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Hello Ladies, Waited So Long & Finally Made...

Hello Ladies,

Waited So Long & Finally Made My Down Payment

I am in my mid 20's with no kids but still have a little gut. I have been obsessing over BBL before it became as popular as it is right now. I have always had a nice shape and a little butt (lol). However, I am ready for everything to just be NICE! I have been debating on which Doctor to choose & all signs point to Dr. Hamel in Nebo, NC. I like the work I have seen done by him so far & the fact that the recovery time is not as long as others. I made my down payment today and will start preparing soon. I have not chose my date yet. Anyone looking to go to Dr. Hamel between August & October 2016? I am looking for a Buddy, Down Payment sent, waiting to choose date!


Some pics of my expectations . . .


My date is set for GOD WILLING Saturday August 27th, 2016. I'm anxiously counting down. (Dancing & Romancing) lol

More Wish Pics

My Shape Now

I just need a flat tummy & rounder bottom.

Still Searching For Someone To Give Me This!!

This is all I need !!

Decisions . . . Decisions

Torn in between Dr. Malloes Cotes ( Dominican Republic), Dr. Calva (MIA) & Dr. Stephanie Stover (MIA).

Recovery House Options for DR Patients

Daisy's Recovery House: 829-423-2847
Armonia Recovery House: 336-340-0456
Angela's Recovery House: 809-595-3109
New Life Recovery House: 809-801-1033
Diamond's Recovery House: 849-342-3223
Janet's Recovery House: 829-861-2731
Tropical Recovery House: 809-956-4141
Fantasy Recovery House: 240-640-6131
Real Recovery House: 849-205-2018
Jazmin's Recovery House: 809-685-4812
Healing Haven Recovery: 646-400-7740
Oasis Recovery House: 829-355-1919
Maria's Recovery House: 809-819-2558
Karis Recovery House: 809-902-7844
Princess Recovery House: 829-333-8083
Relax Recovery House: 809-856-2002
Sanctuary Recovery House: 829-380-8686
Sweet Heart Recovery: 829-741-2006
Daisy's Recovery House: 839-423-2847
High Class Recovery: 718-781-9201
House of Dolls Recovery: 829-445-9898
Eden Recovery House: 809-965-5695
Paradise Recovery House: 809-779-3663
Dream Body Diva: 829-288-4461
Dr. John Hamel

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