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Wow. im started to get nervous. im 5'1 with five...

wow. im started to get nervous.

im 5'1 with five kids between 5 and 24. ive always worked out and eaten well but my stomach took a beating form all the stretching.

i am scheduled at 9:30 this morning for a tt, muscle tightening, and lipo of the flanks. at my consult i was told a mini tt so at my pre op last week i was caught off guard with being told id need a full tt for the best results. squeemish at the thought of my belly button being moved around.

my dr said i will have drains but not sure for how long and to go back on day five to be fitted in my 'above the knee' compression garment. ive not read any other drs doing it this way. no garment til day 5? anyway he explained why and it made sense. he said it gives a chance for things to settle a bit first. anyways i feel like im starting to ramble. i took some pics and will check in as soon as im able.

this board has been an amazing source of information!

thanks everyone!

guess it was still in the modration process so i wasnt able to add before pics. doing that now

before pics

ive never worn a bikini in my life hoping i will be able to now!

before pics

everything went well. very sore and a bit loopy!

the staff at yale new haven were amazng. i felt so special with the team of nurses and drs i had surrounding me. after arriving around 8am, surgery was promptly at 9:30 and took 3:15 mins. i was discharged around 4:30 and picked up my meds which are vallium (for spasms every six hours) antibiotics (four times a day) and percocet (every four hours) and a stool softner (once per day).

i also have two drains in which i have to record the fluid amt and then empty every 8 hours. i am now at approx 15 cc since today which seems pretty good. the fluid is now less red and more pink.

i had a full tt, lipo of the flanks and muscle tightening. needless to say i am VERY sore and tight.

my dr wants me to rest on my back and peddle my legs every 20 mins or so to avoid any blood clots. i also have to walk hunch over for a two weeks. its a real pain getting in and out of bed and takes be forever even with help. im not sure what i look like let as i am pretty bandaged up.

not feeling pain per se but more tighteness and discomfort. i was also told to keep my head and legs elevated. sorry if am rambling! LOL

have been in bed dozing on and off pretty much all day. trying to drink alot of water and eat fruit.

will post pics shortly.

1 day post op pics

Was very still. Hard getting in and out of bed. Not much of an appetite. Area real numb stiff and
Tight. Cant wait to see what i look like under all this.

Day 2 Post op

Not as stiff today. Stomach still
Very numb but i definitely am feeling more flexible. Mostly laying with head and legs elevated. Dozing on and off. Little appetite. Drinking alot of fluids water and herb teas

day 3 post op. still no naseau

thanks for all the well wishes everyone!

this morning was able to stand and walk fully upright and with a little more speed but my dr doesnt want me to do so for two weeks and i def dont want to mess anything up so ill remain hunched over. lol

im sooo tempted to peel away some of these bandages to see what i look like underneath but alais, must wait til my appt on mon at which point ill be fitted in my above the knee compression garment.

yesterday i ate a peach chinese fried rice countless cups of water and herb teas. today will most likely be a repeat. .

today i will take it easy again take meds stay in bed and nap. sorry for any typos or ramblings!

thx for reading

ps i now weigh 3lbs more than before surgery

less pain more pep.

was able to get out of bed without taking pain med first thing this morning and put on a put of decaf hazlenut coffee. yummy! i did find that i tired easily though so back to bed i went.

took few pics and noticed bruising on my right side which is the more painful / sensitive side. im thinking from the lipo?

now a bit worried my belly button is too high or is it cause my tatt was surrounding it before?? tomorrow cant come fast enough.

i had also been dreading the drains after reading others stories about them but they actually have not been bothering me at all.

