48 Yr Old with Dark Hollows Under Eyes. Nashville, TN

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As an Asian mix my skin has aged ok. As I have...

As an Asian mix my skin has aged ok. As I have aged my tear troughs have deepened n darkened, making me look tired or mad all the time. Got .5 cc juvederm ultra split between both tear troughs. No pain after topical anesthetic. Swelling under both eyes 24 hours later. Injector spent a lot of time analyzing my face. Waiting for final outcome...

Slight bruising n swelling down 36 hours later

I've been using arnica gel as soon as I arrived home from injection. Seems to have helped. Also I discontinued by daily ibuprofen n replaced with Tylenol. I was initially very concerned with my injections since several members seemed to have almost immediate improvement but today I feel better with the appearance.

Day 3

Swelling down both eyes but right eye still pretty bruised

Day 4 slight lumps under skin

No pain or discomfort but having to cover my bruising still.

Day 7 bruise resolving but not sure

Left eye almost completely healed maybe... Not sure if what I'm seeing is post injection swelling or final result. Right eye still swollen n bruised. With a little concealer results look good. Will continually update

Day 8

Day 8
I feel that my hollows are improved but not totally resolved
I think any improvement is great n I think the rest of my restylane I'll put in my thin Asian lips!

Day 11 hope it will look natural

Right side still swollen n bruised n a little swelling where the injection sites were.
I wonder if I need more

3 1/2 weeks later still slight bruising n slightly lumpy

Still have deep blue bruising under both eyes with some lumping
I've been massaging the lumps to smooth it

Love the procedure! Almost a year later!

I don't have to wear concealer n I love it! I'm considering getting cheek fillers from volume loss from thermal laser tightening treatments ( do not recommend on face).
No loss of juvederm or shifting.
Dr Chad Rollins

Extra nice injector Unsure of efficacy yet.. Only 24 hours out!

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