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I am a 39 yr old mom of two precious boys, ages 7...

I am a 39 yr old mom of two precious boys, ages 7 and 10. I am 5'7 and weigh 136. I consider myself pretty active and I exercise regularly. I had a BA 16 years ago. At that time saline was all that was offered. Before surgery I was a small B. I had 300 cc saline under the muscle put in which made me a full C afterwards. Everything was great, but I never thought that mine had enough fullness at the top after they were done. I chalked that up to the way my anatomy is and the fact that my breasts are kind of far apart.

Later in life I got married and had my kids. After each pregnancy my breasts got a little saggier each time. They also increased in size, but not in a good way. Most of the damage was done from my first pregnancy. I gained 100 pounds with that one and it was completely my fault. I had a good ole time not thinking of the hell I was causing to my body! The next time I got pregnant I was a little smarter, but the damage was there already. Amazingly I did not get stretch marks, just a lot of flabby skin on my tummy.

Looking back I really wish I had waited until after having kids to do any plastic surgery.

I have not had drastic problems with my implants, but I have noticed over the years that they are saggy and they also have a little hardening with the capsule. Also one is now a little lower than the other, which bugs. I guess after 16 years I have gotten my moneys worth though!!

I went in to see a PS to discuss getting a revision done. I had become aware that silicone was available now and that it looks much better than the old saline ones like I have. A few friends of mine had recently done them and they looked fantastic. I decided it was time for me to go and see what could be done. I just could not imagine living with saggy breasts that had implants already!

My PS explained to me that my skin had actually fallen over my implant. Yuck!!

For this reason he suggested I have a lift and a revision. I thought about that for a few days and then I decided that since I was going to go under again, I might as well get my flabby tummy fixed at the same time.

I am scheduled to have a full TT, breast revision with silicone implants, and capsulation removal (around old implants) for June 6. I am very excited but also nervous at the same time. I would have liked to have done the surgery before my kids got out of school for the summer, but this PS was booked up until then. Hopefully I will still be able to recover and enjoy some of the summer, baseball games, pool and golf.

I am not too worried about the pain on the breasts, as I have been there before. The tummy pain is a little concerning though, I am scared about not being able to stand straight afterwards and the fact that I get extremely nauseaus after I have surgery. Hopefully my PS can get me some preventative meds for that!

Thank you to all of you who have posted your stories on here. It has been fun to read about your lives and your decisions to do this!

Today I went in for my Pre-Op appointment and now...

Today I went in for my Pre-Op appointment and now I am more confused than ever!
I chose the 375 cc High Profile. (That was the easy part).

Next my PS told me that I will most likely have a small vertical scar from where my old Belly Button was. This is due to the fact that I don't have a lot of skin to pull down from. He said that he wants me to make a decision and my choices are either to have the small vertical, OR do what is called an umbilical float procedure. Have any of you heard of this? Apparently it is where they keep your old belly button so there is no possibility of a small vertical from the old one. This causes your current belly button to be lower than where it currently is. My PS said I could choose this because I have a long torso. The disadvantage is that he will not be able to tighten the area above the belly button as much and I do have a little laxity in this area.
I have no earthly idea what would be best. I even asked him what he would do if it were his wife, and he said that he would let her choose. So I am totally unsure of what to do! He told me to let him know the morning of the surgery what I wanted.
The idea of no vertical and also no scar around my current belly button sounds great, but I am worried that lowering my belly button would look unnatural and strange.

Have any of you ladies been asked to make this decision? Thanks for your input!

Hi Everyone, I am now on day 2 post-op. I went...

Hi Everyone,
I am now on day 2 post-op. I went to the PS office this morning and he removed 2 of my 5 drains. (The 2 that were in the breasts came out). The other will come out one week at a time, so by 3 weeks all will be gone. The drains are not painful, they just are so gross. I also dont have a ton of baggy shirts or pants to hide them, so I guess I need to go shopping for something. I am not planning on leaving the house for a week though.
My PS also removed my pain pump this morning and so far it has been good. I am still taking the pain pills every 4 hours.
Sleeping is a little hard. I am finding that I wake up all the time trying to get comfortable. Other than that though, this has not been that bad at all! Nothing like I expected!
The breast lift and new implants are giving me no pain. This is probably because I already had implants there to start with and I did not have a lot of feeling underneath my breasts after my first surgery 16 yrs ago.
The tummy pain is not terrible either. I had a hysterectomy this past February (vaginally) and this so far has been much easier.
My PS put in 400 cc High Profile. I wanted the high profile because I wanted more fullness at the top and I never had this with my old saline (round) ones.
I can already tell I like the feel of the silicone ones better and the shape is just what I wanted.
I did not have any lipo at all as my PS said I didn't need any. He did cut out some of the belly fat during the procedure though from what he told me.
When the nurse took my bandages off this morning, I was really pleased. I will try and post some pics soon.