Day 4 post Op


just took my vallium, antibiotics and percocet and feeling drowsy. so much for feeling energetic!

day 5

stomach def loosened up quite a bit more and not so numb. mostly around belly button area now. i can take full deep breaths and even managed a little laugh this morning with not too much pain. lol. flanks are still sore but not so numb either

back from my 5 day follow up dr appt

dr said everything is looking great. at one point i thought i might have the drains removed today but on 2nd opinoin i was told to it would be best to wait til my next appt on monday. i was also fitted with my 'above the knee' compression garment. yikes!! can hardly breathe in this thing, its almost up to my bloody neck and its irritating the crap out of the drain on my right side.

the dr removed the bandage over my belly button and around the incision but not the thin strips that are holding the drains in place so i have yet to see what that scar bit looks like. my belly button is a bit scarey looking which i asked him about and he said it would sort itself out in time.

ive taken myself off the vallium and percocets as all they made me do is sleep and im not really in enough pain to justify taking them so he said just continue with the antibiotics til the drains come out on mon.

i am still VERY swollen but not as rock hard and he said that would last a couple of weeks and the numbness could be months. i managed to snap a couple of pic myself when he left the room.

can someone please assure me about my belly button???

thanks a bunch


flat side!!

Day 5 post op

forgot to add

my tat used to be around my belly button. i am happy its not totally distorted as the dr said they were able to save most of it when they pulled the skin down. this way if i want to 'gussy' it up a bit i dont have to wait a year or more as i wont need to touch the sensitive scar. then again, cant be completely sure til mon but so far thats how it looks.

belly button

ok yes im still on this belly button thing. ive emailed my dr to ask him but in the meantime figured id ask you all.

im worried it might healed closed over. i read on here a dr recommended a peice of cotton or gauze be placed in it so it doesnt close over. has anyone else heard / seen / done that after having theirs moved?

any insights appreciated.

thanks so much

this time last week................

i was just home from surgery. im still super bloated and the drains with this compression garment are not working out well at all. what a bloody pain!! emailed my dr yesterday and he called me and basically said i should still expect to feel pain and to take the valium. so here i am back on it. if these drains are not removed at my appt on mon...........i dont know if i will cope much longer.

also allergies are bad today and sneezing is so super painful. omg!!

my 19 yo left to head back to school today so its just me and the 5 and 8 yo. interesting times ahead! lol

my supoer cute compression garment

hi everyone. 8 days po here and today is the first day im feeling pretty darned good. i considered a load of laundry but thought it best to wait til at least the usual sun.

yesterday was the absolute worse for me. pain and discomfort made me a real misery guts. allergies kicked in and the sneezing was like omg! hugging the pillow thing DID NOT help. i had stopped taking the valium and percs the day prior as my son was heading back to school and im a single mom of a 5 and 8 yo to take care of but dr recommended i still take the valium to relax the muscles which doesnt make me as loopy as the valium percocet combo thank goodness.

had my first post up appt on mon and was sooo sure id get these pesky drains out but a no go. between the drains AND the above the knee compression garment i had fitted at that appt........no fun. i have another follow up on mon and these drains had better come out then, i mean 12 days is an awful long time no? ive totally upped my water intake and that seems to have helped. i can also walk upright today but the dr had advised i walk hunched for two weeks. im just kinda used to doing that now. lol

ive also noticed my swelling is going down but more on the left side than the right. the numbness is also subsiding. id say im on the mend!! YAY!!

Compression garment

And drains do not mix well!!

1:15 dr appt

If i come back home with these drains still embedded within me.......

today did not go very well at all!!

still have both drains in. handed him my log over the last 7 days and hes like why are you numbers all over the place. this doesnt make sense.

turns out i didnt realize the drains were sposed to be pressed in to work properly. i had mine looking like hand grenades. soooo i guess they were not draining as they should and im more bloated than i should be. dr gave me a lecture on how i could get an infection and i need to take this more seriously but i honestly didnt know!!! i almost had a melt down right there in his office. told him i was going to my car to have a good and proper cry.

to top it off i thought i was told to walk hunched over for 3 weeks. turns out it was five days. oh and wait........there's more. i didnt have the drain tubes hanging right on the compression garment. they were spose to loop all the way to the top then hang down over. i had the tubes coming out closer to my hips. not sure if this all even makes sense.

even though i fell as if ive set myself back ten days im ok now. glad i know how to work the drains properly and the dr said he will call me on weds and hopefully have them out by fri.

