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Hi, I am a 30 year old single mother of 3...

Hi, I am a 30 year old single mother of 3 beautiful kids. During the course of my pregnancies, I have gained weight all over my body and lost my big butt. My arms look like my thighs. l have lost weight off and on for some years now and I'm ready for a change in my life. I have been on this website looking at different Doctors and Dr. Yily seem to have the best reviews and quotes so far. Not to mention her work seems amazing. I am looking toward going with Dr. Yily. I emailed her my info and pics and I'm waiting to hear back from her now.

So I finally received a quote from Dr. Yily and...

So I finally received a quote from Dr. Yily and I'm pleased with my response. $5750.00 for abdominoplasty / tummy tuck, fat grafting to the buttocks, BBL, liposuction of the abdomen, underarms, back, flanks, waist, arms, thighs and breast lift. I am currently waiting to see if she has June 3, 2013 available so I can book my date and flight tickets. I am traveling with my fiance to DR and I'm looking for a nice hotel that's close to the hospital so I can enjoy myself a couple of days before my surgery. Does anyone know of any hotels that may be in the area preferably around the beach? I know I'm gonna be in pain for awhile and wont be able to enjoy my summer. Plus I'm taking summer classes too so I wont be able to move around much. Any recommendations?????

I've Put my deposit down and got my surgery date....

Hi Ladies, I've put my deposit down Wednesday, May 15th . Dr. Yily responded the next morning with my date and my surgery date is June 11. I'm so excited and I can't wait for my curvaceous body. Can anyone help me get my things together for this trip? I really need an accurate supply list. I would really appreciate it ladies. I've already started taking my Vitamin C, B-12, Iron pills, and Folic Acid. Is the B-Complex pills the same as the B-12 pills?


Hi Beautiful ladies.... I have 19 days until my sx date, June 11, 2013. I have all my supplies thanks to you ladies helpful list. My fajas, p-ez funnel, and lipo foam should be here between May 24 - 30. I haven't ordered my abdominal board, arm sleeve garment or bra garment yet. Can any of you ladies tell me if I need the compression garments for my arms and breast or does Dr. Yily supply those garment? Also, where do I get that Bromelain pills from or do I even need them? I really appreciate the help and information that I get from you ladies and hope to return a favor to any future sx ladies.

I have an appointment with my Dr. May 28th to get my checkup and labs done. Hopefully everything checks out normal and my hemoglobin is over 12 already. I've been taking all my vitamins and researching foods that are rich in iron and vitamin c. So hopefully I'll be okay in that department. When my results come back, I'm going to email Dr. Yily to see if she can use my lab work so the only thing she would have to do is my hemoglobin over.

I also have been emailing Dr. Yily for the last week and a half and she hasn't responded to any of my emails. So can you ladies tell me if so, the lady who does the Lymphatic massages contact info? I will need her to come to my hotel room since I won't be staying at the recovery house.


Hi ladies my passport and fajate came today. I paid $212.85 for my passport with expedited 2-3 weeks return and $82.50 for my fajas by fajate from with the pee-hole. I tried it on tonight and barely could get it up my legs. My fiance was looking at me sooo crazy, and said isn't that for after surgery, I said yes, but I was too excited to have it in my possession. I checked my list to make sure everything that was on it was brought and I'm done with the list. I just have to get my labs done by my doctor and get my prescriptions. Now that my passport came I can finally book my flight. I was scared to do so not knowing when my passport was going to come. My final step...TTYL ladies.


Hi ladies, I have 13 days left until i leave and I have not gotten any confirmation from Dr. Yily or her assistant. I have sent them my flight information and I am all packed and ready to go. Can anyone tell me how soon should I wait on a confirmation or a call from Yira? I'm getting nervous. I tried emailing the lady Gisselle who does the lymphatic massages, but I also haven't heard anything back from her either. I hope I have the right email, I got it off the card that "little in the middle" had posted on her page. I hope I have everything packed. I didn't pack too much clothes because I know I'm going to be in a lot of pain and I won't be going anywhere while I'm there. My suitcase mostly took up all my supplies. My carry on bag is filled with my clothes and passport. I will post a list of supplies and it's cost tomorrow. My doctor appointment with my doctor is tomorrow and I hope all my lab test check out good enough for my surgery because I already have a lot of money tied up in this trip and procedure. TTYL Ladies.


