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I literally cannot believe that I am finally going...

I literally cannot believe that I am finally going through with this. I have been thinking about having a breast augmentation since I was about 16 or 17 years old, and I've gone through so many stages.... As a teen I feel like I was always waiting to wake up one day and finally have the grown up boobs I'd been dreaming about.......but it never happened. What I did have, though, was nice. Perky, round, and nicely shaped. I wore a 34B, but it wasn't totally filled out. I grew to love them and eventually decided that I didn't need an augmentation. Fast forward two decades and two kids later, both of whom I breastfed for about a year and a half....... During my second pregnancy and while I was nursing my youngest daughter, my breasts got up to a DD in size. When I finally weaned her it took quite a while for me to stop producing milk, and when the milk dried up, my boobs shriveled up with it. I was quite honestly shocked. Following my first daughter I hadn't noticed such a drastic reduction in volume, though my breasts hadn't gotten as large with the first pregnancy/nursing. I just sort of feel now like my boobs left and never even said goodbye.....I'm just left with these sad, droopy looking, deflated non boobies. Boo. I'm an active person, and I exercise regularly. I felt disappointed that I worked so hard to get my body back after having children, but I still didn't feel confident naked. In fact, I find myself feeling embarrassed about my breasts, and I feel uncomfortable when my husband touches them now. I think the augmentation will allow me to feel like myself again, and to feel sexy and confident in my own skin. I'm excited and terrified, quite honestly. The only surgery I've ever had is the c-section with my second pregnancy.

I have my first consultation with Dr. Richard Restifo in New Haven, CT tomorrow at 3:30. This site has been a blessing, I've learned a lot.

I think that going in, I'm leaning toward submuscular silicone implants. I don't think i have enough tissue to cover going over the muscle, and I would like a more natural look. I am really interested in seeing what the doctor recommends for me and I'm open to suggestion.

Yes, please.....

Here are some of my wish boobs


I had my consult today, and I really liked Dr. Restifo. He was very warm and kind, as well as being knowledgeable and forthcoming with tons of info. I was sort of bummed that I didn't get to try any sizers on today, because they use Vectra to do 3D imaging at your pre-op appointment to land on a final size. Based upon my anatomy and my measurements, we discussed doing textured round silicone implants under the muscle with an inframammary incision. Based upon the pictures that I showed him, he was estimating that we would start around 450cc and either go up or down from there based upon what I thought about how those looked. When I was holding the sample sientra implant in the office, to get a feel for what they would feel like I was surpised at how heavy it was, but it was a 485cc implant. Holy moly. That's definitely too big for me. I literally cannot imagine boobs, so anything will probably feel huge initially. Until the boob greed sits in ;)

I am going to call back tomorrow and book the procedure date. I'm hoping to schedule it for January 5th, because that's the first time my husband will be able to take some time off and my family can come help with the kiddos while I recover. Strangely enough, that is actually my anniversary too, so maybe my anniversary and my boobiversary will be the same :) Happy anniversary to us!!! I'm getting excited, but I swear I'm going to need like an entire bottle of Xanax on the day of surgery, because I was seriously SO nervous, just for the consult. Eeeeeek!!!

I'm starting to freak out

I don't know when I became such an anxious person, but I'm driving myself crazy. When I allow myself to think about the fact that my surgery is in 7.5 weeks I really start freaking out. I'm just plain scared. I'm afraid I won't like the result, I'm afraid my scars will be bad, I'm afraid that I won't pick the right size, that something will go horribly wrong with my recovery. It's all useless worrying, I'm aware, and I think it's pretty normal, but I wish it would just let up a bit.

I'm trying to remain positive, but I've had a few moments where I wonder if I'm going to chicken out as it draws nearer. I don't think I will, but I did not expect to feel this way after wanting this for so long. It's surprising!

More wish pics

Just found these beauties

This would be ideal.

Pre-op appointment

I had my pre-op appointment on Dec 10th and like a complete spaz I forgot my phone in the car that day. I was so angry with myself because I had all my questions in it and also wanted to be able to take pictures of the Vectra 3D results. I have one print out that I did in the office, but it's in black and white and it's hard to really see anything clearly with the front view. So annoyed with myself!!! I get so anxious and just totally spaz out every time, I swear. I need to get it together. I can't even imagine what I'm going to be like on the day of surgery. God bless my poor hubby.

Anywhoooo, thanks to this lovely site and all you ladies, I pretty much knew which two implants I'd be deciding between before the pre-op anyway due to all of the research I had done and based upon my BWD. I had decided that I definitely wanted to go with my doctor's recommendation of using the Sientra textured round implants. I tend to gravitate in pictures more toward the moderate plus profile, and less toward the high profile-- especially in women with as little breast tissue as I have to begin with.

Speaking of which.... I tell ya, the 3D imaging certainly seals the deal. Nothing like seeing your 10yr old boy physique next to you you with actual boobs. Um hi, it's never been more evident just how badly I need this procedure. That's some smart marketing right there, but I digress.....

So, I will say I was a little bummed that I didn't get to see my actual surgeon at my pre-op. I hadn't known that that would be the case, and I had some questions I was going to ask him so that was sort of a bummer, but I did really really like his PA Amanda, so that was a plus. I will upload a picture of my Vectra printout that I was able to take home, but I really wish I hadn't been a spaz and forgotten my phone so that I had the pictures in color and the side views as well. Oh well, soon enough they will be here!! Eeek.

I found my favorite wish boobs

They are amazing!!! Anyone know who they belong to?

Two more weeks.... And my surgery got moved up!!

My doctor's office called this morning and asked if I minded moving my surgery up from 12:30pm to 7:30am!! Hellllls no I don't mind!! I prefer it! Now I won't have to be hANGRY on top of being incredibly anxious! Sooo excited!!!

I did it!! :)

Had my surgery Tuesday 1/6. Surgery itself went well, though the first day's recovery was rough. I got sick from the fentanyl they put in my IV for pain and was throwing up some. That was pretty awful. I just slept and slept , waking to take meds and attempt to eat. I was feeling much better the following morning, just really really tender and sore. I couldn't wait to see them at my postop on Thursday, because I was in a giant ace wrap and couldn't even peek at them.

Yay for boobies!!!!

The next few days were pretty similar. The Valium I was taking for the muscle spasms made me pretty loopy so I wanted to stop taking that as soon as I possibly could and just took it at night after the first three days. I usually could make it until about 4pm before taking a Percocet for pain as well, because those tend to make me a little nauseous. I had a patch behind my ear for three days for nausea as well as a script for Zofran, but neither did much to help. I'm now 6 days post op and am feeling fairly well. I am taking my antibiotics four times a day and have switched to just taking Tylenol for pain. If it gets too intense, I'll take half a Percocet, and will sometimes take the Valium at night before bed to help sleep and with the intent of making the morning boob a little less intense in the AM. I couldn't be happier with my results thus far. It's just like a dream come true. I've waited my whole life to have the kind of breasts that make me feel womanly, and I finally have them. I'm thrilled with how well they look for being so soon after surgery, and I'm hoping that things stay on this positive track. I have so much gratitude for Dr. Restifo and his team, as well as for the nurses and docs at the hospital.

4 weeks post-op :)

So it's been a month and things are moving along nicely. I've dropped a little and they are softening up a bit. I can squish them together but overall they are still not super soft yet. Righty has dropped a little more slowly and I think they may both drop a smudge more, though not much. I'm not allowed to resume my workouts (which are higher impact) until 6-8 weeks, so I'm anxiously awaiting that. I'm thrilled with my results so far, and have had a smooth recovery overall!
Dr. Richard Restifo

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