57 Yrs Old - Droopy Eyelids, Saggy Lower Face, and Double Chin - OUTTA HERE!! - Nashville, TN

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I don't really mind my wrinkles so much, but hate...

I don't really mind my wrinkles so much, but hate the droopy eyelids and saggy jowls and double chin. The before photos attached were taken the night before surgery - as most people probably see me after a really ragged out day. So I am at Day 8 post op of upper blephs, endo browlift, chin lipo, and mini facelift (smas flap). I guess when you put them all together it is a full face lift. I'm glad I waited a few days to post as I would have scared away a few of you. My pain was much more than some "discomfort", but did start to subside after the 4th day. I was surprised by the amount of pain comparing to most on this site and also by other surgeries I have had in the past - usually very quick healer. I will try to post some before and after photos- I have attempted this several times and it has timed out so I will try again.

Some "Discomfort" ..........

I would reccommend that anyone planning a FL to be prepared that you may be one of the few that do not heal so well. The tops of my ears both throbbed and burned for about 2 days. Very tight neck and lower face. Had to drink soup from a straw and ate yogurt with a baby spoon, still hard to open my mouth to eat anything like a hamburger - but I guess that's a good thing! LOL! Bruising was quite severe in my opinion, but has improved greatly - still look like a football player, but have gotten used to it.

FEAR OF FALLING ..............

I have to put on my glasses to see how my surgery is progressing, but they cover my eyes, so is difficult to really get a good view unless I take a photo and look at it. Today is post op day 14 - going back to work tomorrow :(. The last photo I posted was on day 11 - looked pretty good I thought. However, I took photo today and it's sort of yuk - nothing as good as the last one - more like the old me. Wondering if the swelling is leaving and final result is not going to be so spectacular. Has anyone else had this happen, and did it get better or worse?

Also, how do you deal with negative comments from those that may say they don't see any difference? I'm trying to prepare for this when I return to work tomorrow. There are a few people that I work closely with that know about it. My mom and sisters do too and can also be very negative about this sort of thing.

Wait a few days ............ before you post

Well, I have learned that when we post frantic, negative posts that we really affect other members that may not be as far along in the process as we are. Some may get discouraged and back out of surgery all together, and others may worry unneccesarily about their own progress. I was having a low moment several days ago fretting over my chin not being as tight as I had hoped, and that my face may have fallen already - wah, wah, wah. But yesterday and today is much better. I still don't look as good as I did in that lucky shot I posted about a week ago, but I look a heck of a lot better than I did the night before surgery. My first day back at work was not so bad either - I actually did get compliments from ones that I did not expect and that it was a big improvement, but very natural looking. I also spent some time with my sister last night and she went on and on about how much better I look and that she definitely sees an improvement in my neck. She took some photos too that were encouraging.

Anyway, I just want to say that I will try to be more patient for the results I am hoping for and will try not to discourage others. I will post some more photos soon - although not a lot of changes yet. Bruising is still under my eyes, but neck bruises are mostly gone now. Thanks for all of your support!

Updated photo - Day 21and feeling optimistic

Today was a good day. Received several compliments from the church ladies this morning - one saying I look 15 yrs younger - I think she was politely exaggerating (a little). My bruises do not seem to have faded much, if any, and it appears that I may have some increased bruising right under the eyes. Maybe just dark circles that I've always had? I have also discovered a little wavy ripple in the middle of my neck directly below the chin - like two verticle ridges with a dip in between. I think I may stop by my PS office next week and make sure it is nothing to be concerned with. Also found a couple of little BB size lumps toward the back of my neck about an inch below the back of my ear. The sides of my neck are still painful to the touch, as is my cheeks and eyebrows. Entire scalp still feels like I have worn a too-tight ponytail for too long - you know how it feels bruised to wash or brush your hair? Ears are not quite so tender as they were, and if I position my head just right and tilt it back away from the pillow I can sleep on my side for a few minutes to relieve my poor back. Bottom tip of earlobes are still painful to touch them. Overall it is still pretty painful to wash my face or to apply makeup. The new photos were taken a few minutes ago and I hope are a realistic representation of my current state. I think one of these may have been taken in "beauty" mode because my skin looks so smooth. To be sure, I took a couple more that I know were taken in "normal" mode. The final one I posted shows my eye bruises more clearly. OK, ya'll thanks so much for your support and sharing your experiences with me. I'll check in next week. Have a great week!

OOPS! tried to crop and deleted instead!!

I havent figured out the crop mode from within the site, so sorry to take up so much space.