2 weeks

i need to correct what i said . i thought i had to walk hunched for 2 weeks not 3 weeks. the head dr told me to walk with chest out and shoulders back like a soldier. lol. i can even laugh about today now which is good. i was a mess before.

3rd po appt tomorrow..........................

so hopeful these drains will come out. today is the best ive felt since op on july 10th.

managed to do the boys laundry. went thru my closet and did a throw out bag and donate bag. took out and looked at the bikini im going to try on for the first time po when i come home tomorrow without the drains. (yes im that hopeful!! lol) i actually have it laying out ready. lol

alot of my swelling seems to have gone down as the cg isnt quite as biting anymore. i still have a pouch but i can suck my stomach in a bit more without pain. only hunching if carrying someting on the heavier side. im also also more flexible as my muscles are not as tight and it doesnt hurt as much to use my core to get out of bed. that being said.......an odd sensation started this morning though. like a burning, stinging right under my skin that comes and goes.

i still have my steri strips on which the ps said to let fall off on their own or he'd remove them when he takes the drains out so i have no clue what my scar looks like.

will update with pics tomorrow after my 1:00pm appt.

take care everyone!!

the drains are out!!

i was having anxiety attacks all morning being unsure of what to expect. they looked at my numbers and agreed it was time for them to come out. i was nervous about the pain but it wasnt that bad. he told me to take in a large breath and breathe out as he pulled it out. felt odd feeling it being pulled out.

told me i could take a little break from the cg and put it on when i get back home. but i felt funny without it and couldnt wait to get back home to put it on.

saw my scar for the first time and felt queasy. the line is perfectly low and very thin but the ends look ......and where the drains were.......(i have a weak stomach). lol

i go back in two weeks for a follow up and to get some sort of strip put on the scar. i forgot the name of it.

im still a bit pouchy but my ps is very pleased with my results.

thought id be turning cartwheels into trying on my bikini but i have guaze where the drains were and feel worn and tired. lol.

i can also start light exercise like walking. no jogging or zumba class til 6 weeks.

will take and post pics soon

drain free............

3.5 weeks later. still pretty swollen

this update will just sort of be a mix of ramblings and updates and questions i guess. lol

today i finally felt ok enough to take updated pics. this thing sure puts you on an emotional rollercoaster

still very swollen more swollen than alot other pics i see of those the same dpo as me. my hips were 3 inches more and waist also 3. as of today hips down by 2.5 and waist by 1 inch.

i can def suck in my stomach alot more now and muscles are not super tight. stomach still numb as expectedly normal.

my scar looks firghtening compared to others the same dpo as me. has been super itchy, dry and scabbing over. ps says leave it alone. dont put anything on it

walking faster. walking hunched for a bit though if ive sat for too long. takes a while and a few strides to stretch out upright and again.

1..scared of my bb. hoping something amazing happens and im not left with a dried out raisin
2. i have an indent (you can kinda see it in the facing forward pic) almost like an elongated diamond shape iin the center of my upper ab area
3. the area where my bb / tat was is now my 'pouchy' area and i noticed the stretch marks wrinkles still there.

will be asking ps these questions.
JULY 10TH - tt, lip of flanks and muscle tightening. perocets, valium, antibiotics. two drains in hips. steristrips
JULY 15TH - first follow up visit and fitted with 'above the knee' cg
JULY 22ND - follow up with ps. drains still in
JULY 26TH - steri strips removed. drains removed covered with gauze
AUG 2ND - af was due. still no sign (how messed up was everone elses cycle po?)
AUG 5TH - appt for stomach ultrasound (no clue what this is about)
AUG 12TH - appt to start scar treatmant (will be almost 5 weeks po)

slept in bed since day one. still using extra pillows to elevate head although ps said not necessary. last nite was able to lay for a bit on my right side. left side still tender from scar and / or drain hole.

i think thats it for now. all feedback welcome!!


will be 4 weeks on weds aug 7th. had ultrasound today.............

