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I'm 25 years old and a B cup. I'm sure I want...

I'm 25 years old and a B cup. I'm sure I want 350CC +

I'm opting for silicone implants, possibly the gummy bear ones. I prefer something softer and more of a natural feel. I have been contemplating if I should or shouldn't do this. Everyone is telling me to wait until I have kids. My husband and I want kids in five year..

BA Consultation

Today I went for my consultation. I was impressed with my Dr and his Vectra machine. It pretty much gave me an idea of how I will look like after my surgery. I went with Sientra 385CC textured moderate implants, under the muscle. I put down a deposit and I'm getting my surgery next month.

I will be uploading pictures soon. Do any of you ladies have info on what I should do to prepare myself and my body for surgery?

25, No Kids, 375CC Sientra Textured

I went to a consultation with Dr. Alfred Sofer yesterday and I decided to get my implants.

The consultation went very well. He had a Vectra imaging system that gave me an idea of how I would look after the surgery. All of my questions were answered and I'm pretty excited to have bigger boobs!

My doctor had suggested Sientra textured 350CC-385CC, under the muscle. I've done a bit of research before going into my consultation and I will continue to do so until my pre op.

Does anyone have Sientra? Are you loving your results?


I'm so tired of push up bras!

I noticed over the last few years my boobies are not as perky as they were a few years ago. I'm really tired of wearing push up bras and looking to look amazing in a bikini. Just a few weeks away from my surgery date and I'm very excited. Trying to prepare everything. :D

25 Years Old, No Kids, 385CC

My pre op is on Monday and surgery is set for two weeks from now. Everything is happening so fast! Last night I had my first boobie nightmare. I got operated by a nurse, because the doctor couldn't make it. I woke up from surgery with even smaller boobies and a junk of my skin came off. It was the worst nightmare! Have any of you had these nightmares?So a little about myself. I'm married, 25 years old and currently a B cup. I'm hoping for a D cup after surgery.

Pre-op in two more days!

So I started my vitamins today. My pre-op is on Monday!

I noticed my appointment for my surgery lands on Friday the 13th. Not that it's a big deal, but I know some people are so superstitious about everything.


I just got home from my pre op and it went smoothly. Dr. Sofer went over every detail with me on what to expect, medication, aftercare, and all. I'm staying positive and continuing my research. So far I'm excited and I keep on reminding myself that I'm strong (my first surgery). My biggest concern is that I'm getting textured implants. Will I feel the texture? Will it be hard? Is smooth a better choice? I guess I'm going to call my PS and ask them.

Here is a list of things to prepare before surgery.

Things to buy before surgery:
Protein bars or drinks. I bought Ensure.
Flexible straws
Ice Packs or make your own
Bio oil for stretch marks
Wisp toothbrush
Facial wipes and gentle baby wipes
Tylenol extra strength
Can soup or prep frozen soup/meals for two weeks
Arnica tablets and cream
Coco butter or shea butter
Vitamin E cream

Is there anything else I need?

Preop pics

I think that I'm a B cup.

Boobie Anxiety anyone?

I probably need to stay off of realself for a while. I'm starting to get boobie anxiety and thinking of all of the what ifs. Maybe it was because I took a trip down the boobie revision lane.

Has anyone else experience this?

Breathe, trust you doctor, & most of all be happy love! :)

Rice Sizers! Nine more days!

I decided to do the rice test to make sure that I'm not going too big. I'm really happy with how they look and hope that this test is pretty accurate.

This morning I woke up with a head ache and I wasn't feeling my best. I took a tylenol and slept it off. Dear god, please do not let me get sick right before my surgery. I feel 75% better after sleeping it off.

Scarring? Incision?

Okay so I know that everyone that has a breast au.g has worried about scarring. I'm Asian and Asian skin is known not to heal as well. When I was 18 I got my belly button pierced, that was short lived. My body started to reject my piercing and it got tugged on something. It left a scar and it took a while to go away. I was always self conscious about that scar. I bought scarguard strips from Walmart and bio oil to help with healing. So the incision that I chose was imframmary incision, which is the one on your breast fold. Normally these incisions are pretty small and are hidden in your breast fold. The reason that I chose this incision was because it was what my doctor had recommended.

The incision that I originally was very interested in is under the armpit. I don't know if it's too late to discuss this with my doctor since my surgery is four days away, but he told me the incision is not very noticeable. I still have that slight bit of worrisome..