For all of you ladies out there who have upcoming surgeries, I just want to say that it is not that bad and not that painful! The pain pump I had really helped me, so ask for that if you can. It made a huge difference. I also asked for an anti nausea patch which was applied one hour before my surgery and it was a God-send. I did not throw up at all and this is the first surgery I have ever had that I can say that about!
I do have a small vertical scar where my old BB was. I did not have enough loose skin to pull it down all the way, and I knew about this going in. It is pretty small though and looks like it will heal nicely. My main incision line is super low- in my hair line- so I am thankful for that.
I also don't really have a lot of swelling so far. My PS says the drains really help with that, so hopefully he is right.
I am so glad to have this behind me and so far it has been a good experience. I wish all of you with upcoming surgeries the very best. And remember... It is really not that bad at all!

Hi Ladies, Today I am 3 days post op and I got...

Hi Ladies,
Today I am 3 days post op and I got to take a shower!! It was the best feeling. My PS told me that I could shower 24 hours after the pain pump was removed and it was removed on day 2.
The nurse also gave me a great tip. She said to use the little pouch that the pain pump came in to hold your drains while you are showering. This worked out perfect. I just put the drains in the pouch and then hung the pouch around my neck. It felt really good to be clean and also to wash this binder and bra in washing machine while I was in the shower.
Putting the dressings back on was kind of an ordeal though and took a while.
I am thinking I really don't want to leave the house with these drains. I have tried lots of different ways to hide them, but to be honest they are pretty obvious. I think I will just lay low until they are removed. I have 2 on each side of my TT incision and one that is pretty low in the middle. The middle one hurts at times. The ones on the sides don't bother me at all.
They are just gross though, no way to sugar coat it and that is the truth.
I do understand the purpose that they serve though and I do think they help with swelling.
I am sleeping pretty well in my bed with lots of pillows behind me and under my legs. I am comfortable and not needing the pain meds as much. I like the way my new boobs look even though it is still way early. I also am pleased with the tiny incision of the TT. It is very low and will be hidden. Not so sure about the new BB and old BB scar though, it is just to early to tell what that is going to look like.
It is weird to have this numb feeling all over your entire tummy. I will be glad when the sensation comes back.
My friends and hubby have been great. The kids too (although they were scared of seeing the drains at first). I have had meals brought to us and I am really thankful for that. Most of my friends have been pretty supportive, so I feel lucky.

I am going to try and make it to one of my son's baseball games in a couple of days. I am going to sit in the car though, next to the outfield so that I can watch the game but not have to deal with anyone wanting to talk to me. I know that sounds bad but I am just not ready to face the world with these crazy drains sticking out!

Best of luck to all of you..

4 Day Post Op Well, today it is Friday and I am...

4 Day Post Op
Well, today it is Friday and I am officially 4 days Post Op. What can I tell you that I have not said already? I HATE these drains!
Apparently my skin (it feels) is trying to heal around the drain insertion site and it pulls like crazy. This has been the worst part of any pain I have had with this entire ordeal so far. I have 3 drains 2 on my sides and one in the low pubic area. None of them really are producing that much fluid either. I called my PS office this morning and the nurse said that I will get 2 of them out on Monday if the drainage is less than 15 ml each over 24 hours. I am praying it will be.

Another thing I want to write about today is the fact that I sure wish I had gone to Target or Wal Mart and bought myself some MuMu type dresses! I did not do this because I thought I could just wear my sweats or Juicys. What a dumb ass thought that was!! Even though I can fit into my old clothes, they look like shit because there is no where to hide these stupid drains!! I look like I have 3 small tumors on my waist and I hate it. A MuMu would at least cover it better and I wish I had one.

I have resorted to using the little black fanny pack type thing that the hospital gave me to hold my pain pump. I now wear that around my waist and I put the drains in it. I am not sure what looks better: 3 tumors or my 1991 FANNY PACK!!

I have not left the house yet (even though I feel like it) because I am kind of ashamed and I don't want anyone to see me. (especially all the people who thought I was crazy to do this in the first place!)