First and most importantly, apply for passport if your sure about going through with your procedure. You can find out fees on Also start taking your vitamins to help your immune system and hemoglobin.
Vitamin C
Vitamin B-12
Vitamin B- Complex
Folic Acid
Ferrous Sulfate (Iron) pills
Female urinal (P-EZ Funnel)- to help assist with urinating
Lipo foam- to help pad inside compression garment
Fajate/Faja D'Prada(Compression garment)
Spray Bottle- to help reach and clean areas unreachable
- Ace bandages- I didn't buy this because I brought all the compression garments I need and I figure Dr. Yily would supply me with any other garments needed. Plus I bought Rolled Gauze.
- Neosporin
- Underwear- I didnt pack as much under wear because my fajas has a pee hole and I - know I would be wearing it alot.
- Benadryl- I brought the gel
- Colace stool softener- If you have a problem defecating. I brought Dulcolax but whichever you prefer is fine or if you wanna buy both.
- Night gowns/ pajamas
- Pain Meds
- Disposable chucks- to lay on in bed so sheets dont mess up
- Feminine Wipes- for you know what.
- Short socks
- Towels- I always like to atleast bring my own face towels. I don't like using hotel towels that much, but to each is own.
- Baby Wipes- To use to bath. I dont think you would be able to soak in any water.
- Robe
- Rubber Gloves- to clean wounds
- Deodorant
- Toothpaste & Toothbrush
- Gauze
- Medical Tape- for gauze after cleaning wounds
- Mederma- help reduce scars
- Bacitracin
- Loose pants- to wear after surgery
- Tshirts (wife beaters)- to wear under compression garment
- Antibacterial soap (Dial)
- Tylenol pain cream
- Arnica Cream - For bruising
- Bromelain Pills - For swelling
- Water Pills-(Diurex) help not to retain fluid
- Lipo board- help flatten abdominal area
- Boppy pillow- for BBL cushion
- Thigh High compression socks- to help with embolism/clotting
- Hibiclens- to clean body before surgery
- Maxi Pads- to pad inside compression garment
- Waist Cincher
- Bio- Oil- for lymphatic massages

Extras that I brought:
- Bandages with antimicrobial antibiotics
- Gauze with antimicrobial antibiotics
- Butterfly bandages waterproof for bbl cuts
- Spray bottle alcohol
- Spray bottle peroxide
- q-tips & cotton balls- to help clean wounds
-Comfortable tube maxi dresses
- Arm compression sleeves
- Shower Cap
- Hand Sanitizer
- Hand Dial Soap
- Lotion

My Supply list with everything on this list was about $287.14
My Passport for expedited shipping 2-3 weeks delivery and processing was $217.58 Normal Passport fee is 110.00 plus 25.00 processing fee + 10.00 photo fee at court house.
My Flight using American Airlines Roundtrip through was $1407.00 2 ppl
My hotel stay @ Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino for 8 days/7 nights is $456.48
Total of $2368.20
Plus Dr. Yily balance in cash $5250.00
Lymphatic Massages $31/session
Spending money estimated $200.00

Anything I'm missing or forgot I would add later. I went to the Dr today and got my lab work and EKG done. My EKG checked out good. Thank God! Now I'm just waiting on my lab work to come back in about 2 days. PRAYING everything is ok so I can go forward with my surgery...


So I finally received my confirmation from Dr. Yily. She will be sending her driver to pick us up from the airport and bring us to our hotel. I will get my heparin shots ordered from her. My Doctor wrote my prescriptions for my Clavulin (Amoxicillan) and Diclofenac(Tylenol 4) (. She also gave my Tati her recommended massage therapist number 829-725-5498. I haven't spoke to Yira yet like most of the ladies say they have but hopefully she'll get in touch with me or I'll just meet her in DR. I'm soooo excited...


Hi ladies, My labs results finally came in and all my test were great. My hemoglobin as of 6/3/2013 is 13.0...YAAYY!!!! I'm sooo happy. So it's definitely a go for me. I can get all my procedures done at one time. Everything is packed and I am ready to go... I emailed Dr. Yily a copy of my lab results and I'm waiting on her response. oh ladies, one more thing. I was browsing ebay for some maxi dresses and ran across this orthropedic memory foam buttocks recovery pillow. It was only $13.50 and it cost way less than the bobby pillow. I ordered it and it's soo comfortable. Here's a photo it can save you money and it's for the butt.


Hi ladies I have 2 days until I leave for D.R. I'm going a few days early so I can do a little site seeing. I talk to Yira yesterday. I had to call out there myself because I hadn't got any conformation or response back through email and I was getting nervous. Yira explained to me that she usually makes conformation calls a few days before and she would be calling me by Friday or Saturday. So I guess I'll wait and see. I have everything already packed and ready to go. My kids area all packed up and ready to go by their grandmother. I'm so grateful to have family and friends that support me and my decisions. I thought I was going to have trials and tribulations with my family but they are all behind me. I'll update you guys later with anything I forgot.


Hi ladies, I finally had my surgery. I got to DR June 9 and went to CIPLA the next day to get my blood work done and after sitting around waiting to see Dr. Yily, Yira came to me to see if I wanted to have my surgery done that day because two girls didn't show up, only if my blood work checked out ok. So I agreed. I got my fiance to go back to the hotel and gather my things. Shortly after Dr. Yily came in and marked me and told me I was getting too much done and the anesthesiologist might not let her do everything. So I told her I would wait on getting my breast done at a later time since they already look good in a bra. CIPLA was pretty clean and the staff was nice. My night in CIPLA was quite even though they kept coming in to do whatever. The next day I had to put that fajate on and it wasn't so bad. It actually felt good on and helped with some of the pain. The only thing I can't deal with is the straps on it, especially when I'm trying to sleep. I was ready to pull that damn thing off just because of the straps. Now ladies this is where my problem come in at. Since I had the tummy tuck done I cant't lay on my sides or of course my stomach. Which means I had to lay on my butt and I had a BBL. Now it's starting to look like my butt is going flat again and the garment doesn't seem to be helping. WHAT SHOULD I DO???? I've been emailing Dr. Yily and I haven't been getting any response back. Do any of you ladies have any suggestions for me? Should I order the garment with the butt out?
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Yily was so nice and she is very beautiful. She knows her work. I would recommend her to anyone. I actually plan on going back soon.

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