Less than two days!! :D

So I try not to think too much about what will happen and just live my daily life. Things I've been doing to prepare myself is drinking at least a gallon of water each day. Eating lots of fruits, vegetables, and anti-inflammatory food. Taking my vitamins from and I even started taking arnica last night. I've been avoiding all exercises this last week. I started to use unscented body wash and bought baby shampoo for my hair. I've also been using bio oil to prevent stretch marks. I've cleaned my home and made a list of things I needed to do before surgery. I'm thinking of making a youtube video for all the things you should have and prepare before your breast op.

What to expect.

I barely could sleep last night, but I have problems falling asleep every night.

This morning I got to the surgery center and checked in for my BA. I had signed a few things to consent the hospital for my procedure. Once the nurse took me back. She took a urine sample. It was very hard not being able to drink water all night and morning. So I barely was able to pee. However, all she needed was three drops. Then after a few test, she gave me my IV. Which is supposedly the worst part and I didn't look. She just told me what to expect. I got my IV in and it wasn't bad. A pretty big pinch, but nothing I wasn't able to tolerate. My doctor came shortly after and marked me up. Then at the time my surgery was scheduled for the nurse had helped me to my official operation room.

Everything was completely fine and I was very calm. Once I was in the surgery room I freaked! I layed down and the nurse adjusted me. I couldn't stop shaking, because it all finally hit me. This being my first surgery and all I didn't know what to expect. They had me put both arms on an arm rest. I wore a hospital gown, cap, my undies, and socks they have provided me. Back to when I was laying down. The nurse eventually started talking and the last thing I remember was the anestioligist asking if I liked wine. Red or white. Then boom I was asleep. I'm so glad I had no clue when I'd be put to sleep or had to count down like other people told me about. I'm not exactly sure how long my procedure was. When I woke up I felt pretty well. Of course a big of pain, but it wasn't bad. I didn't feel heavy, just a little tight. The pain was tolerable and my nipples were hurting. The made sure to take my blood pressure every ten minutes or so. I was just so ready to go home. The nurse gave me something to help with the pain through my IV. Then gave me a Valium and maybe even percocet. I can't remember exactly. The pain I was feeling subsided. I was ready to get dressed as soon as she asked me. It was hard, but with a little help I got dressed. Make sure to wear a zip up something and comfy pants. I didn't feel nauseous at all, which I'm thankful for.

I kept reminding myself that I'm a trooper. :) They took me to my ride on a wheelchair and the ride home was a bit of a torture. The hospital was an hr away from where I lived. Every time there was a turn it was the worst, bumps were tolerable. I had a little pillow and neck pillow which helped. I slept most of my car ride, but woke up quite frequently.

When I got home

I live up a bunch of stairs and had to walk up. I was fine getting up to my place without any help. Once I got home I was able to rest and drink some mess. I was on my phone and tried to watch something on Netflix, but I kept dozing off. I've been taking all of my medicine as instructed. I took a little peak at my new boobs. They don't look huge, which was a concern for me. I don't think I have Frankenboob. I can't wait to see what they look like without my post op bra. Most of the day I spent sleeping and waking up. I walked around my house to get some circulation in my legs every few hours. I made sure to drink 8oz of water that was recommended by doctor after care. I'm not ready to see my boobs therefore I won't be showering tomorrow. Just wipe down with baby wipes. I love sleeping sitting up. I can't sleep laying too far down, because it hurts. Nobody wants morning boobs either, which I sorta had when I slept inclined. I took Tylenol, arnica, and my makemeheal vitamins. Overall it's been a breeze for me so far. I just hope the next two days are as easy. The things I've been eating are saltine crackers, I love ginger ale, and soupy food. I did take a few bites of pretty solid food and it was fine. My throat isn't sore, they told me there was a chance of this happening. Good luck ladies that are having their surgeries soon and may your progress be as great as mine.

No Frankenboobs

Here is a picture of post op day two. I'm very happy with my results by far. I'll write more tomorrow. It's so much easier updating on my phone. My doctor did such an amazing job!!

SO happy!

So far my recovery has been going by so well. Yesterday was almost the same as day one.

I've been on top of taking my meds. I take tylenol if needed during the day, since I don't like feeling drowsy. I also make sure to take my antibiotics. Later in the evenings I will take the pain meds prescribed to me. It makes me so whoozy. I would fall in and out of sleep. I was able to brush my teeth on my own since day one. I needed help going to the restroom, getting up, and washing my face. I did a simple apple cider vinegar wash with a cotton pad and rinsed with a damp cloth since I have acne prone skin. However, I have been feeling so oily. I wake up in sweats.

