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I am an international client and want to write...

I am an international client and want to write from this perspective. Towards the end of my time in the USA (I was working in New York on employment contract) I knew it was now or never, and since USA is known as the best quality place in the world for rhinoplasty, I began to really investigate who in the USA and especially tri-state area had the best reputation regarding their work. I actually visited Dr Joseph's office twice before making my final decision that I wanted to go ahead. Considering this, Dr J's office was incredibly accommodating since I was only able to give them very short notice, as I was due to leave the USA within a month and needed recovery time in country before flying out. The office went out of their way to fit me into Dr Joseph’s packed schedule for which I am very thankful.

It's taken me a long while to write this review, which has given me plenty of time to see how I feel about the final result. I had entertained the idea of getting a nose job for probably fifteen years before at age 33 when I finally had the money and time to do it. I am now one year and nine months on since this operation and if you are looking internationally to get rhinoplasty with one of the best surgeons in the world, in a country you can trust, without hesitation, I can only recommend Dr. Joseph and his expert hands and skilled team as fit for the task. Over the course of a decade, I looked into medical tourism in Argentina, Brazil, Czech Republic, and even went as far as consultations in Australia and Thailand. I am fortunate I was prevented going ahead with scammers, quacks, hacks or people not familiar or specialized in rhinoplasty, ( Dr Joseph is a true specialist), others would be taking my money, irreversibly causing damage, just to for me to save a few thousand dollars. I already wasted money getting an unnecessary septoplasty which Dr Jospeh could have done at the time of rhinoplasty, out of fear of a saddle nose collapse to fix a deviated septum, which cost thousands and was very painful to recover from. If you are an international client, or an American client wondering if it could be cheaper therefore better outside USA, I strongly advise you: if your nose truly matters to you, do not waste your time and ruin your face, or set yourself up for a costly revision. Just get yourself to Dr Joseph's office in New Jersey USA and be eternally thankful you did.

Of note too was that I was alone, there was nobody to hold my hand (except his great team, which they did!) but none of my friends or family to drive me to and from appointments, and this had made me hesitate for some years. Could I do it on my own? Answer is yes! The support team from the office helped arrange my transport back and forth between where I was living in New York City, including arranging the night supervised by a nurse, which I spent at a nearby hotel. I didn't know if it was possible, being alone, but they did everything for me, and other international clients can be reassured that you don’t need an entourage with you, that you can even fly in and come on your own. The ladies at the front desk were very supportive and sweet, and so was Dr J, particularly on the morning of the operation, singing and easing my worries in only the way that he can.

Dr J's results were almost exactly like the mock photos he made, and I don't think i could be happier - I am fully satisfied and very pleased - like everyone says, i don't know why i waited so long. From my nose bothering me as it did to it not even being an issue now – at all – I don’t think I could have imagined the change it would bring to me. It is remarkable how his work looks incredibly NATURAL and even my mother barely noticed when I went home to my home country. It was one of my greatest worries, that other people would judge me as "vain" enough to make this major operation. Perhaps this is a cultural consideration compared to the USA, but in my line of work, to be seen as vain would be damaging to my reputation (ironically, considering more attractive people can tap into the "beauty bias" too) your beauty is expected to be effortless and something you were born with. But to my great relief, nobody knew! I didn't want that awful Hollywood wife or obvious rhinoplasty you sometimes notice in billboards in Middle Eastern airports and cities, that worked-on "Look everyone! I’ve had a nosejob!” look with a pinched Michael Jackson style nose. For me, beauty should never look forced or fake. But, I was so surprised, none of my friends from my home country noticed exactly what it was that to me was such a change, nobody from workplace who saw me five days a week pointed their fingers and said “Ha! Look at HER!” etc none actually noticed that the difference in my look was my nose, only that I somehow looked immediately GOOD, better, fresher, younger. It was THAT natural. YES. I look objectively more attractive, and importantly I FEEL more attractive. Now, in the mirror my eyes no longer stop and rest on my nose, thinking how I would look if it were a little or a lot more straight, a little different. My nose is GREAT now. Once, about a year after, someone actually said to me, with ZERO knowledge I'd had surgery "My god, your nose is PERFECT!" I had to laugh to myself, if only he knew my secret!

The recovery was surprisingly easy and I only needed pain meds once or twice in the first day or two. I should also mention that compared to other operations I have had with general anesthetic, these guys are the super pros. I had felt sick in recovery from other (non cosmetic) operations, dizzy for hours, but with Dr J's team, the after effects of anesthesia and the operation was very very smooth and hardly noticeable. I felt myself again within just a few hours. i did bruise a fair bit as I am pale skinned, but the great cosmetics provided really helped. I camped out at home for 7-10 days as i healed up, until my first check up and removing plaster. For the days after the operation, when the bruises developed to their peak, I was very happy to stay inside binge watching Netflix and relaxing, and in the evenings when I needed to stretch my legs, I wore a baseball cap and went out in the dark with my head down. The thing I love about NY of course is that nobody cares, no matter how self-conscious I felt. So really, for international clients, the proximity to this great hub of a city is just another bonus – Dr J’s office is within an hour’s drive from central Manhattan. While there are a just a few other top surgeons on par with Dr Joseph in New York City and state area, personally I found others to be more about marketing and making money than service and whoever overlooks Dr Joseph does so at their own loss. I was concerned I may have issues after i left the United States with the recovery, and concerned what I would do if I was far away, but absolutely nothing happened that required communication about my healing, despite Dr J making himself available just in case. I had no bruising by the time I left the US about 2 weeks after the operation, and when I made it back for the one year check up when I was on holiday, the proof was in the before and after photos. Could not. Be. Happier!

The cost is on the higher end, but its one of those costs I have absolutely no regrets about, and certainly the peace of mind and end result Dr Joseph gave me is priceless. His fee is worth it, and if you are fortunate enough to have him see you and fit you into his schedule, consider yourself lucky and don’t hesitate, his work is without compare, and the demand for his skill is great. If you are an international client from outside the United States, do make sure you identify yourself as such, and his wonderful office will do everything to bridge the distance, they took very good care of me since my family and support was far away. Good luck to all those looking for their surgeon – I know it’s a big decision, especially those like me who would travel internationally for the best choice, and finally, sincerest thankyous again to Dr Joseph and his staff!!!
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