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Hi, I am soon to be 63. I have had three children...

Hi, I am soon to be 63. I have had three children (no c-sections) and a hysterectomy that have taken a toll on my tummy. Plus I just lost 40 pounds which helped give me more of a loose tummy. I hate looking at myself and really dislike having my stomach sit on my lap when I sit down. So I am taking the plunge. I am scheduled for a full TT on March 13. I am chomping at the bit. Time can not pass fast enough. I have been lurking on realself all this month and I have learned so much from this informative community. I am so happy to join you!!

My husband is becoming more supportive as time goes on. At first he was against it, but now knows that I need it for my self-esteem which is in the toilet. Just finally making the decision and setting the date has lifted me up. I will post pics of before soon.

Yesterday was my pre-op day. Nurse was a doll and...

Yesterday was my pre-op day. Nurse was a doll and answered many of my questions and took 3 pics of my ugly tummy. Dr came in and did a review with me of what he will be doing. Asked him about what to expect with my new BB and was reassured that it will look very natural-real scabby at first. but that I will be pleased when it is healed. He says I am an excellent candidate for surgery and will be over the moon when the healing is over. Relief!!

Am anxious about the swelling that occurs while healing, but I guess I will just have to be patient. My only fear is how I will contain my overly loving pets. I have 5 dogs who just love being in my lap. Range from 7 lbs to 51 lbs. The big one has been known to walk on me in bed. OUCH! Breaks my heart but they have to be banned from bedroom for awhile.

I have collected all my po supplies. Just have to stock up on high protein foods. I am on the Atkins diet so snacking will have to be just fresh veggies and small amt of fruits.

Will rent a recliner for the first 2-3 weeks as I don't want to try my bed for awhile. I know how hard that was after my hysterectomy and 2 back surgeries.

Thats about all for now. I am anxiously waiting for my day to come. Dr told me he would put me at top of list to be called if he has any cancellations. Yay! Lets get this done

Just worked up the courage to take pre-op pics. ...

Just worked up the courage to take pre-op pics. OMG just dreadful!! I am 5"5 1/2" and weigh 142 down from 183. Thankful for Atkins diet-as it works and your never hungry.

Here I am 1 week from a flat tummy. yeah!!! I am...

Here I am 1 week from a flat tummy. yeah!!! I am surprised that I am not chomping at the bit. My day will come without my fretting about it.

Don't know why but I want to eat everything in sight. I am a steady Atkins girl and am fighting the battle. Haven't gained but a 1/2 lb but we know how easy those 1/2 lbs add up!

Maybe its really a cigarette I want. I quit 7 weeks ago-hasn't been a bad experience. Just want something in my mouth. I quit two yrs ago and was off for 1 and 1/2 yrs then one DUMB day lit up with my husband and was in the trap again. Hopefully I won't fall again.

Think I have all my supplies together. Electric lift chair will be delivered on Monday, rx's have been bought, MOM and stool softner's on board. Anything I am missing? Will make me some low carb Clam Chowder and Beef Veg Soup and freeze for my first week. Won't be able to cook much.

One concern is on my mind. Last week I threw my...

One concern is on my mind. Last week I threw my back out and Dr put me on Percocet which did absolutely nothing for the pain. Was 5mg-325mg directed to take twice daily. All it did was make me foggy in the head. Problem is that PS prescribed Percocet also though he prescribed 7.5mg-325 mg take 1 or 2 every 4-6 hrs. Am unsure if this will take care of the pain I can expect. Spoke with his nurse and she says that that is all he prescribes. WHAT?? Am praying that the combination of muscle relaxer and the Percocet will keep me comfortable. Will speak to PS prior to surgery on Tues. to clarify the situation. I don't handle pain very well- ya I am a wuss!!

Rats, yesterday my back started bothering me...

Rats, yesterday my back started bothering me again! Back on my pain pill and MR. Am going thru with my surgery on Tues. back pain or not. Have waited long enough for this and doubt I will notice discomfort from being hunchbacked.

No need for 'nesting' has come over me. Figure my husband can clean up after himself-no kids to worry about so I am just taking it easy. Will clean bathrooms and strip the bed and thats about it.