Yesterday I took my gauze off, since it was irritating me. I was able to take a picture of my boobs. I'm so happy with them and my doctor did such an amazing job!

I couldn't fall asleep last night until like 4AM. I took some melatonin and that helped put me to sleep. My boobs started feeling like they weren't mine. The best way to describe is that someone took some boobs and attached it to my chest. Which is clearly true. LOL. They aren't heavy or too tight feeling as other ppl had complained about on Realself. My ribs are tender when I touch them and every time I get up it's painful for a quick second. I try to move around every few hours as instructed by my doctor and drink 8 oz of water every two hours.

Save the negative comments to yourself.

I love sharing my experience on here. I only do so to help other people wanting to get this procedure done, because before I decided on my surgery this website had helped me tremendously. Thank you to everyone that has been leaving nothing, but sweet comments on my post. I really appreciate it. Okay and to those that has nothing good to say. I went into this surgery knowing the risks. I also knew that breast implants isn't a life time thing. I knew what my options were if I was unhappy. I don't need you to go around leaving your negativity on my post. Your negativity isn't welcome here. I did this surgery for me, not for you or anyone else.

My first shower!

Hi friends!

Last night I took my first shower. How fun! I took it very gently and had help. I used a Fragrance free bar soap. I started off by cleaning my lower body and working my way up. I avoided my incision taping. It felt nice to finally take a shower and was easier than I thought it would be.

Morning boobs and new post op bra came!

I think I've just experienced my first morning boobs. I don't remember falling asleep last night and when I woke up it was quite painful getting up. I also forgot to take my OxyContin last night. :(

I've been icing more now. Idk if this is helping or not. It helps a little with making them feel less foreign. My boobs actually feel soft in most areas.

I thought that the third day was the worst out of the three. I stayed in bed most of the day after my post op appt. I can't wait to start feeling like myself again. I'm still drowsy and weak. I try to walk around and keep my fluid intake high. Anyway, I haven't felt any pain besides the morning boobs this morning. Which now has went away. I hope all of you ladies are healing well! :) I'm kind of drowsy as I'm writing this. Damn you OxyContin! Lol SHOW LESS

Expect some emotions.

I don't know whether it's the drugs or what. I somewhat went through a big of an emotional phase. Not a bad one or anything. I just realized a lot of things and tried to talk to my man about it. He's been taking very good care of me, but I've also been a trooper. I try my best to do whatever I can on my own, besides using the restroom. Which I've attempted to do on my own.

Since this website is more for boobs and such I'm not going to post my problems on here. Has anyone else went through this phase? Realizing who you need in you life and all....

Emotions and what I've been going through.

Hi ladies!

I haven't been posting the last few days, because I've been a complete emotional train wreck. I cried and cried. My emotions had nothing to do with my boobies. I'm very happy with them. It's just my partner and I have been going through some issues. On top of that my mom called me telling me her dead beat BF threaten her. All very bad timing, because I'm still in the process of healing. I wish I could be there for my mom right now, but we live in different states. I couldn't sleep last night. I had a horrible head ache, probably from everything that has been happening. I finally went to sleep and still woke up with an head ache. I felt so sick, dizzy even. My left boob was also in a bit of pain. I tried to eat some crackers and took my meds. I ended up throwing up about three times afterwards. I haven't pooped in about three days. So I'm hoping the banana will help with making me go. I also drank smooth move tea. It's a laxative tea, but all it did was gave me a tummy ache.

I feel a lot better now and I just showered. I still haven't found my gravity yet, so I've been kind of wobbly while walking. The gravity thing is hard, because I actually tipped over while getting onto my bed and had to catch myself with my hands. It hurted pretty badly, but luckily I was on my bed. My neck and shoulder had been in a bit of pain too. A warm compression and a shoulder rub helped.

Very bad bruising!

Is this normal? It's even darker now than what it looks like in these pics. I've taken these the other day.

Sick w/ flu like symptoms!

Hello ladies!

