So happy!!! 7 months...

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On April 5 I will be getting rhinoplasty. I am 25...

On April 5 I will be getting rhinoplasty. I am 25 and finally built up the courage to even face the fact that I always disliked my nose. It's only a few days away and can not wait to be content with my appearance.

A few of my fears are:

A.) not looking like myself anymore
B.) having poor breathing as a result of the surgery
C.) not being able to sing or drastic change in singing voice

I would just like health and safe process... Please wish me luck!

I can't believe tomorrow is the day... It is...

I can't believe tomorrow is the day... It is almost surreal. Keep me in your thoughts please!!!

I'm out! Only problem is I can barely keep my eyes...

I'm out! Only problem is I can barely keep my eyes open. They put these eye guards on my eyeballs during surgery??? Everything is totally pain free except my eyes! Ugh! I'm straining to write this... Anyway. Can't believe I did it. I cried all morning. To my mom, nurse, anesthiologist and then stopped finally. Wish me a great recovery please!!!!!

Okay... so I made it!!! It has not been what I...

Okay... so I made it!!! It has not been what I expected at all... to start, the first thing I started talking about when I woke up from anesthesia was my eye. It hurt so much, it felt like there was something in my left eye and I couldn't open either of my eyes. The nurses, in my oblivion, were saying something about the eye guard scratching me? Anyway, when I was wheeled outside I had to put a scarf over my head because the light was so bright and my mom had to walk me upstairs because I couldn't see anything and omgosh... I just did not think I would be blinded for the first 2 days literally. My mom had to feed me food and guide me around the house and then in the middle of the night my boyfriend had to walk me to the bathroom because I couldn't see anything. Was awful. I kept saying though that other than my excruciating eye pain and inability to see anything, I felt great. Didn't have any nausea or nose pain.

Anyway... I can finally open my eyes without them burning, they are still a little blurry though. My nose is bothering me now, just an uncomfortable feeling. Pressure... numbness... stitches pulling... Feeling very bored now. The weather is BEAUTIFUL out for the first time in months and I can't really enjoy it so that is sad! I just have to remind myself that after the next month or so I can enjoy all the weather I want and enjoy my new nose, lol!

One more thing, it hurts to laugh!!! I feel like...

One more thing, it hurts to laugh!!! I feel like my stitches pull when I smile. My boyfriend keeps making me laugh tho!!!

So it is day 3 or 4, day 3 if u start counting the...

So it is day 3 or 4, day 3 if u start counting the day after surgery. I'm feeling great!!! I only have a few qualms about how I'm feeling.... Just a bit congested and feel like I have a lot of pressure on my face. Also it's so weird to "feel" my numb nose as it basically has no feeling in it. Laughing feels like my stitches are pulling although I'm not sure if that's what's happening. Sleeping is uncomfortable but my u-shaped pillow is great... Just wish I could go back to normal and eat gooood food and snuggle and kiss my honey! Lol. Ok, enough of me complaining... One question:

My discharge paper said not to stick anything up my nose so I still have globs of blood and chunks of stuff hanging out in my nostrils. I figure when I go on Wednesday to get my stitches out they will clean out my nose??? I hope so!?

This afternoon I went on a long walk! It was my...

This afternoon I went on a long walk! It was my first time out of the house and my first time walking around with my cast. I went to this trail that is about an hour away from where I live (trying to avoid running into people I know) and I wore a baseball cap... I took it really easy, walking slowly and carrying around a tissue in case I started dripping. I'm really glad I went out!!! It was gorgeous weather. It was also good to get moving around instead of sitting on my couch watching TV for hours on end! I posted a picture of me with my hair down, coming back from my walk. I also put some makeup over my bruises for my time outside.

Today is Day 5 (6?) and I'm feeling fine... just a...

Today is Day 5 (6?) and I'm feeling fine... just a little down... don't feel pretty, don't feel comfortable sleeping, just kinda wish things can go back to "normal." I guess that's something I didn't take into account when preparing for my recovery week.

I went on another walk yesterday, felt great to be out in the open air. I didn't get many stares but this one woman walking two huge dogs looked up at me, did a double take and then tripped over her dogs. I was like, wow... she must have been looking at my cast... lol

In a few minutes I will be going to get my external stitches taken out. I'm REALLY nervous for this? I hope it won't hurt. Then I'm going over to my mom's house to do laundry and have lunch with her and my grandma...

QUESTION: Am I the only one who has bloody...


