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Years ago I had just one baby and very saggy...

Years ago I had just one baby and very saggy deflated boobs for a very young girl. I was in my early 20's and not married. (I will eventually add a picture). I went to the top rated doctor in the area I live, I saw his work on the Internet and in person and I loved it. He was great, and boobs was prob about 80% of what he does. I thought I would be happy with the results. In so many ways he was wonderful. But after my first surgery my boobs were huge. The only thing he did was fill up my deflated skin. We talked about me being a full C cup. I was definitely a DD. I told him this was bigger than I wanted and bigger than we discussed and he told me they were proportionate to my body because I have large hips!! I realized he tried to get away with as little work as possible. Maybe because I was young, I didn't properly communicate that I wanted a full C even if that meant he had to cut skin out. My mistake was I trusted his expertise. So I asked him to fix it and he said yes and he would just charge me for the anesthesia/hospital fees. So I did it and they were completely wrong again! One was bigger than the other and they looked lopsided. He said everything was fine at post op and it would be fine. When I went back again weeks later I kept saying "are you happy with these results" and he would not give me a clear answer! I was so upset bug he told me I had to wait to try to fix it again. He kept blaming my body for the way it came out. I'm sure this is true but he said you can't predict for sure how someone's body will react to it and what the results will be. So after the third surgery they are still very wrong. You can't tell in clothes or even in a bikini unless I point it out, but I am not happy with them. There is a pic in a previous question I posted. I will add more. So now I am married I have two more babies (gained quite a bit of weight between and after pregnancy and I'm looking to revise this surgery and get a fat transfer to butt. I have worked hard at loosing all the weight and am back to the weight I was in early 20's.
So I would like to try to fix this but I am scared that it could come out worse. What if there is something wrong with the way my body heals? I am very healthy.
I also am going through a front tooth dilemma right now (toddler knocked it out with his head). I'm considering starting a separate blog about that process but not sure if I have enough time to update both.

Pics that have nothing to do with boobs

My BFF and my fam







Had revision

I had my revision 5 days ago with dr Deborah Pan. I can't wait to get my wraps off and see it but I have to wait till tues. I'm not suppose to be moving much but I'm not in pain so I keep forgetting. I hope I don't mess anything up. My nipples were suppose to be fixed (more round, smaller, more even) and the bottom part of boob is what I'm worried about. There was an unexpected complication. My breast tissue had torn on my right breast which was why I was feeling the bag. So she repaired it by sewing it back up. And my implants were changed. But I have to take extra precaution for weeks, which is so hard for me with 2 little ones. My before pics are on one of my past questions, I can't figure out how to transfer them to my review. But I will post after pics on Tuesday when bandages are off.


I meant to update before my revision, so I'm going to do that now, a little out of order but oh well.
I ended up picking dr deb pan because she was confident she could help me, and I heard she is really good. I wasn't nervous or scared leading up to it because I have just wanted to get this fixed for years now. I got a little nervous about 5 min before. I have been ready to be done with this for as long as I can remember. I spent 12k which I think is waaaaayyyy too much but I had to have my implants changed to cohesive gel, plus nipples redone, (smaller, rounder, even) and the bottom part that you can see in the pic from my questions was suppose to get fixed too. I'm still wrapped up so I don't know if it was done right but I hope so, I really don't want to go through this again. I can't. It is too much trouble for everyone around me to take care of my babies and drive me around and all. Of course because nothing goes smoothly in my life I had complications. The reason I was feeling the bag and the ripple so much before was because my breast tissue had ripped exposing the implant to just right under my skin. Ugh. Could have been my fault for not taking it easy enough. So when I came out of surgery and learned about the complications, she said she sewed back up the tissue and that on that side (right)should be treated even more delicately than the other. She said try not to move my right arm at all. Because she wants the tissue to close so the implant doesn't fall right down again. So it's been almost a week and I have tried so hard not to move it but its been hard because I don't feel any difference. And it comes more naturally for me to use my right hand to eat and obviously do everything. I am so scared that I disrupted it in moving around and doing little things. But they say trust your body and my body isn't even telling me to take it easy. I'm crying now because I go tomorrow to get unwrapped and i Really hope and pray that I didn't do and spend all this for nothing. I just want to know if the tissue"took". If it stayed closed and healed properly. I can't take wondering anymore. I will want to die if it didn't. Please pray or cross your fingers for me. I can't do this anymore, I have had too many bad outcomes. Also the only before pic I had is on one of my questions and I can figure out how to add it to my review. But tomorrow I'm going to ask ps for her before pics.

Post-op! Unveiled!

My dr cut off my bandages and I am happy with the results! Thank god! I'm suppose to take it easy for a while on my right side. So happy. There is some settling to do still but I think I can tell its going to look good. The only complaint I have is that one nipple looks a little low. But I'm still happy. Maybe it bill bottom out a bit or turn upwards somehow.

1week post op

I'm so itchy and I find it so hard to take it easy!!! Uuuuggghhh

All the names of the consults I had and fat transfer thoughts.

I just realized I never mentioned all the consults I went to,
Richard Restifo was my first ps, when I was looking for a new ps the consults I had were, David Goodkind, Javiar Davila, James Lyons, Paul Fischer. I am happy to share my thoughts on any of these guys if any of you are interested in hearing. I don't know how people choose! I found it so hard to choose. I think I picked the right one, although my boobs still aren't perfect they are far improved. What she had to work with was difficult I'm sure.
Oh and I realized that my review says fat transfer to butt as well. I was told by 2 of my consults that I wouldn't notice much difference so I didn't do it. I'm putting it on hold and will revisit this procedure again in a year or so. I would love anyone who is similar in size to me that has done it to show me their pics or if you know someone who has done it point them out to me please.

11 days post op

Still very sore and swollen, I can't wait till they settle, soften, and aren't swollen anymore. The right one is so much more swollen, had much more work done. Looking forward to seeing the final result.

A little pain

I keep getting these pains when I bend down, I hope they are just healing pains and that they go away.

4 weeks po

I'm 4 weeks po and I don't have any more it goes or shooting pains. My scars are irritating sometimes because the sutures are coming to the surface because my body is rejecting them. I went to dr and she plucked some out.
Also right side is way higher so I am doing massages there and wearing a tube top over bra but with it on the left side like normal and over the right side for a little push down pressure to encourage dropping.
New Haven Plastic Surgeon

This is a very nice business, Deborah Pan is very skilled and professional. My situation was especially complicated, she gave me a very nice result.

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