Both of my boys are in baseball tournaments tomorrow though and I MUST see their games. It will cause me more depression if I don't go, so I have decided I will get there early, park right outside the outfield, and watch the game from my car. I have made my hubby promise to not let anyone know I am there so they won't want to come and talk to me (or see the results of this yet). I am just not ready to face the world yet I guess, but not willing to miss my kids in this tournament either.

I have worn the binder at all times since leaving the hospital. The only times I have taken it off have been when I shower. I have been showering every day. It makes me feel better, even though it is hard with the drains. I have no problem drying my hair either. I am sure this is because I had prior implants,so the new ones were not painful at all and no big deal really.

I have also worn the hospital issued lovely sports bra at all times too except to shower. The binder and the bra don't bother me at all really. It actually feels better with them on.

So, you can see the pics I am posting today. Not pretty. I think I look like I am 4 months pregnant! I didn't think I had much swelling, but now that I see these pics I realize how wrong that was.
My incision line is tiny though and it is really low. My PS did a good job and he put it right where we discussed. The downside to this (and I knew this going into it) is that my old BB is now a vertical scar. It looks OK really and I am hoping that over time it will not bother me. I figured it was far better to have the low incision line with the vertical scar than to have a higher incision line and no vertical scar. I did not have a lot of skin to pull down and both doctors I consulted with told me this so I am OK with it. The scars on my boobs don't bother me AT ALL! I love the way the lift looks already and they are still healing. My nipples kind of point downward. My PS said that this is supposed to be this way because as the implant drops, everything will settle into place. Hope he is right.
The High profiles are nice though. I got 400 cc and I think that was a good choice for me.
The silicone feels WAY better than the saline ones ever did and there is no hard scar tissue any more. WAH HOO!

Oddly enough, I have been upright and straight since day one. I was never hunched over like I thought I would be or like a lot of ladies on here said they were. Maybe that is because I did not have very much pulled, I have no idea, but I am certain of the fact that my good physical condition going into this thing has helped me tremendously.
So for any of you who have upcoming surgeries- here is my advice.....Keep on that diet and keep working out!! You will be glad you did because it will help you recover faster.

I am bored here in the house. My kids are with a sitter I hired to take them putt putting. So at least they are out having fun today. I feel guilty about missing this first part of summer break with them though. I will try and play a round of Monopoly with them when they get home. My youngest is acting up a bit and I think it is because he is suffering from the lack of attention he normally gets from me. I feel bad about that.

My appetite is back pretty much to normal except I am really trying to not eat very much. It scares me a little not being able to exercise for 6 weeks and being this sedentary. I do not want to go through all of this and wind up weighing more! I did weigh myself this morning and it was 2 pounds more than when I went in for surgery. Bummer. I am hoping that is due to swelling.

So for all of you who have upcoming surgeries I wish you the best and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Am I glad I did this? I think so, but I won't fully be able to tell you that until it looks a hell of a lot better than it does right now. Right now I think it looks pretty shitty, but you can just judge that for yourself.

I am having a hard morning today. The pain...

I am having a hard morning today.

The pain from the TT=no problem. The pain from the lift=no problem. The pain from 2 boob jobs=no problem. The pain from my skin trying to heal around 3 drain sites= OH MY GOOD LORD I CANNOT TAKE IT ANOTHER MINUTE!

Seriously, every time I move or water hits it or whatever the fuck else I want TO CRY!!!!
My PS says that on Monday I may get 2 of them removed. I have 3 total. I am seriously thinking I am going to demand he take them all 3 out. I am going to tell him that if he does not, then I will do it on my own.

All of them are draining very little (less than 20 ml each in a 24 hr period) and I need them out for my emotional sanity. Right now I am going through what has been the hardest part of this whole ordeal so far and it is because of these damn drains.

I am wearing my husband's clothes today to make matters worse. So on top of being in pain, I look like a dike. (sorry if that is offensive to anyone but I am not in my right mind today)
I don't want anything even coming close to touching these drain sites. I need to go buy some clothes today I guess but I don't even feel like leaving the house.
WTF did I do to myself??! I wish I would have never had this done. Seriously.

Post Op Day 6 Well, if any of you out there...

Post Op Day 6

Well, if any of you out there are wondering if it hurts to have your drains removed I can tell you that it does not. I know this now because I removed all 3 of mine myself at 2 a.m. this morning.

