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Hello...I am planning on having rhinoplasty. My...

Hello...I am planning on having rhinoplasty. My nose isn't terrible, just too masculine for my rather small features. I've wanted to do this since a teen and life got in the way. So now at 50, divorced and grown children, this is my time :). I am interviewing (3) doctors before I decide. I have set an appointment with Dr Godek at the Personal Enhancement Center in Toms River, NJ who specializes in rhinoplasty, and am setting up consults with Dr Andrew Miller in Edison, NJ, who I have read about on RealSelf, and a doctor from The Plastic Surgery Center in Shrewsbury. I will be adding 'before' pictures soon. First consult is next week. Very exciting!!

I did it! Rhinoplasty Lower Bleph with fat graphing and CO2 laser

After reading many positive reviews, I chose Dr Andrew Miller in Edison, NJ to do my rhinoplasty. My first consult with him I discussed what I wanted...a softer more feminine nose. If you drew a line down the middle of my face I had a long straight nose with a small bump on the right side bridge and my tip drooped on the left. Dr Miller listened to what I wanted and told me what we could achieve. He was my third consult and I decided to go with him. My contact in the office was Claire, love her :) She was super nice and patient with my questions. In addition to my rhinoplasty, I decided to do my lower lids. I had slight bags and wrinkling starting to happen, I figured while I was getting my nose done and was fortunate enough to come into a little money, I might as well do my eyes. I'm switching up my life and career so I might as well go for a new look :)


My Surgery

Surgery was yesterday. My daughter drove. Dr Miller has a surgery center above his office. It was a ride up in the elevator and was just like a hospital setting, complete with a really nice anesthesiologist and great nurses. after the nurse took my vitals and I changed into the gown, Dr Miller came into the room and went over the details on what he was doing once more. Pretty nose please :) He took some pictures and drew on my face and both thighs were he was doing the grafting. I asked him to add some fat to areas in my face that needed some tweaking if possible. He's really cool.. I was met with friendly faces as I walked into the OR. My IV went in easily, barely a pinch! After some small talk...that was pretty much it lol. I woke up in recovery. No pain. My eyes burned from the laser like a bad sunburn and I felt very congested. a little nauseous but that went away shortly. Got home and tried to ice right away. It was difficult because the skin under my eyes is raw and had medicine on. After a good icing I put on the bacitracin gently with a Q tip and it burned. When i spoke my nose bubbled blood at the tip. I felt it, and my drip gauze was pretty bloody. My daughter helped change the was stuck to my nose and she used a wet Q tip to loosen. She called the doctors office just to check about my eyes burning from the ointment (was this normal? Was i allergic and having a reaction?) They assured it was normal. I'm also taking arnica tablets but I'm bruising. I have purple marker on my face still and some bloody dots so he did add some volume like I requested :) Soo it's the next day. I've barely slept. My mouth is really dry. I forgot to pick up that dry mouth stuff. I've been using the tears drops and I like it, My eyes look pretty clear. I'm purple bruising in the corners of my eyes. My eyes are tearing a little which slightly stings the skin. Otherwise I'm really good. I wear contacts and glasses so this going to be interesting. I'm typing holding my glasses off my face. So far so good though. I'll add some pictures later. It's your basic not pretty post surgery lol.

Day 1-4 post op

Hello I'm on day 4 post op. The past few days have been a little tough. Bruising started immediately in the corners of my eyes and my face is very swollen overall. I took the nasal packing out day after surgery and used the saline spray. I was able to breath through my nose very little. This is tough because I'm not a mouth breather so sleep has not been great. My mouth is dry and keeping my lips moisturized. Since I can't breathe food isn't interesting. It's been described as feeling like a bad cold and that is an accurate description. The inside of my nose felt raw for the first two days but is greatly improved. Some itching under the cast. My rhinoplasty has been manageable overall.

That being said, my lower bleph with fat graphing from both thighs, fat re distributed in areas on my face and eyes, and CO2 laser under the eyes. This has been difficult. I'm so glad I opted out of getting my entire face lasered. It would've been tough to deal with. My thights hurt from the fat removal and there are dissolve-able stitches. Under the eyes skin oozed this yellow substance. I felt it running down my cheeks So gross. I've been cleaning religiously and also with the white vinegar and warm water solution and applying the bacitracin, so there's no scabbing. Day three post op I developed this bloody looking purplish bruise under my eye. The skin looks pink. My face is a yellow bruised color and swollen. I look terrible but I know these are phases. I'm added pictures of the past few days.