Concerned with new ridges on neck

I called the PS center to speak with Dr. Moore , but he was out of town this week. However, I spoke to his nurse and she seemed a little concerned as well and asked if I could stop by to have their new associate doctor take a look. A very young and handsome Dr. P introduced himself and felt of my neck and said it appeared to be just normal swelling pattern - nothing to be concerned about. I sure hope he is right. Will go back next week to visit Dr. Moore for my scheduled follow up appointment. Maybe it will be smoothed out some by then. It sounds like the description I have read on here regarding banding, but I am hoping not.

29 days po and here is The REAL me .............

I thought it would ony be fair to post photos without all the make up to see if any improvements over the last few weeks, so I can't believe I'm doing this, but here I am! I can see no improvement in the bruising and I am beginning to reform those "puddles" at each corner of my mouth. I have discovered several new lumps and swelled areas that I hope are all normal. I don't look very impressive for someone who has had as much done to her face as I did! These are so horrible that I hope I can delete them at some point.

I have never worn contacts before, but am about to try to get them in - last attempt was abandoned due to early morning and not being able to get my eye open wide enough to get them in - so wish me luck. Take care, and have a great weekend!

Day 27 - I think

Day 27 - OK, I think I may have miscounted the days on some of my recent posts, but I think I got it right this time. So, here we go again, new photos of the same darn bruises that just won't budge!!! They may have faded very slightly, but not much. For the sake of comparison, I have taken the same selfie pose that we are all sick of, but also got my sweet husband to take a couple as well. I have three coats of concealer on these bruises!

I have quite a few wavy vertical ridges on my neck, long forehead scars that I don't feel are sealing together very well, one obvious dent right in the center of my forehead scar and one pucker on my right temple scar. Also, you can see in the close up shots the pucker at eye corner - it seemed to be more invisible a week ago ? The left side temple has healed alot this past week. I am happy with the scarlines along the front of ears - I can not see them, but may be visible to others? I have what feels like a sharp nylon thread sticking out of the rhs of that forehead scar in my hairline. When I scrape across it with my fingernail you can hear it, and it burns like fire ants for a few seconds - so I don't do that too much -LOL!

Anxious to see what my PS has to say about all of this on Tuesday, I will let you know what he says.

PS visit today

So, as expected, he said I was doing just great, and healing very good to be at the one month stage. He examined all of my incisions thoroughly and removed several sutures -one that hurt like the devil -The one on the forehead incision that I talked about feeling like fire ants - OUCH!

He explained the brow lift was indeed endoscopic, but he
referred to it as "pre hairline" something, something. Sorry, I did not get the exact term, but I know I have read it on here before. Said he removed about 1/2 " of skin from forehead before stitching to scalp and pulled the muscle up from between my eyebrows- yuk that sounds awful, but I know it wll last a while. He said the hair line would grow back into it. He said the wavy things on my neck were just where the swelling was going down unevenly, and would be fine. Also said the hairline scar would flatten out in time and the hair would grow over it. Said all the puckers would flatten out "some" to massage those areas LIGHTLY to help with smoothing them down.

He is not concerned with the bruising, said he has had some patients that had them hang on, but they will eventually go away. I do recall years ago ( in my 20's) I was trying to learn to water ski anf ski flew off and popped me in the thigh - the bruise did not go away completely for 9 months!! So, I guess it happens sometime. Again, he poo-pooed the benefits of arnica or other natural remedies. He suggested that he could inject some sort of numbing (I think) solution into the bruised areas and it would wipe out the bruising, but I decided to just wait it out.

So, I guess that is about it for this week. I feel like I had a hard recovery, but when you think of it, I did go back to work in two weeks, so it must not have been THAT bad, right?

Please take care of yourselves, and if anyone wants to ask me anything feel free to post or send me a message and i will be happy to answer your questions. If no new changes, I will see you next week!


Hi, some of you have asked where my incisions are - specifically on the brow lift. Here is a couple of pics with stitches drawn as best I can. Most of side view are on the front too. Hope this answers your questions. One scar I did not realize was there until yesterday!! The extra ones in the temples at hairline. I have only one tiny inch long scar under chin - I can not see it at all now.


i promised udated photos on the little puckered areas that I was concerned about on last post. I have noticed an improvement, maybe you don't. It's hard to get the exact same lighting, but tried to produce a true representation and no makeup or concealer. The larger pucker in front of ear has flattened a lot, but is still darkened, so not sure if that will go away completely. The eye pucker too has improved, but is still visible to me - with makeup I don't think anyone else will notice.

