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Hi Guys!! As with most people I stumbled across...

Hi Guys!! As with most people I stumbled across this site by accident and I've been peeping in pretty regularly for weeks. Had my consultation with Dr. Schulman and looked into another doctor who performed the procedure on two people I know. This other doctor definitely had amazing bed side manner, was honest, as smart. The issue is that on one person he did a phenomenol job. But she was already starting out pretty stacked. The other person, granted I didn't see her with her clothes off, but I just wasnt that impressed (and I'm probably closer to her than the one who started out stacked).

Dr. Schulman said he was shooting for 1000CCs on each side, while the other doctor looked surprised that Schulman set that goal and thought it would be closer to 800CCs. Um, I'd rather go with the guy known specifically for this procedure, even though he's a little more expensive. It doesn't make sense to me to spend a little less, go through something as serious as surgery and altering your appearance, just to get mediocre results. For that, I might as well not do it at all. So Schulman it is, right before Christmas!!!

I will post some before shots, because I know I HEAVILY relied on those to get an idea of Schulman's skills and what I might expect. Please send me positive thoughts because I'm equally excited and freaked out. LOL

My before pics

Pls turn this flatly into a phatty Dr. S!! Most important to me is projection and an hourglass shape!

A new Schulman Angel is born!

Good morning friends!

I'm sorry to have been delinquent but surgery on 12/12/13 at 8am was a success! Let me first thank each one of you for your advice, personal stories, and pictures throughout your own hour noes that have directly influenced everything from the doctor I chose to the type of adhesive remover I purchased! So lots of love and blessings to you all for that.

On to procedure day. Arrived early, met with Jay (amazing) to do paperwork and give urine. Never felt rushed, she was perfectly thorough, reassuring, etc. and not reassuring in a generic kind of way, I mean during the course of our conversation she told me she's been doing it for over 20 yrs because she loves her job so when you love what you do it's never work. Words from her mouth on to the anesthesiologist. Now I was most nervous e about this because I've had epidural complications in the past. Now typically, I'm turned of by even a little bit of cockiness but this doctor made me laugh and put me at ease with what he felt his abilities are. I don't remember his name, but he was a short Indian doctor with glass. Dr. C I love you and you were right, you DO work with the best team to do this! Finally, Dr. Schulman. Now in my first post you'll recall that I thought his bedside manner was ok during the consult. Nothing to write home about. Well honey he is AMAZING in surgery day. We chatted and joked from start to end. You forget you're standing there almost totally naked! I told him to put as much as he can fit and he remarked that's not what I said the first time. Lol. During consult he said he could prob do 1000 each side. I think I heard someone say he did 1200 but I'll double check.

Went to OR and before I knew it I was waking up in the rec room!!! Short story, the swelling and stiffness is crazy and I get very nauseous. Haven't moved my bowels yet. Trying to eat lots of fruits to help and drinking lots of water. Will post again soon cuz getting dizzy now

Almost one week out and I'm a little miserable

Hi RS sisters. Wanted post a quick update, add some pics, and seek some guidance. So I removed foam and showered on Monday. WOW was that an ordeal. That foam felt like it was on with cement and on an already sensitive back - killed me. Shout out to everyone who recommended the medi sol remover. I order 2 bottles and thank God I did. I had to shower twice that day because after the first 1.5 hrs of removing everything I thought the stickiness that was left over could just be washed off with soap. Wrong! After showering the first time, I put on a tank top underneath my garment because I was already experiencing some skin irritation AND my ribs felt like they were breaking. A few hours later I began to feel a weird burning on my lower back. So much so that I told hubby he needed to look. Well when I tried to pull the tank top off, it was sticking to my flesh! So he gently helped me pull it off, back into the tub, and using a loofah, water, soap, and medi sol tried to remove what was left of the adhesive. Then put the garment back on and haven't tried another cami since.

Sleeping? Impossible for more than 2-3 hrs at a time but I def use the time to walk a little and use the bathroom. After my csection I always had a little hanging skin which does look a little worse now. I'm hoping with some compression the skin will tighten and I can get it to where it was at least pre-op. I knew there was a good chance of this so def no reflection on Dr. Schulman at all. Any vets care to share their experience or advice? Would really appreciate some guidance. Also, I was sent home in a large stage 1 garment but I purchased a second stage 1 garment as well. That one is a medium. How do I know when do go to the medium size? My ribs still hurt and I'm using lipo foam on that area but want to plan ahead. Keep me in prayer guys! Def not complaining, but have to admit I'm feeling like a wuss! I dealt with my csection better than this. Lol

As for the results, Dr. S def gave me the hourglass I wanted but I know it's up to me to do the work now. My butt looks GREAT in person! Already freaking out about losing too much volume. I know I will and I know once I go through the transition period it will be awesome. I'm just already attached to my boo. Lol. I suffered for this junk!

