I Had a Great Time Having the Saline Removed in the Office! - Nashville, TN

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Dr. Gingrass is wonderful. I went for a Saline...

Dr. Gingrass is wonderful. I went for a Saline implant explant and a breast lift. During the consultation, Dr. Gingrass went over all of my options. At her recommendation, I had the implants deflated in the office. It was so easy and it didn't hurt at all! A little shot of numbing medicine on the side of each breast, she inserted a butterfly needle, and withdrew the saline with a large syringe. She did one side at a time and I got to see the saline as it came out - clear as can be. A big bonus for anyone that that would like to see 1st hand what is in their implants. Dr. Gingrass recommended a follow-up visit 2 weeks later. The time in between visits gave my body a chance to get used to not having those big lumps on my chest anymore and my breast tissue to adjust. By the time I went back for my next visit, I had time to realize that I don't need a breast lift. My breasts are going to be great just as they are! I have decided to have the implant shells removed. I can feel the edges under my natural breast tissue. Dr. Gingrass gave me the option of having the shells removed in the office or in the OR. I have decided to have them removed in the OR. Because now that I don't need a breast lift, I have the budget for liposuction. Dr. Gingrass made the extra time during my follow-up visit to discuss my options and answer all of my questions about lipo on my hips and thighs. I am planning the procedures for early December 2016 with Dr. Gingrass. I will post an update with all the news.
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