32 Years Old 1 Child 38 DD .....i Think? - New Orleans, LA

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I went from a petite size B after birth control...

I went from a petite size B after birth control and a child & breastfeeding to a DD.....last i check..... I'm looking forward to the breast reduction still waiting for the insurance to approve.... I know it would change my life I recently just had neck surgery... I'm tired of the pain in the neck and shoulder im always rubbing Icy Hot, on my shoulders... the stories on this website has been very inspiring.... have anyone else have to deal with insurance and how long has the approval process been?

I Got Approved

I finally got approved now waiting on a surgery date.....do anyone have any suggestions on the things I should buy for after surgery

Surgery date is in!!

My breast surgery date will be June 19th I'm so excited it hasn't sunk in yet

pre opt appointment

Had my pre opt today 17 days left!

surgery done and over!!!!

I had my survey today @7 :30 am I had to be there for 6 o'clock so I got up at 4:30 got there everybody was professional and friendly my surgery was done Oshner hospital on jefferson hwy....that was a little nervous um but everyone said the surgery went fine ....woke up in pain!!! it took a min b4 the staff could find the right amount of pain management to get my pain under control....I stayed in the first stage of recovery for 2 hours that's when no family can visit then I got a second stage a recovery stayed there for about an hour b4 release.....I move a lot no reaching but I will stand walk around...I think its helping no bad swelling can't see them yet can take a shower in 48 hours ...can't wait...but without seeing them I can feel the change no neck pain anymore!!!! I've went the whole day without cracking my neck once!!! I went small I told to Dr. I wanted a size B think he did it....will put up pics when I can take a shower...til then here's my b4 and surgical pictures

side note

What's the best way to sleep on my 1st nite

new pics

I love em...I wasn't expecting for them to look like regular breast yet but they look more more like regular breast as the days go by

new pics

one more pic


swollen veins

So I'm 4 weeks into my healing sage...when I start to notice an achy feeling..right under my breast...asked my nurse what could it be....and she told me it was swollen veins that happens sometimes after your breast reduction....that it will heal itself.... Have anyone else ...who may have dealt with this?
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon

Was very nice.... put me at ease instantly

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