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I am getting high profile silicone. Going for the...

I am getting high profile silicone. Going for the largest. Mom of five breasted children. Married for 12 years. I am 163lbs 29 years old. Currently wearing a 36b-c depending on bra. I have been wanting this surgery for over 10 years. My mother is very big in the breast department.
I am so nervous. Wish me luck!,,,

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Sorry the photos are upside down lol

I have chosen the doctor for my revision!

I have been on this journey for the past two years and I am totally ready to move forward with XL augmentation! I am going with Dr.Tom Pousti! The first step was me emailing his practice for some suggestions. He was most accommodating with answering my questions. Although I was not guaranteed a cc size, I feel he recommended the best after viewing my photos! After hearing I am a good candidate for XL implants with the "Internal Bra", I was so excited! I couldn't be happier with my decision! I almost went with another surgeon who is willing to give me larger, but no internal sutures to support the XL implants. I think when a surgeon specializes in what you want as a patient, he or she makes a recommendation it is a good idea that you use wise judgement and take their advice! As long as your expectation is reasonable mentally nd physically their should be no problems with taking a board certified experts advice! Hence Dr.Pousti!!!!! I can't wait to wear one of those Pousti shirts!!!!! Super excited!!!!!!! Xoxoxoxo Athena

I thought I was done with selecting a surgeon for revision

Now I have really gone and got myself confused for sure!!! I really like Dr.Hedden.... I really like Dr.Pousti... One suggests the internal bra... The other not yet... Won't know until I do my face to face consult.... Am I the only one going nuts?????

2 year Boobie Birthday????????????????

It's been 2 wonderful and blessed two years. I've gained some substantial weight since my surgery (20lbs). So I'm in the 180's which honestly doesn't look too bad I must say ladies! I just have to control portions as well as get adequate sleep and proper nutrition. This is VERY hard to do working from 6pm-6am! So I decided to go back to normal life! So glad I did! I want to tone up. I don't want to lose my theighs or butt. My boobies have been great. I must tell you all that I still have numbness on my right side just below axillirary line. I also still have some minor pains on that side. I do massage (my husband too) lol. It helps so much. I wish I'd done this sooner. I can't wait to upgrade girl who?!!!! I'm going to look like a lil Coke bottle VA VOOM!!!! Xoxoxoxoxoxo :-)

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New Orleans Plastic Surgeon

He is awesome. Staff is friendly and I am so nervous!!!!!!!!

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