Getting a Little Nervous - New Jersey, NJ

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I am having a complete facelift, neck....upper...

I am having a complete facelift, neck....upper lids and chemical peel under my was the compression bandage the first night...and someone tell me what the pain is really like? i don't really have any friends that have had this, and no one rally to talk about this with.When did the swelling go down so i can go out..

a local

i am getting diprivan and spoke to another PS that does it under a local...what are your thoughts on this?

coming up soon

well, it's getting close! June 17th is almost here...I am stlll a nervous wreck...Not sleeping well at all...I am glad to have found this site..i have learned a lot!
Can anyone tell me what the first day is like?


i am up and getting ready...nervous, but hanging in there...let you all know. and thank you everyone! xxoo

day 4

well, today is day 4. would i do t all again? i believe i would. day 1 was a little hard. It was that diprvian eyes hurt, and left recovery like a zombie...sleep has been a problem,.i hear it is from the diprvan . went to the drs yesterday, and had eye sutures out..i am now on my way to getting better. It is major surgery, but if you really want this it will be easier. I cant take much pain. My son was at my bedside and did every thing for me..he was better than any nurse. My parents were here, and friends all day to help...If anyone needs help or support i will be here for you. !!

face and eye lift

I have 2 questions for anyone who had a face and eye lift...does anyone have red burning ears? and 2 weeks after my lips were done, it still looks like i have excess skin on one eye esp...anyone have any issues like this?

3 weeks 3 days post face lift

after the bruising goes away...and you don't look 100% or a little distorted ..anyone feel a little down?

going back in

its almost 1 year, and my dr did an awesome job....but i am going back July 17 to get a little tighter....he def put me back 15 to 20 years, but i ca see my rightside is a little tighter ... so it wil be about 4 hrs in surgery....i am a little nervous .,not too much tho...its just waking up like a zombie i hate...will let you all know..
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