it wasnt until i returned to my car after dropping the boys off at camp i noticed i was walking fully, fully upright, no pulling sensation in each hip where the stiches are and no fire abs. i even had some pep in my step. could this be a turning point? i wondered

back home to log onto work and watch the clock to leave for my fasting ultrasound appt. one last bathroom trip before the longish drive and what do you know AF!!! YESSSS!!! only 3 days late. never been so happy to see her. ......... ok so maybe once in my mid 20's but thats another story! needless to say my day was going well.

the tech is scanning away. i see dark open areas on the screen. yes, i as suspected they are pockets of water. she said one is tiny and the other more sizeable. i thought these things formed in the lower belly, she said they form right below the incision area. i asked if id have to have the needle sucking out the extra fluid thing. she said she didnt know it would be up to my ps. he would have my images in hand by 3pm and to expect a call this evening or tomorrow.

its 9:21pm and i havent received a call. im thinking thats a good thing?

all in all this was a good day. i took some pics earlier and not sure im brave enough to share now or when im closer to a swan

added pic

22 dpo. not happy today

almost 4 weeks

ok. gonna take a leap and post pics. im pretty concerened about the scaring in my hip areas.

now that the swellin in my stomach has gone down some more i was able to get a better look. before i had to rely on feel and all i couold feel was a wide crusty scar. well it turns out to be residual steri strips. as you can see in one of the areas (blue arrow) the incision line is barely visable. im very pleased with that but my hips areas do concern me.

the ps doesnt want me putting anything on it and scar treatment begins on mon.

ive taken to wearing a girdle under my compression garment for a little extra support.

we will see...........

more pics

messed up on the update and hit save too soon


gonna email my ps. this cant possibly be normal looking and i still cant find one that looks like mine. my 8 yo asked why i dont have a bb!! :-(

4 weeks 3 days..........................

no more scabby bb.

so i emailed my ps and told him i think the blood has stopped running to my bb as it looks dried up and dead. i then sent him a pic asking what i should put on it, around it, in it. he told me nothing. no cream, no vitamin e, no marble, nothing!. he told me to get in the shower soap it up and use my washcloth to ease away the scab. i couldnt peel my cg off fast enough. well............what do you know........i managed to ease off the major scab. this morning i worked on the other two smaller ones. poof!! gone. now theres just a few little specs left.

i should be estatic right? i am. but..............my bb looks so tiny. too tiny. or was i just used to it looking so horrid (actually looking back at the pics i cant even see the bloody thing!) maybe it was always this small. my eldest is gonna be 25 this month. i cant remember my pre kid bod!

think the elastic waist pants i wore yesterday were too snug. woke up with super sore flanks. still very tender.

uploaded a pic

5 weeks 3 days

still pretty tender in the hip area. dr started me on silicone strips last monday. i also bought a bottle of bio-oil yesterday and have tried that twice. i want to stick with one thing but not sure which yet.

cleared to return to zumba class at 6 weeks which will be weds. bought a flexee girdle support thing i saw at marshalls yesterday. it feels pretty good on as i cant imagine working out in my cg!

taking the stairs at work now up and down four flights with pocket book and laptop bag, no problem. i do feel very stiff after sitting for a while at my desk in the hip area.

cant wait for my 'butt tummy' to go away. the dr said its common when you have the procedure i had where you are cut in two places. he gave told me a trick to hasten the swelling which is to apply added pressure to the area. so during the day i use a couple pieces of gauze which he gave me and when i get home i just roll up a hand towel and place it under my cg. its been five days and i def see a difference. between that and the natural healing process i spose.

lets see what else? hips still puckered. oh the scab came off my vertical scar today in one long peice. all in all i feel pretty darned good!

its my birthday its my birthday!!

today marks my 46th birthday and 6th week since tt, muscle repair and lipo of the flanks. im am officially cleared for zumba. i dont mind if i do!!

i will admit i was a wee bit worried my innards would fall out and come crashing down to the zumba classroom floor but that fear proved to be unfounded! i didnt even wear my flexees boy shorts thing (wore them to work today and they must be too too small cause my flanks were super sore when i got home). just my mike shorts and a tank. i took my time and all was well. i know i went real easy cause im usually the first one breaking out in a sweat and mopping the brow but not even a sweat. looking forward to tomorrow. im baaaack!!! (unless i wake up tomorrow in severe pain...............)

