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I have my consult and informational seminar on sep...

I have my consult and informational seminar on sep 17. I weigh 217 lbs and am only five feet tall. I have been about ten-fifteen lbs overweight since I was a teenager but the past 7 years I have been continuing to gain weight at an alarming rate. I want children but I know it isn't healthy having a bmi of 42.

Some pictures

One more day

I have my informational seminar and appointment with the surgeon tomorrow. I am excited to get the process started! It sucks that I have to wait 6 months before my insurance will approve it which means I need 6 months of weigh ins which sep 25 will be my third. Seems excessive! Anyone else have to jump hoops to get this covered? Anyway to get around it? Lol i just wanna get this done with, or at least get it going and on the books! I am excited to hear what the Dr. has to say. The seminar is from 8-9:30 then my appt with the Dr. is at ten and they said it could take up to three hours!! Not sure why or what exactly will go on. I work overnight so the timing is not the best as that is my usual sleeping time. Oh well!! I am excited to hear what things I will have to do like, lose weight before hand, do a special diet, etc.

Initial Consult

Well I had my initial consult and I left feeling less than stellar. The informational seminar was ok but I don't think I learned much to be honest. I have been researching for a few months and I am also a nurse so learned about bariatric surgeries in school. I did a test for H. Pylori which was negative. I met with the scheduling coordinator who was nice and explained a lot of how things will go until the surgery. The doctor was... I dunno. Had an odd affect/bed side manner I guess? He was not very forthcoming with info and didn't really understand my question about getting pregnant after the surgery but I think there was a communication/cultural barrier somewhat. He also was completely offensive when I said I was a psych nurse and also said that I wanted the sleeve vs the RNY. I said this because people I know have had more issues with the RNY and my research seems to suggest the sleeve is less extreme. He then laughed and said well it is taking out an organ, no wonder you work where you do. So I guess that just left me with a bad feeling. He ordered an upper endoscopy and a stress test because I have GERD and palpitations. It just seems like their practice was trying to sell the RNY vs the sleeve. He said because my BMI is lower it should be ok but they prefer RNY because patients lose more weight, but I don't have 100's to lose and people are very satisfied with the sleeve. I don't want to go against medical advice obviously. It seemed like they just assumed that I was having the surgery, not really a discussion. I just ex


So I guess I didn't realize that GERD can get worse, and will most likely not go away, if you get the sleeve. So now I understand why the surgeon was pushing a bit more for the bypass. So now I am confused. I also have IBS so I am not sure how the bypass would work with that, if it would make it worse or not. I have heard horror stories about the bypass and I don't like the dumping syndrome (ibs is bad enough!!) or the malabsorption parts. But I don't want issues with GERD forever either as there are long term side effects to either dealing with it or from taking meds. Ugh. So now I don't know which surgery I should have! Either way the surgeon said I should lose about the same amount of weight due to my lower bmi. Ugh. Help!! Lol

Nothing new

Hi all. Thought I would update you but nothing new to really report! I have my 4 month weigh in tomorrow ( I have to do 6 for insurance) and I have been maintaining each month which they say is good but I started nutrisystem last month. I figured it would be my last chance to attempt a lifestyle change without the surgery, plus I figure if I lose some weight before surgery that can't hurt! I have to stay at 204 or above though or my insurance won't cover it, go figure. Last week I was down 5 lbs( overall, not in one week) but I have been bad again this last week and am only down a lb as of today!! It does work if you stick to the plan but I guess that is my problem! I am going to try my best to stick with it but we have two vacations planned in the next month plus the holidays so I am hoping to get back to that minus five and stay there for the new year.. Not too lofty of a goal! I have decided to stick with the sleeve. I really researched and thought about the bypass but it just isn't for me. I am pretty sure I have a hiatel hernia that contributes to my gerd too. Plus, when I eat right and smaller amounts I very rarely have gerd symptoms so I believe losing weight and eating less, as well as a possible hernia repair, will be good enough. The bypass complications regarding malnutrition literally scare me. Seems too extreme. Ok that's all for tonight we will see how my weigh in goes tomorrow!! Not well I suspect lol :(

Surgery date!

