21 Years Old, BBL. New York, NY

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Thought I'd start a blog on here! I had my...

Thought I'd start a blog on here! I had my consultation with Dr Schulman today for a BBL. I'm 5'4.5 and 150lbs. Dr Schulman was so nice! He took a ton of time to explain everything to me and answer my questions; I never felt rushed. My surgery is booked for May 16th (once I send the deposit) and I'm so nervous... I'm relying on RealSelf for advice and support as I can't tell many people at all about my surgery as they would be unsupportive.

Dr S said that I'd be a great candidate for a BBL as I'm so young and my skin is in such great condition. I also have a quite defined waist naturally, even though I have a ton of fat in my flanks. So altogether he's doing upper and lower back, flanks, inner thighs, abdomen and arms.

Could anyone recommend any resources for learning about post-lipo compression? I'm trying to educate myself by can't find any comprehensive guides out there.


I showed Dr S these before-and-afters and he said this should be achievable for me!


Just paid my deposit to schedule my surgery for May 16th! Just curious - did any of you RS dolls hire private care to take you home from hospital/stay with you for the first few hours? Not sure whether to ask my friends or hire somebody. Please help! xoxo

Got my medical clearance!

So excited -- just over three weeks to go! Trying to think of all the things I need to buy before BBL. I'll be recovering mostly on my own -- is there anything you dolls would recommend to help that and make things easier? Feeling so gross and out of shape right now. I can't wait to get my new body - I keep looking at the clothes I'm going to buy. What differences did you dolls notice in how people treat you after your bbl? Also, does anyone have any tips for explaining/hiding the fact that you had a BBL? I'm going to try to put it down to exercise lol


Can't believe this is actually happening. I have finals right now but I'm spending all my time looking at pictures of butts rather than studying lol

Surgery tomorrow!

I'm scheduled at 11am.. A bit nervous, but I think I'm all ready! Will update tomorrow, wish me luck xoxo

Post-op update

Hey dolls, not feeling so great right now so I'll write a longer review tomorrow but just wanted to let you know that the surgery went well! I'm SO bruised and swollen right now, they weren't lying when they said that day 2 is no joke. Will try to add a pic

More post-op pics!

Still very swollen but you can see the shape! In love with these hips lol.


Pre-op measurements:


Post-op day 5! +pictures

Feeling better every day! Have dropped down to one Percocet every 6 hours instead of 2. The worst thing is that sleeping on my stomach is giving me the WORST back pain! I think I might just have to rig up some sort of arrangement with pillows to keep my butt elevated while I sleep on my back, and hope for the best. My compression garment is definitely too big (idk why they gave me two of the same size...) so I've been putting a squeem over it for a few hours at a time, and using lipo foam to get more compression. The swelling continues to go down! Pre-op measurements: 37-31-41 Day 3 post-op: 37-30-45 Day 5 post-op: 37-29-44

Day 12 post-op + photos!!

Hey ladies! I'm on day 12 now and feeling better every morning. I still have some bruising, especially around my mons and inner thighs, but I'm massaging really well with arnica gel twice a day and it's getting better. I'm really happy with my shape, but now my focus is getting my waist as small as possible. It was 31/32 before the surgery, and now it's been stuck on 29 for like 5 days. I was hoping to get it down to 26/25, so it's pretty disheartening that it seems to have plateaued.

I know there's still a lot of swelling left so that has to go down. And around my waist feels kind of hard and slightly lumpy, which I'm guessing is scar tissue? I'm massaging it twice a day to try and soften it up, but any other tips would be appreciated!!

Sleeping on my front was causing me SO much back pain so I came up with a system that allows me to sleep on my back and it's SO much better. I have a table that's the same height as my bed, so I put some pillows on the table and put it next to my bed, and now I sleep with my torso and head on the bed, with my butt hanging off, and my legs on the table from the butt crease down. It's so comfortable, and also I think it will be good for fat retention to have my butt lowered because it will increase the blood flow to my butt.

More pics

Should I be bothered by this?

Okay so I don't know if this is normal or not but at my post op appointment last week, I didn't see Dr S, but instead the surgical assistant. She's super nice and took out my stitches but the appointment was still like 5 minutes long, and I don't know how I feel about having not seen my PS... They told me that I'd have an appointment with him at 1 month post op. I'm just not thrilled about this because at 17k this surgery was more than twice the price of most of the other quotes I got, but I picked Dr S because I thought he was the best, and I wanted to be sure that I'd have the best care both during and after the surgery.

I also went to my masseuse today for a head massage - she also does lymphatic drainage but Dr S doesnt advise those. Anyway she looked at my abdomen and it's really really swollen on the lower abdomen and mons pubis - I thought this wasn't a big deal because during my post op Tami had remarked that it was swollen but hadn't said it was an issue or something to be concerned about or whatever. Anyway, my masseuse kind of freaked me out a bit because she said that there's loads of fluid there and it's going to get hard unless I get it sorted. I can't feel any pockets of fluid - it's more like the whole area is just swollen. Any ideas about what I should do?

