Upper Eye Bleph - better than expected - Dr Gingrass is the best!

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Tomorrow morning I'll be in the very talented...

tomorrow morning I'll be in the very talented hands of Dr. Mary Gingrass for my upper eye surgery. She did my Mommy Make Over and I love the results!!!! I've had heavy upper eye lids since my 20s and now at 53 I am ready to look better and less tired! Wish me luck and pray for my Dr's steady hands. getting nervous!

12 hours post op

its been 12 hours since my surgery and eye lids are very swollen - as expected. the surgery was not painful - but towards the very end - during the stitching, I felt some discomfort and sharp pinches. my dr noticed right away and added more numbing meds. she said my blood pressure reflected my discomfort and she urged me to relax. i took some deep breaths and then it was all over. right now my lids are a bit sore, and although I've been icing all day - there has been no change in the swelling. earler in the afternoon there was some blood oozing, but now it is minimal and light pink. I've been taking the oxy every 4 hours and sleeping upright most of the day. looking forward to improvement in the morning!

WOW! - really surprised at the amount of swelling.

lots of swelling on uppers which I expected - but did expect to see so much swelling under my eyes. i have no pain at all but do have a slight headache. i've been up and around a lot so now I'm going to try and chill the rest of the day. i have been icing almost nonstop but it does not seem to make any difference. taking arnica orally" and just started using an arnica bruise cream for the bruises under my eyes. hope things start to look a little better soon.

should I be worried?

The upper and lower swelling definitely not getting any better. I am even swollen on the sides of my eyes (bulging near temples). I am eating clean and light, staying away from salt, drinking lots of lemon water still no improvement. I know it's only been 2 days but I feel like I have a bowling ball for a head. last night I slept sitting straight up in the recliner - got very little sleep - and feel so swollen. I have a medrol prednisone pack that I never took for a recent spider bite and I'm wondering if I should take them. I've read a few posts from surgeons that prescribe steroids for swelling. Anyone have experience with taking them?

Day 3 and looking better!

I think I was just being too impatient - because today I woke feeling better and less swollen. I am not sure ice is doing any good so I've cut back on that. using topical arnica bruise cream and very light massage/pressure. Looking forward to seeing more improvement tomorrow!

Day 4 - GETTING EXCITED! I can really see the improvement in swelling.

today is 4 days since my surgery. I still have lot of pooled blood in my lower eyes - but I can see how nice the incisions look. I was so distracted by the bruising that I did not see how great my surgeon's work will look when I'm all healed. My husband said - "you look rough - but your eyes look great". :-) changing my review to def worth it!

Day 5 post op. Loving the result so far!

things are looking better each day. i really think using my FaceFX red light therapy is helping. The ice did not seem to do much anymore - but when I use my FaceFX which emits red light therapy and warm heat - i feel immediate relief and feel less swelling. going to a party in 3 days - hope things continue to improve. Stitches come out tomorrow! yay!

Stitches out!!!!!

Love my results. Stitches coming out hurt like heck in the left eye and now have a small amount of bruising in that crease - but I am thrilled!!!!


stitches came out this morning. one was really stuck and hurt pretty intensely coming now. now I have a purple bruise in that crease. but niw at home - with no cover up or concealer - I can see the great results. So happy!

New Ipad photo joiner. - Before and After

3weeks post op - out in the real world

had to visit a client today so I did my best to eliminate all chances of bloating. no alcohol for a week, minimal salt and lots of sauna time. did my makeuo and got on the plane at 6:30am and LOVE my results!

Great Eye Makeup / Primer

I wanted to share this because I love, love, love this product. i still have some redness on my eyelids - so when I'm not wearing my glasses - I feel like it is very noticeable. This eyelid primer is amazing and covers my redness without looking like I'm trying to cover up something. the girl at the sephora makeup store suggested it and I just thought I'd share.
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

amazingly talented surgeon who really understands a woman's body, and the challenges/fears we have trying to decide on elective surgery. great bedside manner - very open, always available to discuss any concern. brutally honest and will not suggest more than is necessary. love her and highly recommend Dr Gingrass. oh and everyone in the office is extremely caring and attentive.

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