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The second paragraph does NOT describe the area...

The second paragraph does NOT describe the area where I had the injections.  They were placed ON the very highest outer part of my cheek bone - not "right beneath my eyes".  The doctor strongly advised against using it there.  So- even though  I would love to even out theskin beneath my eyes a little, but I do not think that a filler will achieve the overall lifted/refreshed look that I am hoping for.

I also plan to have a filler, possibly Sculptra, injected in the nasolabial region.  (I say region because I do not have folds or creases - just an overall lack of smoothness and thinness of flesh in the area).

I have had one treatment so far, and I am pleased...

I have had one treatment so far, and I am pleased with the results.  The cost is $350 per treatment (two injections per treatment, one on each side of the face).  I am not sure how much he is using, but I think it is 1/2 of one vial per cheek.

I am 30 years old, and I actually had the injections placed right beneath my eyes above the highest part of my cheekbones.  My cheekbones are naturally high, and were beginning to appear angular.  The doctor discussed the procedure thoroughly with me, and determined that since I am younger, there was no need to "attack" my whole face with filler.

I experienced almost no pain.  It was seriously no worse than a minor scratch.  The sensation afterward was kind of annoying, because of the numbing agent in the filler. 

I will return in three weeks for the second treatment.  The only thing I am concerned about is that one side seems to have "taken" better than the other.  When I was injected, my left cheek let one small spot of blood, which kind of freaked me out.  Well, a week later, and the side that bled seems to have "plumped" almost imperceptibly more than the other (it's my face, so even though others wouldn't notice, I do).  I think that may be due to healing and residual swelling from the injection, but I don't know.

I have no lumps, but I have been massaging often.  The first two days I may have even overmassaged, as I was determined to not get lumps or nodules.  The last two days I have noticed that when I begin to massage after resting, there is sort of a "fibrous" feel to the underlying tissue, but that it dissappears as I massage the area.  I do not think that I will get bumps or lumps, but I also think that caring for the treatment properly is key.

I will update this entry as I progress with the treatment.

I had my second treatment last week, and am really...

I had my second treatment last week, and am really seeing results now.  I had slight assymetry from the first injections (one side "took" a tiny bit better than the other), which he corrected this time.  The swelling is down and I can see that these results are dramatically improving my appearance.  

I have always been fairly thin naturally, and my face is the first place I lose weight when I detox and/or diet.  Now I have gained about 5 years back in terms of age appearance.  One, possibly two more treatments will get me there, I think.

I am still massaging like crazy- at every opportunity, really (in the morning, on my break, in traffic, in the shower, and especially before bed -  five minutes at a time).  I have no lumps or bumps to speak of.  Very happy with this stuff, and I love how it is improving my skin texture as well as the underlying tissue.

I had the third set of injections last week....

I had the third set of injections last week.  I was seeking more continuity between the original injection site(s) and other nearby areas, so he put one vial more on each side.  I am still seing no adverse effects and the results are amazing.

The doctor did advise me not to massage so much, as it might displace the product from where I want it to be.  I massaged lightly the next day, but not continuously like I had been.  He said that if I noticed any irgularity, then to do vigorous massgae, but not until.  I am still glad that I massaged frequently with the first injections, though.

I go back in another four weeks, and I think that two more appointments - three at the most (at one vial per cheek) will get my cheeks where I would like then to be for the next couple of years.

My provider and his staff are friendly and well-educated in their practice. I never felt uncomfortable or shy about asking him questions. I also feel that this doctor has a very aesthetic eye for the art of facial contouring.

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