation...although at times I wish I were a little bigger but I really can't complain. I have been really busy lately and have not had the opportunity to take many pics but here are a few. Take care RS ladies!!

12 weeks!

Just a couple pics to update;)

6 months post op!

Hi everyone!! It def has been a while....cant believe its been about 6 months since my surgery. Anyhow I am still loving my results even though I wish I would have asked Dr Schulman to go as big as he could with!!! Here are just a few pics...I really need to take some time to take better ones;) Take care everyone!

6 months post op

New York Plastic Surgeon

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