Am I the only one who has bloody chunks of stuff in their nostrils? My drs office said it would be best to leave it alone and don't clean the insides???? I mean... I've seen other ppls pics in this site and their nostrils look pretty good and clean. Mine are literally black holes with black goop. There are internal stitches so I guess if I pull at a scab it could pull on the stitch but... Has anyone's dr said this to you? Also when I went to get my stitches out they said I should go home and clean my nose because the area with stitches was too crusty? Well... I would have cleaned it if u told me I could!? Was really disappointed because I was looking forward to having clean nostrils. Wearing the cast is not bad at all. It's the bloody black nostrils that is gross. Oh well... On fri I will have the stitches removed and also the cast.

So now I am going to hold a wet compress to loosen the blood around my colemmna and keep it clean. Ayeeeee

So tomorrow is the big day... My cast removal. I...

So tomorrow is the big day... My cast removal. I have to say the last 2 days were super emotional, filled with me crying over silly things... I've also been going through bouts of possibly regretting doing this procedure... And then I go back to being happy about it... Well I just have to accept it now because what's done is done. I mean... I hope I like my new nose!?!? :/

So... I got my cast off and I am so relieved to...

So... I got my cast off and I am so relieved to say... I LIKE IT! It is SOOO swollen though, but still... I guess to someone who never saw me before, they may think nothing of it? But, it was such a relief to look in the mirror after they took the cast off and say, "Good... it's good, I like it. I like it a lot!"

I was sooo nervous I wasn't going to like it and like, what do you do if you get a nose job and you don't like it? You're going to be ever critical of your nose? I just want to forget about my nose... and just live my life? But, oh no... now I am just so obsessed with taking pictures of my nose.

Oh and another HUGE relief is that I still look JUST like ME... I was super scared I'd look like another person. I'm really thrilled I still look like me... also, my nose is exactly what I envisioned so I'm really happy. It looks BIG to me though... but I guess it's actually smaller than my previous nose and it will shrink and also it's what fit my face... I'm so relieved and I think my surgeon did an excellent job catering to my wishes.

As far as breathing, I'm not breathing WELL... I still have a lot of crust blocking but probably there is more blockage due to swelling. Also, I feel really DRY when I breathe through my nose, like I want a humidifier or something...

My voice has turned slightly nasally in the last 2 days and I also feel like I have a post nasal drip going on in my throat. I go back to see the Dr. on Tuesday so we shall see, he will prob say, you're just swollen! I mean... what could he really do? Anyway, I'm just so thankful it looks okay. I can't wait to see what it will look like when the bridge thins out and the tip defines more... I think I will LOVE it. But gradual changes will be the best because you won't notice it until you put pics side by side...

All in all, I am happy =)

Hey guys, today is the 2 week mark... and I am...

Hey guys, today is the 2 week mark... and I am very happy with my results so far. But before I go into that, I'd like to vent!

I planned to have my surgery around my Spring Break, because I had a week off of work. So, I had my surgery on Friday and then planned to return to work the following Monday. Now what makes my story unique is that on Tuesday I was to put on a CONCERT (I teach 3rd and 4th grade chorus) and so... I was taking a HUGE risk by having my surgery so close to my concert date. What if I wasn't presentable? What if I had major complications... well, luckily I was OKAY and was able to put on the 3 concerts, successfully. (CONCERT WAS FAB BY THE WAY, LOVE LOVE LOVE my students)

Anyway... when I got my cast off, I was very happy but the next few days I was still on my emotional roller coaster, it wasn't until Wednesday that I started to really REALLY like my nose.

Also, I am THRILLED to say that out of all my students, and I teach General Music in an elementary school so I see 700 children a week... NONE OF THEM MENTIONED MY NOSE. I am THRILLED. I only had 2 children... one boy is very quirky and he came up to me and said "There is something different about you, but I can't put my finger on it!!!" He said it just like that... so funny, and then another girl who said I look different but then when I saw her later that week she didn't seem to notice anything.

I had a lot of children ask about my bruise that I unsuccessfully covered with makeup, so maybe that distracted them from my nose. I told them that my bruise was just an allergic reaction, and that it will go away in a few days. They bought that!

Even the most gossipy woman who I work with, who likes to get into my business and ask about my boyfriend and all this stuff, she noticed I had a bruise on my eye, but.... DIDN'T NOTICE MY NOSE!?!?!?! i could NOT believe it. I'm sooo happy because I definitely do not want anyone knowing I had this done. I guess this is a great thing to say about my surgeon... he gave me very natural results and did not change my front view appearance.