Ok tomorrow is my day. Had my husband take fresh...

Ok tomorrow is my day. Had my husband take fresh pix. Looks better than the first ones that I took myself. Don't know why the difference except that mine are closer. give me your opion on hopes for a miracle.

Here I am at midnight unable to sleep. Surgery is...

Here I am at midnight unable to sleep. Surgery is scheduled for 1 pm. Slept for 2 hours and hopefully will get some more shut eye in a while.

Electric lift chair arrived today and I am disappointed with it. Yes its great in helping to get me to a standing position without stress on my core. But it does not recline back enough to be able to sleep in it. So I will have to do my best to sleep injury free in my bed. I pray the dogs don't walk on me as they usually do. Locking them out of the room won't work cause they will whine and cry all night and distrupt sleep for us. Yes my 5 dogs are spoiled. My 3 kids and 5 grandchildren live in Tx and Germany so the dogs are now my babies. Guess we'll see tonight how that is going to work out.

I hope I am well prepared for recovery. I made me some low carb Clam Chowder and beef veg soup, bought protein powder, Atkins bars that are high in protein, chicken and pork. Oh yes my tuna-have to have my tuna Love the stuff! Most women say they don't have much of an appetite the first week so I should be fine. Thank God for Crystal Light as I hate water and haven't touched Coke since Oct. when I started on Atkins way of life.

Well it is 1 am and I am going to try to get some sleep if I can.

Surgery day 3/13- pretty much a blur. Remember...

Surgery day 3/13- pretty much a blur. Remember waking up in pure, unadulterated PAIN. Pain med and MR did there thing. 1 1/2 hr ride home wasn't bad, I drifted in and out of sleep. Couldn't really stay asleep kept drifting in and out. Went to bed at 9:30 and was up at 3:30. My hubby has to give me nightly shots of Lovenox to avoid blood clots. I just can't do that to myself. UGH

3/14 bleeding some from left hip where drain is. Not enough to be concerned about. Hubby opened the cg to remove dressings from drain sites and BB. OMG is that my stomach? So flat and BB better than the original one. LOL Love my PS. Don't seem to be swollen that I can notice-am over the moon. But then reality sets in and I acknowlege that swell hell will soon take that flat, sexy tummmy away for a while.

3/15 more of the same-being a recliner potatoe. TV is so boring and stupid. Thank God I saved a couple Readers' Digest and other magazines for my recovery phase. Dr wants me to walk hunched over, but my body just automatically goes straight up. Its hard to force yourself to walk that way. Thankfully I can go upright as of Sat.

3/16 Took a shower today. Oh my-that was heaven on earth! Took awhile and exhausted me-but was well worth it. Other than my shower I did basically nothing. Hate recovery time as it is oh so boring!! Weighed in at 147 today and was 143 the day of surgery. So I know I am swollen. Hopefully drains can come out on Mon and I can get out of this binder and into my Spanx. Not loving the binder but am wearing as directed.

Today is 4 day PO. Have slept most of today away....

Today is 4 day PO. Have slept most of today away. Have a lot of gas, alot of discomfort and just bored to death.

Today was BM day. no pain-just relief I started stool softners and fiber supplements 2 weeks prior to surgery and have been using them since. Took 2 tbs of MOM this am and had movement within 5 hours..

Tonight I get my last Lovenox injection. Hate those things-have a bruise marking each one I had. I bruise so easily. Thank God I didn't have lipo cause I would look like a beating victim.

Nothing much to report today. I will post first pictures after my shower tomorrow. Am eager to see if I am still as flat as I was-so numb I can't tell if I'm swollen or not.

Hey today is 8 days po. Yesterday I saw the Dr...

Hey today is 8 days po. Yesterday I saw the Dr and he says all is doing great. I have some bruising which he attributes to the Lovenox shots I took for 5 nights.

My drains were removed. I had very little drainage from day 1 and the Dr feels I won't have a big swelling problem. We will see. I can see that I am swollen though very little. Yeah me! It felt weird but not painful.

Am now totally off pain medicines, only use Tylenol in the am and at bedtime. I have been sleeping on my side since day 4 not for long periods of time but have worked up to about 5 hours at a time. Sleep helps recovery!

