52 yr old Mommy Breasts filled up with Naturelle 695cc textured High Profile Implants - Nashville, TN

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I'm 5'6, 150lbs, nursed 2 children and breasts...

I'm 5'6, 150lbs, nursed 2 children and breasts have sagged ever since. Time for me to have the breasts I've always wanted! Currently wear a 34 DD unlined bra but have to stuff my saggy skin in the bra. I can't stand not having any volume. I believe my chest can hold my desired FULL DD/small DDD but do not know how to select the best implant for my body. I'm very interested in the Sientra brand gummy bears. I've been on one consult and the Dr brought a 350cc silicone round gel and an "ideal" brand into my room. I had to ask to try on bigger. Looking forward to my upcoming consults and any advice from Real Self. I realize I have no option but the anchor lift. 1st Dr said he would place round silicone subglandular to help fill the top. I'd like opinions if Sientra gummy bears would work for me

2nd Consult used Ventra Imaging

I'm excited that this Nashville doctor spent a lot of time with me and understands I want to be lifted and very full. He suggested using Inspira SRF (high profile) 415cc or 450cc to get my desired look Safely. The Vectra photo here is showing what I would look like with the SRM (moderate profile)....with the SRF it would give more upper fullness. He also highly recommended using the strattice material for an internal bra to help hold everything up and in place. I like this idea and think the added cost is worth it since the statistics show there is a high chance of revisions with lift/augmentation procedures done at the same time. He would put the pic of my desired look on big screen in the OR and have 2 or 3 sizes on hand and make the final decision during the operation. I like this as it takes the guesswork and pressure off of me deciding on an exact size before surgery. He knows what I want and he will deliver based on my tissue limitations. He puts safety 1st...he turns down women flying in from CA and Las Vegas all the time wanting 800cc implants. This doctor is an artist and wants to deliver what you want without putting your health at risk. I really liked him, but still have more consults lined up. He is definitely my 1st Choice so far....

I cant say enough about dr. Mary gingrass at the...

I cant say enough about dr. Mary gingrass at the Center for Plastic surgery in Nashville, TN

I went on 4 other consults and knew i had not met the right doctor for me. Dr. Gingrass spent time getting to know me and exactly what I wanted. I want a large aug (min 550cc) and she is going to make it happen with a lift. I think she is very experienced, knowledable and spends personal time with you

I cant say enough about dr mary gingrass

I accidentally posted she was doing a lift and she is doing a big implant augmentation only

52 Yrs Old Filling in Saggy Mommy Breasts

Im very excited about my upcoming aug and even more excited that Dr. Mary Gingrass in Nashville, TN listened to my desire to use large implants to give my breasts volume again. I realize they wont be high and perky, but i didnt want a lift at this time. She will be using a minimum of 550cc high profile silicone implants. This was my 4th consult and I knew she was the right doctor for me as she spent a lot of time with me discussing options and she listened to my desires and didnt push me off with office staff when trying on sizers. She took a personal interest in me and made me feel like I was important eben though her waiting room was packed when I left.

550cc high profile silicone

Surgery is Dec 7th with Dr Mary Gingrass in Nashville, TN....I knew she was the doctor for me (after 4 other disappointing consults).....shes going to fill up my saggy breasts with 550cc high profile silicone implants. I didnt want a lift at this time. I hope they look nice and full wirh a natural slope.

Surgery was yesterday....I have my volume back!

Although I don't know how many cc Dr Gingrass used(she brought a few sizes and was going to use what it took to fill me up) we had discussed at least 550cc. I was the 1st surgery of the day, stopped for pancakes on way home and slept most of day. Here are the photos from yesterday. Today I get to take off the wrapping and shower and put on sports bra. So far I have had little pain

Naturelle 695cc Textured High Profile Implants and Love Them!

Doctor Mary Gingrass in Nashville, TN is Wonderful. I left it in her hands and she gave me exactly what I wanted, which was an Augmentation without having to do a lift. She did a great job. At my 2 week post surgery appt she gave me the go ahead to wear any bra I wanted and I didn't have to tape incisions anymore. Healed beautifully and fast. Depending on the bra, I am wearing anywhere from a 36 DDD to a 34 G,,,,,love my new girls
Nashville Plastic Surgeon

The Best!!!!

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