3 weeks post op

Pre-op measurements: 37-31-41
3 weeks post op: 37-28-43

Thanks so much for the advice everyone! I'm wearing a much tighter faja now and using lipo foam and an ab board, and my swelling is going down significantly.

Before/3weeks post op comparison

More pics (with clothes lol)

Damn Dr S made me thick as hell

4 weeks post op before/aftwr

All my bruising has finally gone! I still had a little bit on the inside of my knees but over the past couple days it's gone. I started a new job last Monday and have had to sit down a lot over the past week, which has stressed me out a lot, but I looked through some Q and A's and a lot of doctors say their patients can sit down after two weeks, so I think this should be okay?? Anyway, super happy with my results. My only slight concern is that I still have a trace of back rolls - not so much rolls but still a small crease. I've been using lipo foam on my back, but does anyone hAve any other suggestions?

5 weeks post op

Feeling a bit depressed, like my butt is getting smaller. Haven't had any contact from Dr S's office for 4 weeks. Not feeling great right now.

Nearly 10 weeks post-op

Hey dolls! Have been MIA for a few weeks because work has been crazy. Wanted to update you all -- I'm feeling great and am so happy with my shape. My waist is getting much smaller - my measurements this morning were 37-27-42 and that's after I'd eaten breakfast and drunk a ton of tea etc. My butt had softened and gotten super jiggly, which attracts a LOT of attention let me tell you -- went to a party last night and guys were BREAKING THEIR NECKS! I'm using a XS faja now just at night, and I also have a steel boned corset from Orchard corsets which I use whenever possible over the faja, and has made a huge difference to my shape and waist size in the last few weeks. It's crazy to see how much my body has changed not only before/after surgery, but in the past 5 weeks. Hope you're all well! Dr Schulman is a genius!

Bikini pic from 7 weeks post-op

A few notes on recovery

Now that I'm 10+ weeks post-op I have a few thoughts on the recovery process from my surgery. I basically did the whole recovery on my own. My boyfriend (now ex) was meant to come look after me, but he freaked out and bailed, and I hadn't told anyone else about my surgery. When I came out of surgery, I'd hired a RN from Alliance Homeware (which I would recommend if you're in New York, my nurse was called Kate and she was SO lovely) to escort me back to my apartment and stay for 2 hours. After that, my boyfriend was meant to take over. But he didn't. So even though you're meant to have someone with you for at least the first 24 hours, I was completely alone from 4 hours post-op onwards. Let me tell you, the first 3 days were HELL. I was in so much pain, I had nobody to help me with food, going to the bathroom etc. Even getting up from bed to walk to the bathroom was SO painful. I wouldn't wish it on anybody. Taking my first shower on day 4 was so difficult and took me at least 2 hours. Even things like getting in and out of my faja were so much harder because I didn't have someone with me. Ladies, if I have one piece of advice from my experience, it's to make sure you have the proper care for when you're recovering.

The second thing I've realized is that probably 20% of your result comes from what you do post-op, and 80% comes from how skilled your surgeon is. No amount of post-op massages can make up for a surgeon who is not skilled at liposuction and fat transfer. I did not have any massages post-op, as Dr. Schulman does not recommend them, and I have had no problems whatsoever with lumps or fluid pockets. Everything looks completely smooth and natural, and that's because he's amazing at liposuction. I've done my part, by wearing my faja according to his instructions, using lots of lotion to help with skin retraction etc. but most of the result was determined the second I came out of surgery. Ladies, you are worth too much to gamble on some budget surgeon who doesn't care about his patients and does a crappy job, and then expects lymphatic drainage massages etc. to compensate for his poor work. Plus, in New York, getting a series of 10 massages would have cost me $1,000+ anyway. If the best surgeon costs a bit more, then wait a bit longer to have your surgery and save a bit more so you can afford him. This is not to hate on people who go to the DR etc. as I've seen many amazing results and wherever you go there will be great and terrible surgeons. I'm just saying that I got a quote from one surgeon in Florida for a $4,000 BBL but so many of his patients seem to end up with seromas, lumps, significant fat loss from the butt etc. and I'm glad that I paid more for a doctor who knows what he's doing. xoxoxo

Nearly 12 weeks post-op!

On Monday I will be 12 weeks post op! This is the point at which most doctors seem to say you'll begin to see your final result, and you're unlikely to see any fat loss after this. I'm loving my new shape - I can't even explain how much this has changed my life. I don't have to worry about what to wear anymore, I don't have to worry if my stomach is sticking out when I sit down. The only thing I've noticed is that I've still got some flatness on my right hip, but I don't think it's too noticeable.



Ladies here is the faja I ended up using! It's available on Amazon (sometimes Prime hehehe) and it's called the Salome 0216 Fajas Colombianas Reductoras Levanta Cola Postparto Body Shaper. I found it did an amazing job of pulling in my waist and not putting too much pressure on my butt. It's also pretty discreet to wear under clothing if you get it in nude. I got an M at first and then a few weeks ago I bought an XS.

3 months post op!

New York Plastic Surgeon

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