Finally! Doing Something for Me :) 2013 - NJ

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First I would like to say I'm so glad I found this...

First I would like to say I'm so glad I found this site it's very helpful to see other results and read reviews.
I'm 39 yrs old and married with 3 children (22,20 & 12) and for my 40th birthday I have always said I wanted a Tummy Tuck, so after all the curve balls life has given me...taking care of my dad with stage 4 cancer (he past 5 months ago)... I had an hysterectomy 1 year before that and just raising 4 people including my husband ( y'all know how that goes) it's time for me to do something for ME!!!!
I started my research about a year ago and last month decided on a Dr. Steven Davis in New Jersey. Even though I wanted a TT he was the only Dr that told me my skin elasticity is very good and suggested Liposuction w/ Fat Transfer (BBL). He explain to me what the difference was and what my results could be. After talking to hubby he agreed and has told me I didn't need a TT a long time ago but we all know that we are our worst critics what we see is not the same as what others see in and on us.
My plans were too have the surgery in about 6 months but was approved for 100% financing and it's No time like the Present so in 10 days (July 16th) I will have my early birthday gift from me to me....LOL yay ME!!!!!
July 3rd ~I did my Pre-Op
July 5th ~Bloodwork (waiting on clearance)
I'm so excited and nervous at the same time!

8 days and Counting.....

I am counting down 8 days left!!! Here are a few before pics....

7 days left and Counting......

So I notice for the past few days I have to force myself to eat something???? However, I haven't lost any weight (I gained) Since my hysterectomy my weight has been between 166-170lbs .....This morning I weighed and measured myself and I'm back at the higher end of my weight......Here's where I'm at 1 week before Liposuction w/ Fat Grafting.

weight 170.8lbs
chest 38"
under breast 36"
waist (above belly button) 35 1/2"
waist (below belly button) 39"
hips 45" (OMG so wide!!!!)

Am I measuring that right???

Oh My height...

I forgot to say I'm 5ft 5in.....However I'm still stuck on my 45 inch hips/butt measurements didn't know I was that wide. I had to goggle "How to measure yourself" and I did it right....Omg so I may just end up with a 50 inch a$$.....OMG!!! little nervous

5 days left and Counting.....

Not sure if it's me but I feel like it's the longest week EVER!!! I don't have a schedule time but my date is July 16th I have to call the hospital the day before to get a time...I guess no news is good news I haven't heard from the PS about my bloodwork that was done last Friday....I'm so ready to get this done and over with and start the healing process!


After all the excitement over the past 2 weeks, today has finally come and I'm a nervous wreck!!! My surgery is schedule for 11am today and of course I've been up seen 2:30....OMG!!! Even though I'm nervous I also can't wait too see my results...So please Keep me in your prayers...and I am Forever Thankful:)

Pre -op Measurements and Pics

Bust 38
Bust (under) 36
Waist (above belly button) 35
Waist (below belly button) 38
Hips/Butt 44

Day One Post-op.....

Ok so surgery went well all I remember was being rolled down a hallway and when I woke up I was in recovery...feeling a little sick the nurses gave me ginger ale and cookies??? I remember laying down in the back of my car (btw...had my surgery at Kennedy Hospital in New Jersey) my hubby drove and when I woke up again it was 12mid-night and I was home in the bed, so I was on some heavy stuff because that's all I remember.

Since midnight I have been getting up every hour to pee, which is a challenge 1) because I'm so sore and 2) because my bed is to high off the floor, but hubby found a stepping stool watch helped a lot. I'm not having no vomiting or nausea Thank God! My butt is very sore and so is my lower abs which makes it hard to do anything. When I do have to pee I try to stay out of bed to walk around for a bit to loosen up my sore muscle. I will post pics later but I do have on foam an a stomach garment but nothing on my hips and butt. Other than that no serious issues, I really don't see a difference but my daughter & hubby said they do....Oh yeah a swollen vajay jay.

Day 4 Post-op, Dr.s appt and Pics

I haven't posted in a few days so here's a breakdown and a few pics......

Day 2 ~ Still very sore and swollen not much to tell besides sleeping on and off for and hour at a time, still laying on stomach and peeing a lot because I do drink a lot of water Thank God for the female urinal!!!...Yessssss

Day 3 ~ Awesome day I'm feeling more like myself I'm able to sit in a chair on my thighs can't really eat standing or leaning forward, had my first BM and my 1st post-op appt. dr removed my foam OUCH!!! even though it hurt it was more annoying verses pain because my stomach is still numb but I like him remove it and when I open on eyes OMG!!! my stomach is soooooo flat I'm shocked because I was sure I needed a TT but he assured me that wasn't the case and he was so right. I was cleared to shower Yesssssss!!! and see him an another week. Then I realized my purse is black and blue!!! (vajay jay) I didn't order no black & blue purse it's summertime that's not cute at all. However Dr. reassured me that it's normal and it will go away, it's looking like a DAMN PET???? a beaver's head!!! I already have 2 dogs to care for and groom I don't want A BEAVER!!!! a BLACK & BLUE one at that!!...... WT????
Ok now the booty LAWD I was already wide in the hips before surgery but this booty VERY SORE & SWOLLEN I notice if I'm thigh sitting or on my feet too long my butt hurts like a headache. But all apart of the healing process I' sure!



DAY 3 POST -OP no garment

Cherry Hill Plastic Surgeon

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