So about two days ago it all started. I threw up after taking my morning meds. I completely had stopped taking vitamins. I'd wake up is sweats, heave chills, my head hurts, and a few other symptoms. My fever also went up to 99.1 the last time we checked. So yes, feeling like death while steal healing. Not a very good combo! :(


oxy withdrawals and TMI

So lately I have been an emotional train wreck, we can all agree here. I'm feeling so much better everyday, although I've come to realize so much during my emotional outbreaks. So I look at it as totally a positive thing. Lol. Honestly, I've never been happier with the decision that I've made to get these gelly squishy fun balls in me. :) I'm thrilled with my results! My situation is also a lot better now. I'm going home and going through a lot of changes. Finally at 25 I've matured into this beautiful loving creature with the biggest heart. I've also have given up on men. I respect myself more now and I love myself more.

TMI parts..........
All of the damn meds are going to mess with your system so much you're going to be constipated as fuck! So take some damn magnesium citrate a day after surgery and I wouldn't recommend buying the lemon flavor if I was you. I've taken smooth move tea, laxative, and lots of water. Nothing worked for an entire week besides finally realizing I need to take magnesium citrate. I would actually wait until your third day. I've never experience such constipation in my life! It's gonna be so gross, but relieving!! All of these toxins clogged up there. Eeeeek!

Tightening of the muscle and softer on one side.

Yesterday I had to drive a three hours back and forth to get my brothers to the airport. I noticed afterwards, my left boob felt like it's squeezed and hardening. :( It was so soft just a few days ago. I hope it softens up again and this is just healing. I'm very scared of having CC. Both breast are firmer than they were a few days ago. :( Did this happened to anyone?

My booty is flat! Workouts & more.

Hello ladies!

As of today, I'm feeling back to normal. I'm eating normal healthy meals. I'm back to napping and sleeping regularly. My last post about the muscle strain. I took a muscle relaxer that night and the next day I was sore. Yesterday, they soften back up. My boobs are back to normal now. I guess it was from all of the driving and unusual activities. I'm just so surprise how soft my breast are and they look absolutely amazing. I'll post some more update pics soon. My post-op yesterday was a very quick in and out.

So the other day I looked in the mirror to observe my body. I lost so much weight! My booty is like half the size it was before (pancake status). Sad face! So I got back to taking protein shakes and doing leg workouts. My workouts consist of squats, lunges, and also donkey kicks. I've talked to a few friends and losing weight is very normal. I try to workout twice a day now and I also try to eat more to gain back what I've lost.

Questions for anyone who has already had the surgery:

When can I wear a normal bra?
Can I squeeze my boobs together or is it too early? =)

Update pic from my phone.


Bruising is almost completely gone.

I am completely in love with my new boobs. I'm always squeezing them. They're soft and squishy. My doctor was spot on when he said the highly cohesive gel ones best imitates the real breast.

I went into MaidenForm today to buy a comfy bra and was curious of what size I am. I got sized by this lady that obviously did not know her job. She said I was a 32A and I just gave her the craziest look. How did I go from a B cup to an A cup? :T Big Failed! I'll try again at Nordstroms and also VS in a few weeks. When is a good time to go get sized?

My bruising is almost completely gone. The other weird thing is I keep this same tape over my incision until it falls off. That was the instruction given by my doctor. My incision looks dark from the outside and I'm sure some of it is the stitching, because I can feel it if I ran my fingers across. That's something I want to talk to my doctor about.

Right breast is dropping faster

Hi everyone! First of all I would like to say.... If you don't like my pictures or post then just go elsewhere. I post on here to help people know what to expect with their surgery. Bye Felicia!

So lately I've been doing lower body exercises and I noticed an improvement on my booty gain. My butt is back! Well almost, but I'll keep up with working out at least 5x a week. My right boob is dropping faster than my left by just a little. So nothing noticeable unless if I was to point it out.

I went to VS the other day and got sized for fun. The girl said I was a 32DD. I also tried on a 32DD and it fit. However, you should note that VS sizing is normally smaller than other brands. I held off on buying a bra, since someone had commented to wait three months (thanks girl!).

My incision still has the taping on there. Which really bugs me, because sometimes the right incision would hurt. It's a little easier to put on shirts now. I think in about a week I'm going to call my PS to see if I could remove the tape. Since I am moving to the west coast and wont be able to see him again for a while. So I need to make sure everything is fine under there. Hopefully it'll be okay to remove and start on my ScarAway tape.


Why Sientra texture over smooth?

