34-Year-Old with Hereditary Double Chin

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I want to use this post to track the progress of...

I want to use this post to track the progress of my Kybella treatment. I come from a long line, on both sides of my family, of generously sized chins. My chin is something I've been self-conscious of since high school, and even when I've lost weight, the chin stays. I know it will only get worse. Have looked at liposuction before but was turned off by the price and the down time. Kybella was appealing to me because of the price (which is still hefty!) and the fact that I didn't have to be put under or have much downtime.

I'm starting this post just four days out from my first treatment--three vials of Kybella. Interestingly, my doctor said he prefers to start out with a large dose of Kybella because he finds that the first treatment makes the most difference and he wants to really get at the fat with the Kybella before any scar tissue forms.

The treatment itself started off great but the more injections I received (30 in total) the more uncomfortable it got, as my chin started to feel really heavy and full. My biggest warning to newbies is to EAT before you have this done and maybe have someone go with you who can drive. I actually left the doctor's office feeling OK and had to pull over in my car a few minutes later and put my head on the steering wheel because I felt like I was about to faint. I feel like my body registered this prochedure like a mini-trauma.

The swelling was almost immediate. I had to go pick up my daughter from school a few hours later, and I felt humiliated. It was just as bad the following day, so I wrapped a scarf all the way around my neck and as high up my face as I could get without looking completely ridiculous. I was definitely "in hiding" for the next couple of days after the shots. And there was a cruel irony to the fact that I had taken the part of my outward appearance that I'm most self-conscious about and doubled it in size.

Day 12

Day 18

Think I'm starting to see some progress! Still sore and a little numb though, so hoping to see more as healing proceeds.

Day 18

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