On Thursday I was looking at a bunch of candid photos of me from my previous concerts and I saw pics of my old nose and I thought... what the... my nose wasn't THAT BAD? It was really NICE actually. It just is crazy that it took me $7,000 to realize my nose wasn't really that bad at all. But... ya know, I am def glad that I did this because in reality, I really did hate my nose, and I was never able to walk tall and truly feel beautiful..

As far as my breathing goes, I am breathing pretty well, just a little stuffy now and then. My nose also seems very normal to me, it's only in the morning when I wake up that it feels foreign to me.

My voice and singing voice are pretty normal, just still a bit nasally.

I've been wearing a lot of eye makeup to try to make my eyes pop and draw the attention away from my nose, lol! Love my new nose, but I truly can not believe none of my students noticed.

My nose gets swollen if I eat salty foods or do a lot of activity, but then goes back to normal the next day... so I haven't really been watching what i eat in terms of sodium. i pretty much eat like i used to now. I haven't drank alcohol yet.

taking a shower is SO nice, I finally feel comfortable putting my face under the water...

all in all, very happy and can't wait to go out and get dressed up and feel pretty!

my boyfriend likes to tell me that I don't have a new nose, I just have the nose that I USED to have before puberty, cuz I used to have such a cute nose, and then once I turned 13 it was down hill from there, so.... my doctor just gave me my old nose back =)

So tomorrow will be 3 weeks post op, I'm still...

So tomorrow will be 3 weeks post op, I'm still quite happy... But don't want u all to get the wrong idea... It's been a lot of ups and downs and I also don't think my nose is fabulous... I just think its "ok" lol... I dunno... Prob just the swelling! 

A few days ago a scan came out and underneath was a little lone stitch, I had a feeling it was a stitch that needed to be removed and I was right.  Had to go in just to get it out, it was painful but fine now...

I think my Nose is still BIG .... But, I asked my dr to keep the length so that is what I got. It could be swelling as well. 3/4 view is my least fav, prob cuz of swelling. 

Something that may be weird to understand but... I thought that after I had this surgery I would somehow be miraculously glamorous... Well... That is not the case... I still have frumpy clothes and when I haven't done my hair I look like crap... I still have crappy makeup... Like... It's just funny to realize... A nose does not define u, it's ur whole appearance that makes u beautiful. 

Breathing is going fabulous, I feel like I'm breathing pretty normally. Also I have abondoned sleeping upright, I just don't feel like it does anything. Also just ate pizza and if my nose swells up then who cares? 

Kinda getting tired of being so careful when kissing my bf! I just wanna go at it!!! Haha TMI Sorry!

I posted some pictures of my front view... U can see how it changes daily... 

Overall I'm happy and thankful because I still look and feel like me and I'm getting to the point where I don't think about my nose as often. It's feeling more and more like my nose and not a foreign piece on my face. So because of the fact that I still feel like me... I am extremely grateful. 

Wow... I never thought I would be typing this... 1...

Wow... I never thought I would be typing this... 1 month post op?!?!? The month flew by... thankfully I have been lucky to have great results and no complications. I can safely say, I really love my new nose.

I went out for the first time where I got all dressed up and makeup and hair and... I have to say, I felt SO beautiful for the first time... I felt so happy in my own skin... which I have never felt before.

There are of course days that I feel like my nose is still really big, but again, I think it’s just swelling. Also, there has NEVER been a day where I am 100% totally in love with my nose. I still think it is just “OK” hahaha... HOWEVER, I think it REALLY fits my face to a T.

It’s crazy that only a few days after my cast came off, I was already so used to my new nose. Now, when I look at myself, it still feels completely normal.

I was chatting with my dad on the phone and he said “Yeh, you look OK” and i’m like “OK!?!? I think I look great, and I think i look just like i’ve always looked” and he’s like... “i know sweetie... but i’ve known you for 25 years...” I can def understand... but I’ve known myself for 25 years too!? HAHAHA

So when I went out this weekend I drank a lot of alcohol and to no surprise my nose swelled up big time by the next morning. It was also a quite uncomfortable feeling, maybe because of all the internal swelling. I slept upright Sunday night and Monday morning most of my swelling was gone again.

My only fears are... possible long term problems that will arise down the road. right now i don’t have ANY problems, but what I’m worried about is down the road... like, in 5+ years, what if something collapses? thats basically my only fear... and has been my fear before surgery.