Hey tdn931, your eyelids must not bother you as much as mine did - I am happy with the trade off to have a slight blip at the corner of my eye in place of the droopy fold of skin that I had before. And it has only been two months. Will post update when I see my PS for scheduled follow up on Tuesday.

posted wrong photo

i meant to post this one on last post - this is the pucker by my ear that has flattened out a lot, but is still raised.

Been a while

5 months now , and I have avoided updates as it seems to me as healing progresses I do not look as good as right after surgery healed. I will be going back to PS for redo on the neck lipo but have put off scheduling the appt. Here are a few photos from the holidays, but I think I look funny - it is hard to smile straight.

Meant to add this one

Had to crop first

BEFORE pic on a good day ...

I dont want to confuse things, but thought I would share a more flattering photo of myself BEFORE the surgery. Maybe not so much a diffrence until you get real close. My face was definitely rounder and eyes more closed.

Revisions scheduled July 15th!!!

My first post since January I believe. Dr. Moore is tweaking things a little on Wednesday to smooth out the little fat pouch on left side of chin and will slightly tighten neck on both sides using the original scars, He is also going to smooth out the pucker near my right temple. I am a little scared due to the fact that I will be awake for this one and dont know what to expect. I am taking two weeks off work again to recover. I will post updates as soon as I feel like it.
Revisions are at no charge to me since I am not usng the surgery center. All will be done in Dr. Moore's office under light sedation and local numbing injections - Owww!

Revisions Complete!!

OK - revision surgery done on the 15th. All appears to have went fine. I have no memory at all past commenting to the nurse that the oral sedative was not working LOL!

second attempt at post!!

I dont even remember seeing the surgical room or the ride home. No pain, tugging, or any other sensation do I recall. Dr. Moore did revisions on parts that I was unhappy with along with a few that he was unhappy with but did not really bother me. He lipoed a small fat pocket under my chin on the left side, must have went through the ear incision since I do not see any sign of incision under my chin. He then retightened both sides of lower jawline and made alot of stitches in front of both ears and sideburns. These were the two areas I requested he do. He wanted to repair the pucker on right side by sideburn (this had flattened out alot, so did not really bother me anymore - but it did him). He also wanted to remove a tiny blip at the outer right eye that was about the size of a pencil point - the brown bandage is for that one. All of the above was at no charge to me. I had a mole removed at extra cost on forehead above left eye - thus the other brown bandage. I think this will all settle out satisfactorily. I do seem to have stayed swollen longer than I expected. The day after didnt look so bad, but swelling began on day 3.Now, let me say, overall I was not unhappy with my original surgery. And feel that Dr. Moore has been very willing to make things right. It just seemed to be that my lower face was not as taught as I had expected it to stay. Another point I must make is that there is a fine line in getting things tight enough and over tightening. I'm sure this is something that all surgeons have to struggle with on some patients. From the start, I was insistent on not getting the " Joker - Howdy Doody" look that a couple of my favorite country singers have ended up with. So with that said I think he was being cautious. Photos attached show day after and current condition of my revision surgery. Stitches come out tomorrow and should bring improvement. Please feel free to ask me anything via message or post. Currently, barring this revision going terribly and unexpectedly wrong, I can now say it WAS WORTH IT!!

Awesome Homemade ice collar :)

Hands free ice pack - both sides at once! I pinned the toes together on my husband's tube socks, then put crushed ice in two small ziplok bags, inserted them into the toes of each sock, tied long ends of socks around neck or head - perfect relief, I need to refill it now!

One week revision

Stitches out yesterday, finally decided to apply makeup and go to lunch with my sister who is very impressed with my results even before the revisions. My face is still swollen around lower cheeks, so I still look a little funny and my mouth seems a little wide. Selfies aren't the best example I guess, but here it is. I wish I had taken a photo before the revisions - my doctor has some that i hope he will share,
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

Very accessible and kind - was referred highly by my PCP of 20 years - he did her facelift several years ago. So far experience has been positive, but a few minor little touches that I read from other reviews that were missing along the way - but nothing that should effect the final result. I had alot of pain, but I don't think it had anything to do with how the surgery was done. I have complete confidence in Dr. Moore and his staff. My husband called his cell phone several times the first week all after business hours and he always answered promptly and with no indication that we were bothering him or being overly concerned. This is a big plus in my opinion. I had called him several times before surgery date with questions and he was accomodating as well, always returning my calls promptly. His office staff and nurses are delightful and very kind. They were all just as gracious when I underwent my revisions - all at no cost to me. Dr. Moore was very concerned with making things right and ensuring that I was happy with my surgery.

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