Would Not Recommend Filler for Under Eyes - Nashville, TN

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I was bothered by hollowness under my eyes. Over 2...

I was bothered by hollowness under my eyes. Over 2 years ago, I went for consult with one of the most highly rated plastic surgeons in town. He recommended juvederm, which sounded like a better option than surgery. I decided to try it. Within a few days it became obvious that there was more filler under one eye. I went back in and they agreed and put more filler to make the eyes even. I was never fond of the way it looked, as there was discoloration and continued asymmetry, but I was told it would naturally dissolve in 6 months to one year. Today it's been over 2 years and there is still a small amount of filler under each eye, but in different locations. Under right eye it's more on top of cheek bone. Under left eye it's more in tear trough. Nevertheless, this small amount of filler is just enough to cause swelling under each eye where it's located. So most mornings my eyes are swollen, but swollen in different areas. After more than 2 years I hoped it would naturally dissolve but it has not. Bottom line, I would not recommend filler for under eyes. Ever. The results are less than impressive. In addition, as it dissolves, all you are left with is enough to cause swelling under eyes. Not good.

Filler Under Eyes = Nightmare in Nashville

It's August 2016. I get filler under my eyes in September 2012. It is STILL under my eyes, but not in a good way!!! I advise everyone to NEVER get filler under their eyes!! Even after an upper and lower Blepharoplasty, the filler still keeps popping out!!! I am so sick of this. I really don't think this is swelling due to Bleph but I'm sure that's what the doctor who did the filler would say. I contacted him a few months ago and he did a couple of the dissolver shots free of charge, but on third visit he said he didn't think the shots were helping and it's just my anatomy that is wrong!! And he said he needs to charge me for the shots going forward. He is expanding his office to double the size, but he can't do everything possible to get rid of this filler??!!!

After 4 Years Filler Nightmare Might Be Over in Nashville

So for anyone who hasn't read my post about filler under eyes, and my related post about an upper and lower Blepharoplasty to try and resolve this and other issues, here's the story. I got filler under my eyes in 2012 by a "highly reputable" oculoplastic surgeon here in Nashville. It never really looked right but I decided to wait it out as best I could. So I waited and waited... And waited and waited... The filler eventually sagged down with my skin ( I suspect because it was injected too superficially from day 1), and I was so desperate and embarrassed about my eyes and how they looked. I had 2 rounds of Co2 laser to try and tighten the skin, but afterward the filler just popped back out under my eyes. By this time it had been over 3 years since I got the filler. I finally got brave enough to contact the famous and revered oculoplastic surgeon who injected the filler. He said come in, let's have a look. He was skeptical but I think to humor me he did a couple rounds of the dissolver... At what concentration I have no idea, but I could see some small improvement after the first 2 injections. Those were on the house. At 3rd injection he said he really didn't think it could be filler and he was seeing no improvement. This would be my last injection and I needed to pay "just what the product was costing him." Basically give me $100. So I moved on and decided that since my eyes were a bit droopy upper and lower, I'd seek out a surgeon to do upper and lower Blepharoplasty. Found a guy out of state but still within a day's drive. Told him up front about filler but again I was told, can't be, it's been 4 years. So I had upper and lower Bleph and guess what?? That darn filler popped out again as I began to heal!! No doctor would believe me that filler could last that long. Impossible they said. So after dropping several thousand dollars on upper/lower blepharoplasy, I was in a little better shape, but filler still persisted!! Long story longer, I found an RN today who believed me. She injected the dissolver. And before I even left the office I could see it was already working. Here are 2 pics from today. The first was this morning and second is a few hours after dissolver. Moral of the story, filler can last for years and years. Never get it under your eyes. And I have no idea WHY none of the doctors I told about this filler believed it could still be there!!! But it was. But now it isn't. And any remaining after this first round of dissolver will be taken care of at my next appt with a very kind and knowledgeable RN. And I will be her customer for any future procedures!! Grrr!! Why was I made to suffer for 4 years when dissolver that I was asking for would have fixed the issue long ago??
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Sadly it's all about the money. There seems to little desire to consistently achieve aesthetically good outcome for the patients.

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