My appetite is still not back and I am fine with that. I have lost 4 lbs since surgery day. No complaints about that-I hope I keep it off.

Can wear my new compression garment now, but have to wear binder with it. That is a bummer. So far I have not put this d--- binder on by myself. If I wear the two garments I have to wrestle it one by myself. Its not too comfy going on. Will try it tomorrow. Really want the second garment to combat the swelling on the pubis. When your in the bathroom once an hour the binder will be a pain. The new cg is not crotchless. And I have a weak bladder. Not fun!

Am posting new pictures tonight. Give me your opinion on before and now - please.

Today I hit the 2 week mark. Must say I have been...

Today I hit the 2 week mark. Must say I have been blessed with such an easy recovery-so far. Don't want to jinx myself! LOL

I am on my feet more and more every day. Unfortunately, not doing all that much which is driving me nuts. I can do the dishes and prepare meals (if I don't have to bend over to get stuff.) I keep my favorite pans on the stove so they are easily available. Looks messy, but it works.

I clean what I can reach, Had a woman come in yesterday to clean the house. My husband is a slob when it comes to cleaning house. Won't lift a finger. Argh! We have 5 dogs, one is a shedder (a lab). You could easily see her hair on the floors (gross). I can strip the bed to get rid of her hair-but vacuuming and mopping are still off limits. I clean floors on a daily basis so you can only imagine how out of sorts I am about my dirty floors. So for the moment the bathrooms are clean and my floors are not black with hair. Will have to have her back soon to keep up with it.

I am happy with the tummy. It feels so weird-hard to describe the feeling-but you probably know what I mean. I can't touch myself as it ,makes me nauseau (sp)?
The BB looks super-I hope I am doing a good job caring for it. Can't see in it, feels weird to clean-so I can't tell. The drain sites are closed uo well. Drains came out on day 7. I really can't see the incision. Is under tape, but looks ok to my untrained eye. No pain or discomfort there. Assuming all is fine. I see PS again net Tues so we will see then.

I do have discomfort on my hip bones. Very sensitive to touch-downright painful to be honest. Have never had much meat on my hips anyway and they are thinner now.
Anyone else out there have any strange pains in their thighs? Seriously, I get these hot searing pains in my left rear thigh. Usually when I use the rest room. Then on my front right thigh I have the same pain if I lift my leg up. PS says it may be cause I am using leg muscles more due to my recovery. I want it to be gone. Hurts like hell.

Emotionally I am doing well. I suffer from clinical depression and was concerned how all this would affect it. So far so good. I am so happy with results and my easy recovery so that is a plus. I am frustrated over condition of the house-but that won't last forever. I still have yet to drive-when I do that will help. Being shut in is a bummer. I am used to going to Curves 3 days a week and the availablility to just go wherever whenever. Oh well that will pass soon. I have to drive soon as I have appts on Mon and Tues.

So that is all that is new on my recovery. Nothing eciting-just positive. I can't complain about that.

Oh yes, the bruising is clearing up at a good pace. I no longer look like a mugging victum. I won't post pictures this week as there is really nothing new to see.

Today I am 3 weeks PO. Saw PS this morning and he...

Today I am 3 weeks PO. Saw PS this morning and he is happy how everything looks. He put silver nitrate in the BB, says I can lift 10 lbs now and to still not over do it to keep the swell hell away.

I do have some swelling but nothing compared to the stories some of the women here have mentioned. On my last visit I was told to wear my binder with the compression garment-this I have not done, but am told if I do I can help reduce what swelling I have. So I guess it is in my best interest to follow orders.

Looks like I am forming a dogear on my left hip. He says no worry, he can take care of it in time.

I started driving again last Mon and have been on the go since. I swell up in the late afternoon and evening. I try to take it easy but so enjoy getting out of the house to shop or just to get into the sun.

Will post new pictures tomorrow-personally I don't see any difference from the first week pictures but maybe you will.

All in all my recovery has been so easy-no complications at all-hope I don't jinx myself by saying that. I hope every one else is doing well in their recovery.

Hi I am posting my 3 week pictures. Personally I...

