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I've always wanted larger lips and considering the...

I've always wanted larger lips and considering the cost over time I opted to go with the permalip lip implants. I had my surgery yesterday, the numbing process was REALLY uncomfortable I didn't feel anything during the placement but the local anesthetic starting wearing off a bit towards the end when the doctor was suturing the Corners of my mouth. So far...I have a ton of swelling and bruising. I can hardly open my mouth to eat anything and difficult to drink anything. I don't have so much pain in my actual lips just a lot of pressure and some burning. I do feel pain in my jaws; possibly from the needle during the lidocaine injections. A I a slightly uneven area on the bottom lip and hoping it's just from the swelling. At this point due to discomfort and the crazy looking face I'm regretting it and wishing I would have just got fillers every couple months! I'll update!

5mm permalip implant top and bottom two after procedure still really swollen, I don't have any movement in my mouth to eat and drink well. I'm having this super irritating feeling of tingling and twitching with a cold burning sensation. I hope their wasn't any nerve damage done.

Before permalip photos

Day 3 after procedure

Swelling is gradually going down everyday. I feel a small area going inside the corner of my mouth where I feel that it's not swollen and can't feel the implant like I can like on the rest of my lips. I'm really hoping that the implant isn't too short. Still don't have much to any movement in my mouth

Day 3 after procedure

Day 5 post op

Still pretty swollen and hard. Not much difference since last update!

7 days post

Updated photos from 4 weeks ago!

Fullnes has went down significantly. I'm definitely happier with my lips now than before procedure but definitely not the size I was expecting. The whole reasoning to getting the implants was to save on cost of getting injections and I'm still needing fillers to make them the size I want. And previously I was concerned about the top implant not being proportionate and it's still the same; the top left side seems to dip down some if you can tell in the photos.


Recent photos

They feel completely normal now! Still not happy with the right side of the upper lip
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