It was a moment of absolute desperation and that is the really the best way I can describe it.
At sometime around 10 p.m. last night the pain from my drain incisions started to get really, really bad. It had been bothering me all day. The TT and BA/BL pain is nothing at this point, mind you, the drain incision pain was on a whole other level.
It occurred to me that what must be happening was that my skin (tissue) was trying to grow in around the drain sites. I could actually feel this happening. So much to the point that every time I moved or even took a breath for that matter the pain was unbearable and I do mean unbearable. I tolerate pain very well as I have stated before, but this one I absolutely could not take.

I tried taking a pain pill. I had been off of those for several days, but took one thinking it may help me. No luck. I couldn't sleep and I was keeping my husband up because I was crying all night.

So at 2 a.m. I decided I had had enough. I was either going to get some relief or I was going to die from being delirious from the pain.

I went into my bathroom and inspected the 3 drains. Sure enough, my skin was trying to grow over them and fill in the wholes. OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!

I took some little scissors I have and cut the sutures holding them in place. Then I removed the bulb from the tube and very gently pulled each one out.

It was an out of body experience and that is all that I can tell you. It was the grossest thing I have ever done in my life, but when desperation takes over, I guess you do things you otherwise would not.

After it was over, I bandaged everything back up, got back in my bed and slept like a baby.

This morning it all looks OK, and I am hoping that it is.

I do want to mention that I had almost no measurable amounts of drainage in any of the bulbs and had had none for the past 2 days. My PS office is closed on Friday, otherwise I am sure I would have gone there Friday to show them that the drains were virtually empty.

So I really felt that my drains were causing me needless and excruciating pain for no reason since they were not draining any fluid off any more. Maybe that is why I did what I did, I don't know.

Anyway, I have an appt. with my PS tomorrow morning which is my 1 week post op appt and was scheduled anyway. I am sure that no one in that office is going to be happy with me, but like I explained I did not feel that I could live through the night like that.

So I will write you tomorrow and let you know what is happening. For now, I am fine and feeling pretty good but still looking at the drains in my trash can and wondering how I did that.

Extreme pain can make a person do things they normally wouldn't, so I guess that is really the only way to explain it.

Feeling pretty OK today now that those drains are...

Feeling pretty OK today now that those drains are gone!

I want to say a couple of things to those of you who are considering this and in the stage where you have a million questions about breast size:

1) Fork over the extra money and get the Silicone Gel over the saline. I have had both now and I can honestly say the Silicone Gel feels way, way better. It feels like normal breast tissue (even at only 1 week post op).
I could always feel my old saline implants under my skin and these I cannot. (both under muscle) That alone is worth the extra money to me!

Also my old saline ones eventually rippled. These supposedly are not as prone to do that, and they just look better to me.

2) The High Profiles are AWESOME!! Mine are 400 CC. This makes me D. (I was also a D with my old saline 300 cc ones) I was really confused about the moderate plus/ high profile decision. All of this was not an option when I got my first implants 16 yrs ago. Now a lot has changed.

The product literature tells you that the HP are suggested for those with small ribcage/chest area. This is the part that I was concerned about. I am 5'7. Not exactly small. I also kind of have wide shoulders and a large frame. I wear a size 9 shoe. I was concerned the HPs would not work well on me, but now I am so glad I chose them. The reason is because I wanted more fullness at the top of my breast, especially with the lift I was getting, I needed that.

I always thought my old implants never gave me enough upper pole fullness (especially after kids and they drooped as they did).
The HPs give you maximum upper fullness.
I would not have known this without the guidance of my BFF who got them last year and told me this and of course showed me hers numerous times!

So don't be afraid of getting the High Profiles because you think they will give you the "fake" look. I think these more natural on me than the ones I had because there is no more boobage going out to the sides or under my armpit!

One of the docs on here said that he likes to go HP with implants 400 cc and over because otherwise they get too flat and wide. I can see what he is talking about and it makes sense to me.

Just wanted to share that with you ladies. It is so hard figuring out size and profile, especially if you already have implants in there and can't try on "sizers"!

7 Days Post OP Tonight I went to my son's...

7 Days Post OP

Tonight I went to my son's baseball game. He was in the semi-finals and won (YEAH!) so I absolutely could not miss this. I got some running shorts today that worked perfect. They are just a little bigger than what I normally wear and since they have elastic in the waist it worked just fine.