Hi I am posting my 3 week pictures. Personally I see no difference except that bruising is about gone.

Spoke with PS yesterday. Have been told I can...

Spoke with PS yesterday. Have been told I can stop putting gauze on the BB. I think some air to it will be a plus. Just have to keep it clean.

Friday I can soak off the original tape off my incision and begin using silicon strips. Finally!! Then I can apply Palmer's oil to my overly dry skin. Will feel so good.

He is going to mail me a medical release so that I can go back to Curves (womens gym) as of April 24. Never figured I would want to excercise LOL But 4 weeks of being a slug has taken a toll on my physically. I do a lot of walking daily and get outside in the sun at every chance.

All in all I must say I am so happy with my surgery and recovery. Wish I could will the same positivity on you all. Continued good healing and positive thoughts to you all.

Will post pics again after my next visit-May 1

Ok so I jumped the gun and soaked off the tape on...

Ok so I jumped the gun and soaked off the tape on my incision. No pain involved which was a blessing. Slathered myself with Palmers Vit E oil as my tummy is so dry. Felt like heaven! I still have a few scabby spots so I can't use silicon strips till they are gone.
Cleaned up the BB and got the scab out. The silver nitrate he applied left behind a black residue which I was finally able to remove. Am going to continue with neosporin and gauze for a few more days just to be safe.

I can now at least dust mop the floors to stay ahead of the dog hair. The sight of hair makes me ill-I could never be a hairdresser-LOL. I sweep it up and hubby picks it up. I find bending at waist uncomforable. Sitting upright is not to comfy yet, but is improving daily. Am having cleaning lady come again to do a good cleaning of the floors and to mop.

Dropped down to a size 10 in jeans. Yeah! Since Sept I have gone from an 18 to 10-so I am a happy camper. Can't wait to get a whole new wardrobe.

Thats all that is new in my recovery. Hope all of you are having positive recoveries too.

I began using the ScarAway sheets and the morning...

I began using the ScarAway sheets and the morning after found I had a small pussy spot above the incision line. PS thinks I was spitting a stitch, but I wonder if it is ScarAway not agreeing with me. Used neosporin and kept it covered with gauze and it is now cleared up. Put the ScarAway on again and we'll see if it happens again. Hope not as I hate this scar.

The past week I have been feeling like a balloon. Have had so little swelling up to this point-am now to hit 6 wks PO on the 24th. Oh well, it will pass.

Went shopping yesterday and found size 8 now fits me like a glove. Haven't been this small since before my first child i n "68. My husband is off on a bike run to Louisiana and will be shocked to see me. I just hit size 10 a week or so ago, so this is a major development. Now if I can stay at a size 8-LOL.

Am awaiting to get clearance for excercise. Can't wait-feel like blubber if you know what I mean. Need to get moving again and soon.

Hope everyone is doing well. Stay positive!!

I will be 8 weeks PO on the 8th and feeling more...

I will be 8 weeks PO on the 8th and feeling more or less like myself. Am able to do more each day and that makes me happy. Went back to Curves yesterday. Man was I sore after and dead tired. I took it real easy but could feel it in my abs. Unfortunately the swelling hit me and I had to put on my CG again. Had been told I can retire it and only use if I felt the need. Well that need arose-rats.

Have lost a total of 6 lbs since surgery. No complaints about that. Keeping steady with the Atkins diet and have maintained this weight now for about 3 weeks so feel I'll be able to keep on track. Don't need to lose anymore, but if it leaves me I'll happily take it.

From reading the posts, it sounds like you girls are doing well. BeJe I am so sorry you are still suffering with the seroma-thats has to be a bummer. Keep the faith girl-you look awesome!!
Am waiting for my pix are emailed from PS. When i recieve them I will post.
Wilmington Plastic Surgeon

Now 3 weeks po I can say this has been a very poitive experience. Instant gratification :) Love my PS Dr Mark Morgan with Wilmington Plastic Surgery in Wilmington, NC. He was very informative to me on what was going to take place during the procedure and my recovery. He and his nurse have been very helpful when I visit the office. Thankfully I have had no need to email or call them. I highly recommend Dr Morgan to anyone who is considering a TT. He is the best.

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