21 Y/o Kybella - New Jersey

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Body extremely thin, but no matter how thin i get...

Body extremely thin, but no matter how thin i get the submental fat doesn't go away. Heard about Kybella and got procedure done that same week on October 5th. Completely minimal. Then got 2nd procedure done October 26th (with permission from multiple docs because I was fully healed by the end of 3 weeks)
The 2nd procedure was much more intense--- more injections.
Now the waiting begins.
For the pics i won't show my full face to protect my identity but I will keep posting snapshots of my chin area.

Day 5, still a bullfrog

Staying positive. Time will heal :)


One week since last treatment!!! Swelling reduced!! So excited.

10 days post

Not sure how well the pics are capturing it but man do I already feel better. I am very happy.

Day 11

On my period --> water retention --> bloating.

Two weeks post

Saw my family this weekend, they all know I got the procedure and were looking forward to seeing what I looked like. They said they definitely saw a difference!!!
ADVICE: If you're comfortable being open about your Kybella treatment with peers/family, ask people who don't see you often when you see them if they see a difference from the last time they saw you! It is much more dramatic when you compare it weeks apart because if you do it daily it is obviously more gradual.

Improvement (?)

All I know is I feel better in front of the camera

Response to Question

In response to the comment about seeing no/little difference here are a few comparison pics of before and after. All the left are before and the right are after. This is under three weeks after 2nd treatment.


I'm not sure.

Ok so here's the deal: the first round of injections was nothing. I had 5 injections. The second time I demanded more injections and so I'm really pretending the second time was the first time. It was for $350 for two vials each time, though i think he only used one vial the first time. It's just weird. He's a weird doctor with a weird practice but I saw the vials were in fact Kybella vials and my family swears they see a difference.



Nervous for tomorrow

Going in for treatment #3 tomorrow. Nervous to go through the bullfrog swelling phase again

3rd treatment and correction

Hello. To correct some info: it was $350 per vial.
Just went in for my 3rd treatment. Hopefully my last! Looking like a bullfrog already and expect to look like this for a few days. Part of me wants to put on a scarf for two weeks and reveal myself at the end of two weeks to see if there is any dramatic difference, haha. Hope you're all doing well and having good progress.


Hey guys. My final result with Kybella.... It did what it needed to do, which was eradicate some of my submental fat. I spoke with an oral surgeon today who gave me x-rays and everything, and this was his response: "The Kybella did what it needed to do, because I feel absolutely the minimal amount of fat a person needs under the chin." That is fine and well; there was some baby chub that needed to go. HOWEVER, I'm still stuck with a double chin. My chin is weak. I am looking at a chin implant in the near future. No matter how much fat is sucked out, it will still inevitably look unsatisfactory because I have to do something about my chin/jaw. At this point I am being absolutely picky and obsessive over one area of my face, but the fact is I am a camera actor and the little things (ESPECIALLY in the face) matter.
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