I still have the binder from the hospital because I have not made it to Dillard's to get the Spanx that don't have the leg coverage yet. But the binder was not really a problem tonight. One of the Dads gave me a hug though from the back and I was wondering if he could tell but I don't think it was too noticeable under my clothes, thank God.

Now that the drains are gone, my clothing options are improving!

It was good to sit in the stands tonight with all of the other moms and have fun. I had not realized how much I missed being around my friends and having a good time. Although it has only been a week, it sure was good to get out and I did really well. Afterwards we even went to dinner at Chili's and that was fine too.
I am finding I cannot eat very much though after this surgery. Maybe it is a mental thing, knowing what the hell I just did to myself and not wanting to "ruin" it-- or maybe it is the fact that you really can't eat that much with a tight ass binder on!

I guess time will tell about that.

Anyway, the important thing is that I am 7 days out and was able to do something special tonight that was fun and I feel good. I am not overly wiped out at all.

I am going to go do groceries tomorrow and a few errands.

One of the biggest questions for me going into this thing was how long my recovery time was going to be, and how long it would be until I could do some of my normal stuff?

Well now I think I know... It's about a week to drive your car and get around a little for a few errands or go to dinner or a game.
I was able to do laundry on day 4. Felt like putting on make up on day 5.

Day 7- Pranced around bedroom showing off new body to hubby. He is amazed and I am too. Cannot believe it is only been a week and such a huge difference already. We pulled up my before pics and the 4 day post op pics and compared them to today. Amazing how quickly a body can heal even with the swelling still there quite a bit.

So glad I did this, so glad it is over, and so excited to see that it gets better every day.

Photo Update

Day 8 Just updated this post with new pics. I...

Day 8

Just updated this post with new pics. I can really see now that my shape is beginning to take form. I can see a reduction in swelling in a week and that makes me happy.

I am fully upright and thankful that my back has not really hurt at all throughout this ordeal. (I have a scoliosis so I was very concerned about that, but it never happened).

I am also really glad that my scar is improving in just a week. I have not been given the OK to start any scar therapy yet, but will as soon as my PS tells me to.

I am also so glad that my scar is not jagged.

My PS office told me that sometimes tummy tucks can be stretched too tight and this is what causes this. A good surgeon will be skilled enough not to do this. I am glad I had a good surgeon who pulled me tight, but not overly tight. I am also so glad I opted for the small vertical scar with low incision instead of the floating old Belly Button or a higher main scar.

I have never seen my tummy be this smooth. Even before I had kids, I always genetically had a little bit of a pooch. I remember my mom having this too, so I guess I was born with it and now it is gone. It is still hard to look at these pics and really believe I did this and that this is me now.

I am looking forward to getting a bikini now for the first time since my honeymoon--12 years!!!
Maybe I will look for one today when I go out to try and find stage 2 compression garment at Dillard's. This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!! Age 40? Bring it on baby!!

Post Op Day 9 OK Ladies, several of you have...

Post Op Day 9

OK Ladies, several of you have written to me and asked me what I am doing to bounce back quickly, not have much swelling, wear my regular clothes now, etc.

So here is the deal....
From reading countless of your stories on here this I know for sure: There are as many varied TT and Mommy Makeover stories as there are Labor and Delivery stories!!

I will answer a couple of things though-

1)No, I did not an am not now taking any supplements, arnica montanta, or anything like that. My PS would not let me. Only pure Vitamin C and I am still taking that. You have to search for the pure one. (Whole Foods has it)

2) I don't know why I was never hunched over. I have lifted pretty heavy weights for years at the gym and have a strong core (even though you could never see it before this TT!)so maybe that is why. I have a bad back and scoliosis. Don't let having a bad back make you think you cannot do a TT.

3)Two things I am doing every day that I think has really helped with getting my life back quickly-- Number one is I eat a little container of yogurt with almonds and blueberries mixed into it every day. I like it and I think the pro biotics in it help with a lot of stuff.

Number two is I am drinking a ton and I mean a TON of water all day long. More than I have ever drank in my entire life.

3) No alcohol. You probably know this already but no alcohol while your body is healing and trying to reduce swelling.

I am no expert by any means and as you already know I have done some STUPID ASS things on this journey!! Just wanted to answer some questions for some of you.

Best of luck to those healing and those about to go in. It truly will change your life for the better.

Post Op Day 12 I think most of the swelling...

Post Op Day 12

I think most of the swelling must be gone. I can wear all of my regular clothes now. I also have noticed that the scale is dropping every day so I think that must mean the swelling is diminishing.