My surgery is scheduled for 2/26! I called the office to see if they had started to schedule my other appts like my endoscopy yet and they ended up scheduling my surgery! I asked to wait for the new year for the endoscopy so it can go towards my yearly out of pocket max which is $1000 so I am not paying that plus $1000 for the surgery. Wish it was sooner but I am sure the next 2.5 months will go fast.

Getting closer!

Hello all. Finally have all my appts set starting over the next two weeks or so. I see the nutritionist and surgeon, endoscopy, psych eval, stress test, pcp and pre admission testing. Gonna be busy but I want it to come quicker!! Haha hope everyone is doing well!

I am approved!!

Got the call today that I was approved!! Woohoo!! Still scheduled for 2/26. I start my three day clear liquid diet next tuesday. Until then I am on a food farewell tour lol.. I meet with my pcp in the morning and have a gastric emptying test on wed since my endoscopy said I have gastroparesis. My surgeon says he doesn't want to do the sleeve if I have GP which I don't understand because that appears to be a treatment for it! I am also concerned that I will have issues with GERD because he said he only maybe will repair my hernia even though it is medium sized!! I don't want the bypass now or ever! I guess he is gonna call me or I will meet with him again prior to surgery. I am definitely getting anxious but excited too!

Surgery tomorrow!

I have to be at the hospital at 530 am yuck! I work 3-11 so I usually get up around noon lol My gastric emptying test came back normal so I am definitely getting the sleeve. I also questioned them about the hiatal hernia again and they said if he sees it, it will be repaired. On my endoscopy report it said it was medium sized so I am sure he will see it. I was worried if he didn't repair I would have really bad GERD and I don't want a revision to rny bc he wouldn't repair a hernia. I have been on a three day clear liquid diet and it sucks! I am really hungry and very sick of jello lol just need to finish some hw, do some laundry, clean the bathrooms and pack and it will be bedtime! Gonna add some more before photos so I can compare later on. I am now 224 lbs today (yes I have gained since joining here) and I am 5 feet tall. BMI is 43.7.

3 weeks out!

I was sleeved 2/26 so today (well yesterday technically I am just still awake lol) I am three weeks out. I am at 208.8 so have lost 18.6 lbs since my three day clear liquid diet starting before surgery. I lost very quickly the first two weeks or so and it has since started to slow which is normal. I have never lost almost 19 lbs in 3.5 weeks before so I am happy! I was in a lot of pain for the first few days or so. For some reason my surgeon does not prescribe pain meds in the hospital let alone at home. After they gave me toradol once he agreed to give me oxy in the hospital which was a God send. They don't give us zofran at home either. My IV infiltrated (a nurse tripped over it....) and so I was without an iv for quite some time (they had to get vascular access to put one in as they tried four times and failed) so I pretty much went home kind of dehydrated. I was in the hospital for two nights. I walked a bit and only had water and diluted apple juice. Two days after I came home I felt awful. In pain and nauseous. Went to the surgeon's and they progressed me to week 2 (oatmeal, mashed potatoes, yogurt) which helped a lot. I had a bad reaction to the celebrate vitamins. Horrible headtburn and diarrhea within ten min. The unjury protein shake made me very gassy. I also developed thrush, a heat rash under my breasts from not being able to wear a bra, an allergic reaction to the glue (very itchy!!!) and then they sent me for three bags of fluid. That was week one lol I was definitely regretting my decision! Week two I felt tired but I was in less pain and by day ten getting in my 64 oz of fluid. Then I got my period lmao life just ain't easy!! I was wondering why I was craving chocolate!! I have felt hungry since surgery but not like before. Feeling full is different too. I am good with eating slow (over 20 min) so that helps. I have not felt sick to my stomach since 6 days out. Everything I have tried sits pretty well. I have been trying to get out and walk daily but the weather has turned cold and yucky again. I don't go back to work for three more weeks but I am in grad school so that and mario kart 8 on the wii u keep me busy ???? haha! My mom was with me for a week and I was grateful! After about ten-14 days I started feeling a lot better. I even found vitamins that only make me somewhat sick lol have never had luck with them. So I am taking only one daily instead of two and will see what my labs that they took today look like. Tbh they don't have official recommendations for sleevers just the band or rny. We do not have malabsorption so I don't get why we need double vitamins like a rny. So I guess we will see what my labs are like. I do take the b12 and I will start the calcium with d next week as instructed. I was low on d before surgery (I took a d vit and was a normal level) so I wouldn't skip that. I started my week 4 diet today which is way different than most others but it means I can have some softer fruits and veggies, soft pastas like mac n cheese, and eggs any style like egg salad. I have felt more satisfied today thankfully. I guess oatmeal and yogurt just don't stay with you as much. Plus I can eat up to half a cup now. Although I only ate about 1/3 cup at a time today before I was full. Kinda cool but sometimes I wanna eat more even though I am full which is just part of my old bad habits. So overall doing great!!