I am SO happy though... and I can finally feel comfortable when my boyfriend comes up behind me to hug me and I turn to look at him! hahah... also, so amazing that no one noticed my nose at work! some of the teachers have GOT to know but maybe just decided not to ask to respect my privacy, but seriously, i don’t think a lot noticed because i work with a lot of NOSEY people, no pun intended, and they did not ask me and i know for a fact they would not hold back.

For anyone considering this surgery... I would say go for it, even if you have doubts, which I had MAJOR doubts, even up until the minute before I went under anesthesia ... i would say go for it. Your self confidence and self image will thank you!

2 months post op =)

Hi all! Just wanted to preface this and say that even if I don't update or comment a lot, I am on this site EVERYDAY and I love love love looking at everyone's progress. Don't ever feel like your update is boring or whatever... so wonderful to see pictures and to hear about your stories.

Anyway, as for me, I'm doing very well. I find myself singing renditions of opera arias with the new words: "I love my nose" when I'm home alone. It's really a miracle that I no longer have my bump. Crazy!

Medically, I think everything is going pretty well. Breathing is fabulous, however I only get stuffy at night when it is really hot, which actually used to happen before this surgery. The swelling is going down slowly but surely... nose is getting more comfortable to touch. Only weird this is there are some weird parts on my bridge where I feel like the bone is not completely even and smooth... so, I'm a little worried that once all the swelling goes down I'll have a weird bone shape but... I hope it is ALL swelling and everything will be normal.

As far as feeling more confident, I definitely do... although I can relate really well to some of the girls on here who have written about how self acceptance goes so much deeper than just your appearance. I think now that my nose is "fixed" I feel "normal" but now I really need to work on accepting myself, fully.

i never felt beautiful before, and now with my new nose I am ONLY BEGINNING to feel beautiful. like i said, it is so much more than just the nose... i would encourage anyone who does not feel beautiful because of their big nose, to really just think about whether or not your nose is really the issue. in my case i thought i was HORRIBLE, but now a days when i see girls with noses similar to mine... i'm like wow... they are beautiful? their nose doesn't stand out at all?? so odd!

With that being said... I love my nose but still think it is BIGGGGG. but only from certain angles? So... I keep telling myself, MOST people's nose looks big from weird random angles... so... I just try not to think about it. LOL

I posted some pictures of my nose where I think it looks BIG and then some good ones... Let me know what you think!

2 months post op =)



3 months post op, successful results so far!

Hey all! Everyone is looking so beautiful with their new and improved noses on this site. I'm lucky to be able to follow all of your stories. Thank you!!

My nose is doing very well! I am so pleased with the outcome. I think it looks really natural and soft and I feel like this has been my nose my whole life!

I have a few weird quirks about it but am trying to look past those few things and just focus on how I'm healthy and pleased with the aesthetic view. The few things that I'm unsure about are: 1. I feel a sizeable bump on the right side of my bridge. Sometimes i can see it as well when I turn my head. :/ 2. The inside of my nostrils are very bumpy. If I wanted to pick my nose (I know gross) it would be hard because there's all these "nooks and crannies" which I'm not sure is totally normal. I just attribute that to the stitching and swelling of the trauma areas? 3. I get tiny pimples on my nose that come and go? And my skin type has changed from extreme dryness to oily. Hmmmm

Despite those few things I am thankful I am alive. No complications with surgery. I can breathe completely normally. Singing voice is in tact. I like the way it looks. So I am thankful! My only REAL concern is of a complication that may arise down the road, such as a collapsed nostril in a few years? Scary... But for now I am goin to just enjoy feeling pretty and girly :)

3 months post op, successful results so far!

3 months post op, successful results so far!

5 months post-op :) :) :)

Hi all, things are going great with my nose! I feel so much more confident and pretty and feminine. My nose still gets swollen when I drink a lot but it usually goes away in a day or so. It feels almost back to normal, not quite, still a bit of numbness. Sometimes I "drip" a tiny bit of liquid, like a runny nose, and I just dab it and it goes away. Things are pretty good. This summer is was ridiculously diligent on putting sunscreen on my face because I heard after a rhinoplasty bein in the sun could possibly discolor your pigmentation or something so I went crazy with the sunblock. Hope all is well with everyone out there!!!

6 months!

I love my new nosey! Only thing I don't like is the front is very flat but not really noticeable, just to me. My side profile is spectacular. I'm truly lucky.

So happy!!! 7 months...

Very happy with my nose... i feel beautiful for the first time in my life (26 years), this picture would not be what it is if it weren't for my new nose. Yayh!
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