The Spanx are irritating in the hot summer though. I am ready to burn these things but at least I am the only one who knows I have them on.
I wear them 24/7 except to shower. It actually feels better to have them on (when in air conditioning) than off.

I can also see for the first time today some definition in my waistline and abs. I measured myself today and my waist has never been this small even before I had kids, so that is exciting.

I feel great too. Back to normal really, but I know that I am not fully healed yet. I am still trying to be careful, watch what I eat and drink, and rest when I can.

Hubby says he is very happy because I am very happy. What could be better? I feel very blessed and am so, so, so happy I did this.

Tried on bikini for the first time in 13 years tonight. I could not believe that I actually liked the way it looked on me. That is exciting. Now, I can't wait to wear it!

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

List Pros & Cons, Advice you can offer others

Day 18 Feeling great. Better than great,...

Day 18

Feeling great. Better than great, actually. I am pretty much back to normal as far as my energy level goes so I have to be careful not to overdo it.

As a weird and slightly funny side note I will tell you ladies that some of my friends staged a little "intervention" for me tonight...

Apparently they were concerned about me because I have lost so much weight and then had plastic surgery, and also I like to sometimes spend time by myself.

Excuse me, but WTF????!!!

These are people who KNEW I was doing this surgery. I TOLD them about it. Some of these folks have even done procedures themselves.

So I am sitting here tonight scratching my head and trying to figure out why people think I have some sort of emotional issue going on.

I am vain and I just wanted to look a little better, people. It is as simple as that. I do not have an eating disorder. I like food and I like beer, and I also like my hubby. We are not getting divorced and I do not have some sort of hidden issue, hidden boyfriend, or secret life going on.

Uuuugggghhh! These women apparently have way too much time on their hands.

So watch out ladies. Some of your friends may be supportive of you and then some of them may think you are totally effed up because you did this.

Whatever.. I am happy and happier every day I did this. No intervention needed!!

Day 18 Post Op I decided to go to the pool...

Day 18 Post Op

I decided to go to the pool all day with my kids and boy am I tired! It was really hot and the only thing I can do is put my legs in the water at this point. No submersion yet.

I decided that I would do a test today and see what everything looked like without wearing the Spanx all day. I also wanted to test out the new bikini.

I covered up my vertical scar with a band aid and also covered up my new BB with a band aid. So obvious I had some sort of something done, but then I thought what the hell? It's the Country Club and 90% of the women up there have done something too.

Have to say I love the new boobs. My friend even told me she thought they look natural. I don't think that is the case, but then again I always think the fake ones look better anyway!

So, this past week I was thinking that I did not really have any swelling, and I really didn't have much but now without wearing the Spanx all day I can see that I have a little bit more this afternoon. I guess they are still serving their purpose and I will continue to wear them. It was nice to take a break from that today though and wear a bikini.

I guess I could wear a one piece next time if I feel like the swelling is going to happen, but it sure feels a lot better to wear a bikini... I probably rushed it a little bit though.

I took some day 18 pics when I got home. I will post those now.
Not much different. I am looking forward to finding out what I can do about the scar therapy on my next visit.

Day 22 I have FINALLY found a bra that works!...

Day 22

I have FINALLY found a bra that works! It is the Victoria's Secret Body Wireless bra and I LOVE it!!

I am surprised to say this because I have not been a huge fan of Victoria's throughout the years.

My PS told me that I needed to find a wireless bra that still offered good support while I am healing. I went to Soma, Dillard's, Macy's etc.
(We don't have Nordstroms here, dammit!)

Finding a decent wireless bra is really hard.
I searched all over and finally gave into the big pink store with supermodels all over the walls. I am glad I did. This bra was $40 and it looks and feels perfect.

I am a 34 D in Victoria's Secret. Kind of strange because that is the same size I wore with the old implants and these are 100 cc bigger and now lifted. Maybe I had the wrong size before, who knows?

Anyway, I like the way this bra looks and I really like the way the new boobs look. Not too big, not too small. They are just right, and I am thinking since I am past the 3 week mark that this is pretty much the way they will be.

So ladies if you have implants and want to find a good wireless bra, check it out.

My PS says later on I will be able to wear the wired ones again, but this one is so comfortable I may just stick with it!

Albuquerque Plastic Surgeon

Dr. is wonderful and he cares about his patients. He took a lot of time with me, and so far I am very happy with the results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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