Almost 5 weeks out

On Friday I will be five weeks out from surgery. I feel great. Had my 4 week check up last Friday and all my labs are good except iron was a little low. So I guess I will start taking my second vitamin.. Lol it makes my stomach upset unless I take it with food and it's separated from my first one. I am at 204.4 lbs as of today so weight loss has definitely slowed. I was 203.6 yesterday so I need to stop weighing everyday. I know it is normal to fluctuate but it is annoying to see it stay the same or bounce up and down. I go back to work in about a week. I am down 20.5 inches as of my one month visit too. I think that is all to report. No new foods for another week or so. Then I can try meat yay!!! Lol getting a bit bored with my vegetarian diet semi mushy diet.

11 weeks out!

Just a quickie but I am doing well. No problems with any foods really. Sweets taste disgusting now so cake, ice cream, chocolate etc. i am done with! And that is ok. I didn't expect it though. I am down 35.8 lbs as of yesterday. I was down 36.2 on Tuesday but it is normal for weight to fluctuate plus it is shark week lol i eat about 600-700 calories most days but anywhere between400's to 900's. Sticking to the rules pretty well. I even tried pizza last week and I took a few bites of the crust but mostly had the cheese. I don't crave foods like I used to except when I pms lol down at least one jeans size 16/18 to 14) and my shirts and scrubs are getting too big. Even my bras are too big! I did have some fries tonight and they made me extremely full even though I had like ten. Very odd. I only eat 3-4 times a day so even though my Dr and nut don't say I have to count carbs or protein I do. I usually get in the 40's for both but sometimes as high as in the 60's. I have my next follow up in two weeks. I hope my labs are normal I have been very diligent about my vitamins. I think that is it! Lol

6 months out

Hello everyone. As of 8/26 I was 6 months out. As of yesterday I weighed 162.2 lbs and have lost 65.2 lbs. i just had my 6 month visit with the Dr and they say I am doing as well or better than even bypass patients! My labs are perfect. I keep up with my vitamins. I get my 64 oz fluid in 95% of the time and always 48 oz minimum. I eat under 1000 calories per my Dr. a day and can be anywhere from 600-900's. I eat 3-4x a day and still eat around a half cup max. I usually still measure unless it is something I know how much I can eat or have measured a lot previously. I try to exercise as much as I can. Some weeks are better than others. Even if it is walking outside it is better than nothing. I am feeling frustrated because I feel like nothing fits. It is either too big or too small. My stomach/gut is still huge so I imagine I will need a tummy tuck. My boobs are less full and starting to sag a little. My back hurts more. Daily. I need a reduction. But I plan on having kids so that will be a while. Just feeling kind of down lately. Wish my stomach wasn't such an issue. I could wear smaller shirts and jeans. None of my rings fit. I wish I was a normal weight already. It is frustrating to see the scale go down slower or not at all or fluctuate sometimes. I am pmsing if you can't tell lol so overall doing well. No complications. My hair was coming out horribly starting around the last time I posted but the last 2-3 weeks it is slowing down a lot thankfully. I had to switch around taking my multivitamin because a few times I took it after eating and went to bed and then I woke up choking on acid. I take my calcium chew before bed and have not had anymore issues. No GERD issues really other then I tried not taking my pepcid and my stomach burned all day and I felt hungry all the time. So I have continued to take that but nbd at all. Bowels are good lol less IBS now that I eat a lot / no grease. Sweets still taste gross. So doing well overall. :)

