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Hello everyone. I'm 36 mommy of 5 beautiful...

Hello everyone. I'm 36 mommy of 5 beautiful children. Before my kids I weighed 125-130lbs. After the kids I am 180lbs. I am looking to have a bbl. God willing on April,2017. I have a consultation with Dr.Matthew Schulman in October 2016. I have decided I need this for my self. My self esteem has been a little low. I don't like to go out much because of the way I look. I am thankful for my boyfriend of 12yrs. He has never complained of my weight. I always fix my self up. I haven't let my self go but I'm hoping to feel the way I did before. I'm hoping Dr. Schulman can make me beautiful and give me some shape. I'm not looking to look like Nikki Minaj but a perky nice Butty with some hips. That's all I'm

Added some more pics.

Tummy tuck

Hi ladies was wondering if any Dr Schulman dolls have had a tummy tuck with back lipo. I'm interested in the tummy tuck but I need my back and flanks done. I heard that some doctors will not do the back. Is this true? Please help...
New York Plastic Surgeon

Can't wait to meet him.

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