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After contemplating for 2 years, i finally decided...

After contemplating for 2 years, i finally decided i am going to get the booty of my dreams ! I am usually a scaredy cat of a flu shot and blood work lol i thought to myself how in the world am i going to get surgery? i just feel like its one of those things you have to mentally prepare yourself for. A stupid example, lol, is when i got my belly button piercing. I always wanted one because it looked cute but of course, was always scared. One day i decided i am ready for the pain ! 1/2 an hour later... i was in a piercing shop and did it =). To sum it all up, i am ready for everything that comes with this surgery. i am ready for the upkeep after this surgery to keep the beautiful body i will have, and the pain of recovery. Bring it on ! But now finding doctor ! I went to one doctor , but all he did was rush me and didnt even fully examine my body. I showed him a wish pic and he said, " oh thats just the angle she is in ",mind you, i didnt ask him anything but " will i get this type of look". Idk how that answer of his answered my question.... it didnt. He probably saw i was 21 years old and wouldnt be able to afford the surgery, and i was a complete waste of time. First impressions are so important, the way i was rushed and how he didnt even tell me about the procedure threw me off! I left and said forget him ! Then i came on this website by google and i was OBSESSED! This is where i found doctor Matthew Schulman. His credibility is amazing and his reviews are amazing. I knew i had to make a consultation with him. Something about him just felt right ( lol as weird as it sounds). When i went to his office, the staff was so nice and in a really nice neighborhood. His office was clean and spotless which as also a plus. Into the consultation i met Dr.Schulman. He was so nice and even asked me what i wanted to look like and said i can look like my picture if he just takes out every amount of fat he can find. Dr.Schulman told me all about the procedure and what to expect. He was so informative and professional ! Also i forgot to add, he had many awards around his office, this made me feel so SOOOO good ! I knew i was in safe hands, and felt so darn comfortable ! I knew this was it. I made my decision, and it was him ! I put my down payment recently and there is no turning back ! i will become a Schulman Doll!

Pics finally

Sometimes i look at myself and think : do i have enough to get that look? I hope i do because it would suck to spend that kind of money to not get that booty . But i will be content with the lipo. Who knew gaining 10 pounds 6months before surgery would be so depressing ! All my pants r tight lol i even ripped one in the booty and i cant buy new pants if im going to get this surgery. Skinny sweatpants and tights have become my best friend!

Change of schedule

I decided to change my surery for june 5! I am so excited ! I was originally suppose to july 10 but i really wanted to enjoy my birthday with my booty ;) and also enjoy the rest of the summer . Any1 else scheduled that day?

getting closer

just received a call yesterday from rachel for medical clearance, its getting so much closer! i had a dream last night that i was getting ready for the procedure and they couldn't put me to sleep =/. i am terrified of needles but i know i have to overcome this.. well i have to for that booty lol i just want to be knocked out cold that i will say," r u done" lol ughhh


hey girlies! its almost one month to go for my surgery and i am debating which butt looks better to show schulman. for 12k i want to make sure it gets done right the first and last time. i feel these wish pics look good for me but my friend told me it looks too big. opinion ladies? my pics r above so tell me what u think fits me best.

other picture

forget to add it grr!


Ok so i really do not want any lumpiness after surgery, and i was reading about wearing lipo foam and a ab board together. Would i put the lipo foam and then the ab board?

2 more weeks!!

Oh my god 2 more weeks this thursday! This does not feel real yet. I am so excited to have a new me ; i have that feeling wen u change your hair color and u feel all new and hot lol thanks to all the schulman dolls reviews ! You guys have helped me so much ! Xoxoxo

3 days away !!

omg the day has finally come ! i am 3 days away from my surgery. i feel like this is a dream and has not hit me yet. i am excited and nervous ! i just pray my recovery is good because i go to vegas on 4th of july and cant wait to show off my new hot body =). a big thank u to all the ladies reviews. u guys have helped me so much !!!

Finally on the other side !

Ladies its been 3 days !! Thank goodness ! Day 1: went to the surgery center and felt so comfortable from the get go. His nurse jay is amazing ! She def calmed my nerves. The anesthesiologist also made me feel super less anxious which is a plus ! I didnt even know i was "under" yet until i woke up in the recovery room . Christine also took care of me giving me food and a drink, both nurses were sweethearts!! Now for schulman.... Amazing !!! I already see my hips and my donkey booty lol i hope thats how it staya even though i know its swollen grrr . Going home was a m&@&$$&@"$)!!!! My abdomen was on fire and i was still so groggy . Day 2 was the worst!!!! You are sore everywhere and you feel like you been hit by a car lol but hey everyones different ! Today the third day is much much better ! Can finally get out of bed on my own ! And my appetite came back quick lol ladies him and his team are the best, i will post pics soon

Day 4

I finally pooed ! Lol 5 times yayy felt amazing :) tmi sory-_- but im about to shower and cant wait ! Heres a pic before my drenching in adhesive remover and dial soap :) thankfully i didnt get nauseous


hey ladies, i haven't posted in awhile. just once i got back to work its been non stop. i am so disappointed that a lot of my butt went down =/ . heres the run down: he took out 1400 cc's out of me. probably not much to divide with two cheeks and hips. even my hips went a little down. whenever i take off the garment and try on a dress i think to myself that this is what my butt looked like before. but it does look a little fuller than before though.i guess im pretty happy that at least i finally have a flat tummy and some hips. hopefully in the future there can be legal butt injections for people who didnt have enough fat for the procedure bc it isnt the doctors fault. its just that i didnt have that much fat to begin with. i wanted a stripper booty but ended up finding out all they do is injections of pmma=/ . and i will not put anything illegal in me. plastic surgery is enhancing everyday. one day there will hopefully be something other than fat transfer.

July 2

I cant wait till july 2 for my next post op appt with schulman . I really want to see my before pictures so i can get this shrinking crap out of my head lol i really feel like my head is playing tricks with me ! Maybe thinking of going for a round 2 in a year or two until i gain more weight. Thanks for all the advice ladies
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