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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Fantastic experience overall. I came to Dr Moelleken after a friend (who had a 360 Facelift 4 years ago) highly recommended him. I really could not afford to make a bad choice of surgeon because of some previous surgery that went horribly wrong and has taken 2 years of waiting to get fixed. Previously I had cheek implants, 2 sets, put in, misplaced, repositioned, infection then finally removed after 4 surgeries over a 12mth period. Basically the worst time of my life!!! And this was with a Dr in Boston who is a Harvard professor, so I didn't go cheap or some to some unknown, random surgeon...... Anyway 2 years of healing and I am very glad I went through with my procedures and chose Dr Moelleken to fix me. Dr M recommended a cheek lift and livefill to the cheeks to restore that area. A lot had dropped down because of the previous complications with the other Dr. I also had a subtle brow lift and a necklace as Dr M recommended. I just wanted a fresh start and I am happy I went through with all the things Dr M recommended because they are subtle but all add up to a natural and refreshed result. After 6 days I got my sutures removed and I was able to go to cafes (with sunglasses) and see good friends who knew I had some surgery. So healing was super fast. I basically drank cold pressed vegetable juice for those 6 days and only had 3 pain killers total after the surgery. I think this really helped heal quickly. Right now it's been 18 days and my left side has basically healed and I am seeing friends who all say I look great. My right side is taking a bit longer just in the corner of my eye where I had an incision and an old scar. Dr M has given me some exercises to do for a few months and also some special creams/ serums to help the healing of the incisions. Overall I really needed a surgeon who was firstly gentle, with an eye for detail and who was delicate and Dr Moelleken certainly came through with the goods. Although I know nothing will be perfect after what happened to me previously I think after these procedures with Dr Moelleken I am much more rejuvenated and I am very happy with how I am healing so far. Thanks so much!

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