22-Year-Old, 5'5'', 140lbs - Loving my New Boobs! - Nashville, TN

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I always kinda hated my boobs, but I never...

I always kinda hated my boobs, but I never seriously considered augmentation until about a year ago. I've always had a small waist and shapely hips (29" waist, 40"hip), but I hated that nothing fit me the way I wanted. I was basically pear shaped - I had to buy small t shirts and medium/large pants. And it sucked.

Eventually, my boyfriend said he was sick of me complaining about my "tiny boobs" all the time and said it was time to do something about it. So we googled plastic surgeons in my area (Nashville) and found the website for the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville. At the time they had a "special offer" on silicon implants for the month, and all of the reviews I had seen were great. I called and immediately felt comfortable enough to schedule a consultation, even though I wasn't completely convinced I wanted to have the procedure (or could even afford it!)

Everything about the process was designed to put me at ease--especially the fact that all of the staff were female. At the initial consultation I got to "try on" different sizes and shapes of implants with my boyfriend (who I brought along for moral support.) The nurse was very professional and answered all of my questions, as well as provided a much needed education on all of my options. By the end of the consultation I was 100% ready to have the procedure. I initially thought I wanted to go up to a full C but after doing some research, I decided to err on the side of bigger boobs (because it would be a waste of $5,000 to get a boob job and then be upset because they weren't big enough!)

After my initial consultation, one of the receptionists discussed my options on cost and payment, as well as corresponded with me both via phone and email while I tried to decide on a date. (I had just started my first year in medical school and was trying to figure out how to do the surgery without missing too many classes.) In the end, I decided to have the surgery done on Friday morning, and I was back in class on Monday. (I wouldn't necessarily recommend this to anyone, but it's definitely possible!) Dr. Gingrass met with me once more before my surgery to help me decide on the specific size and shape of implants I wanted. I was figuring somewhere around 375cc, but decided to leave it up to her. She knew the look I wanted and assured me that she would make sure I got just that.

The surgery itself was pretty quick, but the recovery was definitely painful! (By far the worst part of the entire experience!) The minute I woke up, I felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest. It was like the most intense soreness I've ever felt! What I didn't realize was that due to the placement of my implants (under the muscle) it was extremely painful to use my pectoral muscles in any way (i.e. pushing myself up with my arms, pulling with my arms, opening bottles etc.), and at times it was painful to breathe deeply. Luckily my boyfriend was there to babysit me all weekend, including pulling me back up into a sitting position when I slid down multiple times throughout the night. I took a few of the prescription pain killers, but it didn't really help my pain much. The first 3 days were the worst, but by Monday I was ok with taking one 500mg Ibuprofin every 4 hours.

The rest is pretty boring. I felt like my boobs were enormous, and were up to my ears for the first couple weeks, but once the swelling went down they dropped and I started to like how they looked. I was told not to do much massaging because if the shaped implants shifted it would make my boobs look weird and asymmetrical. I started applying bio oil to my incisions (with a Q tip) at about 2 weeks and they've faded pretty nicely.

Initially, I didn't tell anyone I was planning on having the surgery. I had mentioned it to my mom and a few close relatives, but they all were against it and gave me the whole "you're perfect the way you are" speech. My boyfriend was the only one who knew beforehand, and he tried to help my mom realize that it was more than just a vanity thing. Eventually she came around. To date I still haven't told many people: my close family noticed when I came home for the holidays, and a few of my close friends know, but that's pretty much it. None of my classmates noticed.

Right now I'm at 8 mos post op and I'm loving my new boobs! I'm so glad I did this and it was 1000000% worth it to finally love my body!

So for the details:

I was/(am) 5'55, 140lbs and was a 32B before the surgery. I got teardrop shaped, textured Sientra 370cc Silicon Implants placed under the muscle on both sides. My incisions were inframammary (in the crease under my boobs).

I'm currently a 32DDD

My pictures are 3 months post op.
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gingrass was very professional and helpful. She gave me useful and relevant information, and was extremely easy to talk to. She explained the entire process, and met with me multiple times to make sure that I was getting exactly what I wanted. Throughout the whole thing she was totally laid back and made me completely comfortable. I am completely satisfied with her work and would gladly recommend her to anyone considering cosmetic surgery. The all female staff was also extremely friendly and were all a pleasure to work with. They promptly corresponded with me multiple times via both email and phone to help me schedule appointments around my class schedule. They also answered all of my questions, talked to me about all of my options during my consultation and made me feel completely at ease the entire time.

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