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I had the Ulthera done on my mid face because I...

I had the Ulthera done on my mid face because I was unhappy with the laxness of the skin on the lower half of my face, specifically on either side of my mouth in the cheek hollows towards the chin. It had been getting increasingly more noticeable to me when I looked in the mirror and leaned in to put on make-up. I had previously had the nasolabial folds done with Restylne and am very happy with the results and the duration. However, I am not ready for a mini-face lift and needed some pulling up of the skin in these areas. I will write again as times goes on. There is indeed an instant visually noticeable pull up of the skin which may or may not be purely a result of the process. Time will tell. The process is not that bad or at least not on the face (as opposed perhaps to the brow which I would imagine would be painful). I took a percocet and a lorazepan - It was not bad at all - the first deeper level tracks feels more needlely but not really painful and to me the second set of tracks at the less deep level feels more tingly. The only time that was annoying for a few passing second for me where at the cheek bone. I would say try not to think about it while it is going on. All said and done - it hurts a whole lot less than a tattoo. Much much less because the sensation is passing and not constant. For me with the meds in I would say it is a 3 out of 10 - no worse. I am looking forward to seeing how it progesses over the next few months. Also, I wonder if somew of the earlier negative posts were with the older protocol which was not as aggressive.

10 days out and am suprised that I already see a...

10 days out and am suprised that I already see a difference in my face, specifically the skin tone. Didn't expect that. Two unsolicited comments on how smooth my skin looks from up close (my hubby and PCP). I did Ulthera because I am looking for toning though I will take any additional benefit for sure. The area that bothers me most does look a wee bit better though I am certainly expecting more as time goes on. So, it does something, and we shall see exactly what over time. So far so good.

2 weeks out - still happy so far - looking for...

2 weeks out - still happy so far - looking for more results of course as time goes on but the skin in general had a definate firmer feeling - hard to explain - just an overall more compacted feeling, kinda thicker feeling. Right side which is the less lax side is noticeably better already, left perhaps a wee bit and definately looking for more there. Will continue to post.

Update - I am overall very happy with the results...

Update - I am overall very happy with the results - numerous women I know (some through work, some family, my hairdresser, manicurist, etc.) have made unsolicited remarks to me about how good my skin looks - a couple have asked what I did. My skin tone is definately tigher and more firm. Is it a replacement for a face lift - no way, but I am not ready for one yet. Will I add perlane to my cheekbone area or radiesse around my nasolabial area if the doc thinks it will help future marionette lines - yep cause Ultherapy does not address that area - I think only the shallow lines can be laid there. I will consider doing my neck if I think it will make a difference in the future. For now I only did the face. I do not think I would do the forehead because I do not have an issue there now and the pain would probably be beyond what I want to deal with given it is not an issue.

8-10-2012 Has Ulthera on 2-14-2112 Still very...

Has Ulthera on 2-14-2112
Still very very happy with the results.
My skin on my mid face is definately still firmer and musch tighter both visably and to the touch. Would definately do it again knowing what I know and would definately take a pain killer and an anti-anxiety med again so that the pain is not a deterrant. Someone said it is similar pain to tatto pain and I somewhat agree especially on the jaw and cheekbones. Tolerable but unpleasant. Heard it might be possible to use the shallow passes (not the deeper ones due to the nerves) closer to the nasolabial areas which is intriguing and something I might therefore consider this winter if it is shown to help those areas. Went with a friend who is a healhty and young looking 64 and she had terrific results on her neck and mid face. She tolerated the pain though also said it was quite intense at times. She took two Vicadin and held and ice pack during some of the procedure. It has been about a month for her and she had very noticeable changes. It took me two months to see any change (I am 53).
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