47yr Old 475cc Silane Replace with Shaped Silicone

I am 47 year old , 5'7" 125lb that currently has...

I am 47 year old , 5'7" 125lb that currently has 475cc round saline implants over the muscle. My implants were inserted thru under arm incisions in 2000. My breasts are now sagging and look like deflated balloons. I am active and small framed so would like new boobs that I can work out with comfortably. My doctor is recommending textured shaped silicone under the muscle implants 295cc. Due to my thin skin and lack of breast tissue he recommends inserting the implants and 3 months later performing the lift. This will allow my skin to shrink and enable him to place my nipples exactly in the correct location. I also had saline implants inserted under the muscle in 1993 that ruptured; thus requiring the replacement in 2000. Has anyone had their surgery performed in this manner? I have been able to find many after photos of tear shaped implants, we appreciate being able to compare round vs tear shaped implants. I feel confident with my surgeon, however it is my understanding that the tear shaped implants were only just approved in the US A short time ago. Any advice would be welcomed.

Pre-op visits

Dr. Hendrick has schedule two more visits prior to my surgery 12/5 to make sure I fully understand the procedure and feel comfortable with the implant style and size. Looking forward to my 11/22 appt to discuss sizes more. I am concerned that, although I want firmer breasts, that after having 34dd's for so long that I will have boob envy if I go with anything smaller than 325cc. Any advice??

1st Pre-op appointment

Met with Dr. Hendrick yesterday to discuss size and type of implants he recommended. I have been consumed with photographs and reviews concerning the cc volume of implants. After discussing the matter with Dr. Hendrick, he explained that the shape and profile of the implant defines the cc's (example: I currently have 425 (filled to 475) round smooth saline implants - the projection of these implants are 5.1cm - and- a shaped (410 moderate profile 255cc has a projection of 5.3cm). So he said to stop stressing over cc's as your body should determine the correct implant size to be used. We decided on using the shaped rather than the round since I now prefer a more natural sporty look that will fit within my chest (11.5"). He will bring in both 255 moderate project and 290 Moderate Extra projection and see which one looks better on the table.

As I will have my lift performed in approximately 3 months (to allow for skin shrinkage and healing) he said if I do not like the shaped look or size, we can change them to round or larger at that time.

Overall, I simply love Dr. Hendrick. I have met with him 3 times for over an hour each visit and other than my $500 surgery deposit - have not been charged for his time.

Although, I am still nervous going from a large round to a smaller shaped implant - I think the new look will better serve in my older more active years.

I will be posting before pics soon.

2nd pre-op appt

Met with the doctor and discussed my concerns surrounding shaped vs round implants. We reviewed the size chart for the shaped implants and found that a 290 cc 410 shaped implant will give me alittle more projection than I now have. He said he will have a 290 and a 255 cc available, as these sizes fit within my chest measurement of 11.5". I am still nervous about downsizing but I know the sporty outcome I am looking for.

Here are a couple photos of what I am working with.
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