Ab board

Which side lays against my belly? The soft side?

Random butt spasms


Day 9 pics

Swelling has gone waaaay down. But that means some volume loss too I guess. If only it could stay like this. Yesterday I tried the ab board under the garment, but believe it or not if felt too comfortable. Today I'm trying a waist cincher under the stage 1. I think by Sunday I'm switching to the medium. We'll see.

Also, yet another thing I underestimated: massaging the hard spots in my lower abdomen! My skin has felt so weird and tender I've been afraid to touch myself too hard. Well today I started really massaging my lower abdomen. I don't want it to feel hard like that permanently! I think by next week I'll want to see a professional. We'll see

Advice on lumps and hard spots

Vets, I've been massaging these areas on my lower abdomen and along my sides. I then add extra compression using a slimmer belt and lipo foam underneath my garment. How long before I see some significant amelioration? I don't want this to be permanent!

3 weeks

Hi Ladies! I met with Dr. Schulman today for my follow up appt. Here's the skinny: he removed I think 5.5 liters total and reallocated ;) 1250cc's to each side. Now some of that went to my hips/sides of my cheeks.

As I explained with my review the day of surgery, today he was awesome, super attentive, and I never felt rushed. I asked him about some VERY bad dry and peeling skin on my lower back. He explained that it was normal following the lipo. Sometimes as the skin retracts, dryness/peeling can occur. Nothing some continued moisturizing wont fix. Also ladies, I have an IUD and while I had my period the day of surgery the spotting has continued the entire time since then. Dr. Schulman explained that although its something he'd like to study more, he thinks this tends to occur because of the effects he thinks anesthesia has on hormone levels. Don't know if anyone else has experienced this but I wanted to share. I literally stood there talking to this man wearing just a bra, just as comfortably as I would have been in a sweatsuit! Lol.

We talked about my shrinking. Of course I'm freaking out about it. He explained its normal as swelling goes down but of course reminded me that my lipoed waist will continue to shrink to AND confirmed that fluffing is not a myth. Lol. I guess I just need some reassurance guys. NO reflection AT ALL on Dr. Schulman. I just keep thinking what if my body just absorbs it all????! Lol.

We talked about proper sitting and I bought 2 stage 2 garments (both butt out), as well as one of his own skin line products for my scars.

Now lets talk about this stage 2 garment. Can u say compression????????? OMG it's tight BUT if the shape I see when I put it on is what my final product will be........SMALL price to pay. I start trying on all my sweatpants. You know if you can look sexy in sweats.... Mission accomplished.

Any advise on "feeding" my booty so I can maybe fuel the fat cells? Not applying any direct pressure on my butt. I drive a lot and I have winter session for school so I'm using a half foam roller under my upper thighs and a neck pillow in the small of my back. But my right leg falls asleep often that way and I just deal with it so any other ideas would be great guys.

A word about slight weight gain

I forgot to include this previously. I'm 5ft and at the time I went in for my consults I think I was 130lbs. Both doctors I met with advised against gaining weight because first, you may gain the weight in an area you hadnt planned on getting lipoed and second, you don't know if what you'll gain will be visceral fat.

Despite that advice, I decided I wanted to gain 5-7 lbs so I could take the chance and hopefully give my PS more fat to work with. I'm super short and on my frame 5lbs can be pretty noticeable but I figured anything less than 10lbs wouldn't be an overwhelming amount if weight to lose if he couldn't use it. By surgery day I had gained a little less than 6lbs.

All that to say, it def helped. Dr. Schulman noticed the weight gain and said it would allow him to hopefully reallocate :) a little more to my butt. During my consult he guesstimated he could probably do 1000cc to each side, and he was actually able to do 1250 to each. Just wanted to share that for whatever it's worth. On my frame I think gaining 10-20lbs would have been excessive, plus I know my skin can accommodate but so much fat anyway. Just some stuff to keep in mind.

Can't believe I look like this in a thong!

Almost 10 weeks

Hi everyone!!! I know I haven't posted in a while but I'm still here!!! I'm quickly approaching my 3 week mark so I wanted to share some pics. As of this week, I'm only wearing a squeem size small sometimes, mostly at night. I can definitely use the second row of hooks now. I haven't started working out yet but when I do I think it will make a major difference with my tummy. I'm sitting, but I still sit on a bolster pillow when I drove because I drive a lot. I have not been able to bring myself to sleep on my back BUT I do sleep on my sides. Kind of. Lol. I look amazing in my clothes girls!!!! I can't believe that's my body. Dr. S absolutely transformed my shape. It's sick. Lol.

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