7 and Zumba

went to zumba again last nite and gave it my all. was amazing!! the first set of jumping jacks were fine. the knee to elbow warm ups caused some tension around the drain hole / hip area as its still somewhat tender. i DID manage a bit of a sweat and was forced to mop the brow twice during the 55 mins. came home, showered and put my cg back on. im working from home today and planning on the 12 noon class. got my gear all laid out already and every thing. can you tell im super excited?? lol. week 7 ROCKS!

7.5 weeks

7.5 weeks here. took my cg off fri am and just put it back on last nite before bed. planned to wear it til week 8 which will be weds. been going to zumba class pretty regularly. gaining lots of defination in the ab area. had a scary thing happen on fri which caused me to remove the cg as soon as i got into the office. decided to work on stretching the bb again using an ear plug. wedged it in my tiny bb pretty good and put a band aid over it. around an hour later i developed severe muscle spasms in the upper ab area whilst driving to work. started getting a panick attack as i zipped along the thru way. was forced to reach in my cg removed the ear plug wedged in said bb and unhook and unzip the cg as best i could. when i got to the office i headed to the bathroom and with wobbly legs and muscle spasms removed the entire bloody thing it took a good hour for my body to calm down and stop spasming. i was out at a bbq yesterday and felt just fine without it. the only reason i put it back on last nite was to stick to me weds goal (yeah im kinda wierd like that!). then last nite i got like these baby scabs ill call them for lack of a better description in my bb kinda like crystalized bits. no more obsessing over the size of my bb. i started out at 127lbs, am now 122 which i am fine with. i will continue to go to zumba classes, i will continue to eat as clean as possible as i have been doing for the past 1.5 years i will let my body heal naturally i will continue scar treatment i will be patient but most of all..........i will stop rambling!!! lol

8 weeks on the beach

headed to barbados. leaving out in a few. went to zumba today totally felt back to normal. hope to get some jogging in whilst there. still kinda bloated but defo flatter. meant to take pics but crazy day, maybe on the beach!

nine weeks today!

hello ladies. back last nite from my holiday in barbados. it was fantastic!! told my 'vsf' about the tt and he goes...'t t t tummy tuck? tummy tuck" but there was nothing wrong with you before!!'. i go thank you but yah, i needed this, i needed to do this. he then said if anyone needs a tummy tuck its me!! lol and there was not another word said about it. he loved my body and i do mean LOVED!! lol

wore my flexees boy shorts on the flight down but had to remove it mid air as the dam thing was cutting into me. bought my cg with me but it never left the suitcase. i had ZERO swelling and didnt miss the cg at all. so here i am on week nine feeling fabulous and sexy as hell!

stopped using the scar sheets last week just using bio oil and vitamin e oil twice a day. adding one pic on me on vc will take scar pics later on.

11 weeks today

still very pleased with my results. ive accepted my teeny belly button. still a bit pouchy with the butt crack look but no where near as bad. lol. my scar is healing well with the interchangeable use of bio oil and vitamin e oil. still tender though at each end of the incision.

ive been going to zumba maybe three times a week hoping to get back up to five. jumping jacks and kneee to elbow jumps are harsh on the ends of my incision, almost painful so i modify those movements.

still no compression garment since week 9. i did pull it out and wear it for two days on the weekend but noticed my tummy is happier without it at this point as when i removed it my stomach seemed numb all over as opposed to just the lower half it was before. also i felt stiffer. i know thats prob spose to be a good thing with the tummy contacting more but it was uncomfortable. so here i remain cg free but more comfortable.

ive beed awful with taking pics but think i'll do a 12 week pic update.

its been like forever!

i haven't updated in a while. just back from another vacation so posting a pic. not much to report really. still going to zumba, incision spots still a bit tender on the ends but all in all still super happy and loving my bod!! using bio oil once or twice a day. ran out of silicone strips but will get more in as i like the way they make my 'ends' feel smooth.
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