Day 5

Day 6

Progress! I'm happy with how things are developing. The bruising and the swelling in my face is annoying, but overall I'm coming along. My cast and stitches come out tomorrow yay. It's starting to get itchy and I'm anxious to see my new nose :-) The skin around my eyes is improving daily, but my eyes have been bothering me. I've gotten some pain in my eyes. The skin on the outer corners looks more red today. Using the antibiotic ointment to avoid any issues. I've been waking up with blood in the corner of my left eye - the one that looks like the skin has been healing quicker. Earlier when I was gently massaging my cheek under that eye, trying to break up the bruising, my vision became blurred and when I looked in the mirror my eye looked bloody. In fact there was a bloody discharge that I wiped out of the corner so I'll be asking the doctor about that tomorrow. I'm using the tears drops which helps with the minor irritation of the eyes feeling scratchy.


The reveal

Stitches came out on day 8. The doctor wasn't there and I needed to return next day for the follow up. An assistant took out the stitches. It wasn't comfortable. Pulling and snipping. Then the cast. I looked in the mirror. My nose was so small. My philtrim looked super long, which I was concerned about. And the tip looked odd. Mushy. And where the stitches were looked like a ledge. I wasn't going to panic. It had been bound for eight days. It needed to breathe. I looked like a crazed elf with my tiny nose and my red lasered skin around my eyes. And the bruise on my cheek that wouldn't leave. wore a baseball cap real low while driving. I wanted to get home quickly.

Dr visit

Went back the next day to see Dr Miller. He seemed very pleased how my nose looked and how well my eyes were healing. He showed me how to massage my nose and to clean the inside with peroxide and use bacitracin. Follow up a week later.

Follow up

Dr Miller said everything looks good. It's a refined version of my old nose. I'm wearing makeup and trying to cover the red skin under my eyes. He assured me it'll clear soon.

The eyes and here's something inside my nose

When wearing makeup I am concealing the redness quite well. When the makeup comes off I'm still very red. I'm using the Aquaphor religiously. Since my surgery my nose has had a ton of 'debris'. Disgusting boogers like I've never had. Using the saline spray trying to move them along. I know it sounds gross but I've used tweezer to remove some since you can't blow. I've had the dissolvable stitches hanging and have gently removed with no issue. Now I've noticed something hard inside my left nostril. On the septum wall. White and hard. I'm concerned its cartilage. And there's this little red bubble on the upper inside. I'm not touching anything. I'm still using the peroxide and bacitracin. I'll call on Monday to get in so Dr Miller can look at it.

Progress Stalled - Eyes healing slowly

My skin under my eyes have been very red. My face wash might be irritating it. I'm also wearing makeup almost every day. It doesn't sting while wearing it but when I take it off my skin looks raw. I've been switching back from Aquaphor to the prescription ointment. I had a tiny pin like tear under my eye yesterday night. As the skin is thin I really have to be careful.

Hollows under my eyes 23 days later

Well that was short lived. I'm noticing hollows under my eyes. More so on the left. I have left over fat stored and I'm supposed to get a touch up in three months. It's not even a month post op. I'm goi g tomorrow to get my nose looked at. I'll see what the good doctor says.

One Month Post Op

It's one month gone by. I am happy with my results. I saw Dr Miller last week, as I thought there was something going on in my nose inside left nostril. He assured me I'm healing fine. I have to wait three months to have additional fat added under my eyes. The fat has to adhere and settle. My philtrim is long and my smaller nose emphasizes it. My face looks proportionate. Not sure if I want to address that at this time. Dr Miller is an hour ride up north. My seven minute conversation with him was reassuring. That's all I needed. Reassurance. Personally I wouldn't pick a surgeon further away - travel to another state. I like to be within a comfortable distance, if I need a quick visit my doctor is in reach.

One month nose and eyes

I'm posting my one month pictures with no make up and in natural light. Be kind I'm 51 lol. I've changed up what I'm putting on my eyes after the make up come off. Instead of Aquaphor I started using Cera Ve about 5 days ago. And I've incorporated June Jacobs Raspberry Recovery serum after I wash my face. It's distilled from fresh flowers and supposed to hydrate and help distressed skin, and reduce redness. I've noticed a difference as I don't look as raw under my eyes.

I had a rhinoplasty in April and I am so happy...

I had a rhinoplasty in April and I am so happy with my experience and results. I have my full review elsewhere with pictures but wanted to take this moment to recognize my doctor, Dr Andrew Miller in Edison, NJ. He gave me a beautiful, natural looking nose. It's my nose but refined. I highly recommend him.

Edison Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Miller was an excellent choice. I showed him what I would like to achieve and he told me what he could do to give me the closest natural results. He was always friendly and made me feel welcome in his office. He addressed any and all my concerns. I never had to wait long for an appointment. Staff was friendly. He has his own OR upstairs which saves his patients the added cost of going to a surgery center or hospital. Overall I am extremely happy with my decision.

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