7 months out

Seemed to hit a couple week stall this month. I guess that is normal. Was bouncing up and down the same lb or 2 for two or so weeks. Didn't matter what I ate either! Down 71.8 lbs as of today :) Feeling good but it is tough having such a big belly still :( I guess it is just how I carry weight - a "B" belly. Getting closer to my Dr's goal of 144. A healthy bmi is 127.6 which is my ultimate goal. In a size ten jeans! 8 is my goal and what I was in in 2007. Can't wait to be overweight instead of obese! 2.8 lbs to go!

Slowing down

Down 80.8 lbs as of Wed. 9 months out on Nov 26. Weight loss has really slowed. I weigh 146.6 lbs. I have been up and down the same 1.5 lbs the past 2-3 weeks. Frustrating! Still eating right and exercise as much as I can. Gonna try being stricter on carbs. Still eating under 1000 calories a day. Usually in 800's but I see in my tracker last week or so I was in 900's so trying to get back to 750-850. I added some new pictures. Have a few consults lined up with plastic surgeons. My upper belly bothers me a bit :( I would definitely be a medium shirt without it. Wondering if I can get lipo. I probably need a tummy tuck but I plan on having kids soonish. In a 36 DDD now vs a tight 42 DDD. Gonna need my boobs done too. They are ok but I have lost volume in the upper part and I am used to having great tits lmao. Even at 129 in 2007 I was a tight 36 DD (as in I should have worn DDD lol) as well as when I was 12 and not ocerweight. So I am surprised with the weight loss that I lost some of the fullness because their size wasn't weight related. My back hurts a lot more now. Not sure why. Dr's goal is 144 my personal is 127.6. (Normal bmi) I really wanted to reach that by one yr (feb 26) so we could start trying to get pregnant but I doubt that will happen by then. I just bought size 8 jeans and some size 6 jeggings which are just tight jeans lol weird how I weigh more than I did in 2007 but my pants are smaller now. My fingers are smaller than ever. All my old rings that stopped fitting bc they were too small... are too big now. Grr. One is a size 4.75 lol I have child hands :( Had to buy new scrubs again. Weight loss is expensive!! Lol In a large shirt, 6/8 jeans, medium panty, 36 DDD bra, medium scrub top and in between xs and s scrub pants. Oddly enough unlike other pants that are usually tight around my belly these xs scrubs are just a little snug around my thighs. Odd. Nighty pants are s-m. I am no longer obese. Hit that mark shortly after that last post. Doing well overall.

Over a year out!

Wow! I did not realize I did not post at my one year mark! I have since had a complete "mommy makeover" - extended tummy tuck with muscle repair, breast reduction, lift and small implant and lipo to my hips, flanks ans upper back roll. Still recovering from thaf and a slow recovery it is! Starting to feel better. I am 1.8 lbs from a normal weight! I have gone from 138/139 where I had been for a month or two before surgery to 129.4 yesterday! The last ten days I have lost about ten lbs! I think I was just swollen and it has come off but yay!!! In the 120's! Nothing new to report with my sleeve. Labs look good. Still following the rules 99% of the time. Focusing on protein first, eating over 20 min only, drinking enough water, limiting sugar and carbs, exercising etc. although I have not since this surgery but for the first time in my life I want to! Haha. Extremeky grateful and satisfied with the sleeve. Best decision I have ever made!!!

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