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I consulted with Dr. Burnett in maybe April/June....

I consulted with Dr. Burnett in maybe April/June. It took me 2 months and 1 other consult to decide if he was for me. He does all open rhinos and I decided he would be able to give me dramatic enough results for this bulbous honker of mine. The office was relaxed but professional all at once. He answered so many questions...I had a lot (I've been researching this since I was 9 lol). It helped that he was African American himself and he was realistic in my symmetry and what he could and could not do to my face. I also like that he asked for a wish pic. Will keep you guys posted.

The big day is coming!

Dr. Burnett started me on a ton of vitamins and encouraged healthy eating so I would heal well. My surgery day is Black Friday and I am excited but scared all at once. Please pray for me. I have wanted this for years and really wish for good results.

2 or 3 days out (in a fog)

Ok so I've been home and am in a lot of pain. The way I describe it is a really bad cold. Congestion, dry mouth, food sucks, but I'm keeping my eye on the prize. Removed my lower bandages after day 1 and will date everyone that drainage (eww) but I'm on a ton of meds and in and out of sleep (elevated of course).

No pic update because not mcuh has changed

My swelling has went down and I'm not nearly as uncomfortable as I was previously. Mouth still is dry but hot water and lemon is helping. I still feel myself draining when I look down for too long (like a runny nose) but don't see any trace on my bandages. My follow up to remove my packing is December 1 and I can' t wait to *Toni Braxton voice* "breathe again".

I have no idea what I look like so I can't call the results but I'm being reasonable. This is a potential year long healing period, but hey I had a nose I didn't like for 27 years, I'm supposed to look different.

If all else fails, my contour game is strong.

Tape off, Tape on

Alright, Alright. Alright. I can breathe y'all. This is a precious life indeed. They removed all of my packing today so I sound a little better and can breathe through my nose.
I did not get to see my nose (Dr. Burnett declined) but my mom got a peek and she likes it. It's still quite swollen but it looks smaller to me already.
I got some steroid shots in my nose and am taking oral steroids as well that are nasty as s*it (no one warned me lol). So far I'm satisfied y'all. To know that swelling will go down in my nose even more, and I think it's cute already with tape, makes me giddy af.
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