90% of the population outside of the U.S. prefers textured over smooth. Sientra only sells to BC plastic surgeons (by ABPS - The American Board of Plastic Surgery). All the best. Sientra has a warranty that covers CC (capsular contracture) for two years after your surgery with their textured implants.

My thoughts?
I love my textured implants. The pros so far is they stay in place and I don't have to worry about them drifting towards my armpits while laying down. They provide a more natural look. I don't have to worry as much about future revision (I plan on having kids in the future). I love that I have a warranty and the lower risk of CC. I do not have to do daily breast massages, which is an added bonus. I also don't have to worry about my implants bottoming out.

Are they firm? Do they not move?
My boobs were soft the week after surgery. Really soft and squishy. They don't bounce around as much as smooth, but they do still jiggle.

I hear that the advantages of having smooth is:
More movement, but that could also be an disadvantage in the long run. They are softer. No rippling.

I found my holy grail comfort bra at Walmart!

I had to share. You ladies should go buy it if you haven't already. I added a link to the bra just below and it's currently on sale. This bra is very comfortable! I've been on the hunt for just comfort and something that won't agitate my incision while I'm still healing. It almost feel as if I'm braless in this bra. I love it! $11 at Walmart btw.

Left boob catch up!

There's a slight difference and I wonder if my left boob will ever catch up. :/

The incision!

So I've finally decided it was time to take the tape off of my incision. To my surprise everything was fine under the tape. =) It looks like I'm healing pretty well. I did noticed when washing the tape residue off that there was something tiny poking out, I'm thinking it's one of my incisions. Which I hope will fall out on its own. I took a Cotton pad with some bio oil and wiped away the tape residue. Then washed and dried the area. Stuck on some ScarAway tape. I have one lady visit with my doctor on the 29th. It looks like my boobs are settling nicely.

Does anyone have any recommendation on what to do to make my incision heal quicker or am I already doing all of the right things?

Itchy incision

So in the last few days my incision area has been a bit itchy. I've been using scar away and bio oils on other days. Stretching my left arm has helped my left boob drop. :) I think all of my muscles were just very tight. I missed my post op today and I'm moving out of state. So I won't be seeing my doctor again. The last time I went to see him it was such a quick in and out visit. He just looked at my boobs and didn't examine them. So I figured I wouldn't drive the two hours to see him today. :/

Update pictures.

The little things that bothers me.

My texture implants aren't as bouncy as I would like them to be. It's hard to squeeze them together. I love them, but these are a few things that I don't like about texture. I've seen some amazing smooth round that are so movable. I keep telling myself since kids are in my future, texture probably was the better option.

Another thing that's really bothering me is how pink my incision still is. Maybe it's my asian skin. I feel bad that I missed my last post op appointment. :/

Sorry I have been MIA

Hi :)

I haven't forgotten about everyone on realself. I've just been busy moving around, Hawaii will be my next destination! The boobies has been treating me very well. I can finally squeeze my boobs together, all it took was some patience. My boobs feels like they're mines now. I love them and I love how easily I could hide them. My bra size is 32E! I still don't wear normal bras or bras with an underwire. Reason being, my scars seems worst every time I wear one. It's also very uncomfortable compared to sports bras. I still haven't gain all of my weight back yet and my scar is still visible. My biggest complaint as of right now is my scars. It's still dark. I do scar massages about once a day and have also worn scaraway silicone sheets. Nothing has really helped my scars lighten up. I hope time will.

I'll have to post some update pics very soon. Thank you for still following. :)

Seven months update!

Hello everyone!

I have not posted on here in so long!! I want to say that I love my boobs. Although, I did loooove my natural boobs (I even sometimes miss them). XP I can't complain though, because bigger boobs are a lot more fun. I feel more sexy most of the time. I contacted my doctor's clinic recently to ask them if I could get some cream to help with my scarring. They sent me some stuff immediately, I kind of wish I contacted them earlier. I'm very happy though, it seems to be helping a bit. Patience is the key!

Silicone strips did nothing for my scars! They made them worst! Which is weird, because they seem to work for everyone else.
Fairfield Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sofer and his staff is amazing. I went in for a consultation for breast augmentation. The office was clean and welcoming. I knew right away that I wanted Dr. Sofer to do my operation. He answered all of the questions that I had, he looked at my picture references, and recommended what was best for body. I was also very impressed by the Vectra imaging system he used in his office. I'm truly amazed and very happy with my results. Thank you, Dr Sofer and your amazing team!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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